Your WeChat name reveals your character.

Your WeChat name reveals your character.
Your WeChat name often reveals what kind of person you are.


I have heard such a saying: "you can see the whole leopard at a glance, but you can know the sea by watching the dripping water!"

this is true.

although it is difficult for us to know what other people think at once, we can often feel each other's character through some small things.

, the more authentic information can be released.

just as Wechat has become a daily social tool, Wechat nicknames seem to have become a business card, revealing a person's identity, occupation, age, hobbies, and even inner personality.

your WeChat name often reveals who you are.

use your real name: be honest and generous

if you are using your real name, or homophone processing as a Wechat nickname, there may be both.

the first is the industry elite or the boss of the enterprise.

you have some achievements in your career, and you need to communicate and deal with work on a daily basis.

using your real name can, on the one hand, make acquaintances recognize you at a glance, reduce ineffective social interaction, and on the other hand, increase others' trust in you.

the second is more honest.

you are open and aboveboard, like to speak bluntly, do not like to beat around the bush.

you never believe that pie will fall from the sky, and you look forward to relying on your own efforts to upgrade and achieve the goals you set.

because you know that only when you are strong is the only way to success.

in the eyes of others, you are very good, but you will not be arrogant and arrogant; on the contrary, you always have high demands on yourself and keep an empty cup mentality all the time.

you are more used to using behavior to prove your mind than the so-called romance and rituality. you are a little paranoid in your bones, so you lack a bit of fun and surprise.

but as Herodotus said, there is nothing more valuable in the world than a sincere and intelligent friend.

if you are sincere with others, honest with yourself, and a planning officer, you will feel comfortable getting along with others.

use the English name: avant-garde has pursuit

likes to use English names, probably because of the background of working or studying abroad.

in your usual self-introduction, you will also emphasize this English name, such as Amy, Lisa, Jim, Tony, which are relatively simple and easy to remember.

or, you don't want to expose your inner world too much in online socializing, you will find some relatively minority or special English.

Look for fabulous wedding dress patterns and be the spotlight of crowed? Shop now at prices that will make your head spin.

the key point is to look "good-looking and unique", such as Galaxy, Blank, Echo.

what you talk about every day are more trendy and avant-garde topics, open-minded, and it's almost impossible to imagine what a static life is like.

your learning ability is very strong, you can quickly absorb what you have seen and heard, while retaining your own aesthetic and style.

moments often appear food clocking in, travel, and various activities, living like the envy of others.

in fact, you seem to have a lot of friends, but you are often distressed by the lack of soul mate.

integrating into the world during the day and surrendering your soul at night is your true state.

Pure expression: fun and fun

people who like to use emoji emoticons or emoticons on Wechat are mostly post-00s and post-90s.

cheerful and lively personality, some amusing, the pursuit of freedom and a sense of ceremony.

in your eyes, each expression is given a different meaning:

for example, yearning for a romantic "moon", a girl's heart likes to use "watermelon, strawberries, oranges and other fruits", "hamburger, French fries, ice cream" may be a foodie, childish "balloon" …...

sometimes funny, sometimes positive.

popular, happiness is a must every day in your eyes.

even emo can quickly get your mood back to normal, and a cup of milk tea will make you feel unhappy all day.

four-character idiom: indifferent

you, who like four-character idioms, are a proper young man of literature and art, advocating romanticism in your heart, and poetry and distance are your spiritual food.