The 9-minute indecent picture of Beijing high-speed railway was exposed, and the whole net watched: how shameless you are, how ugly you are!

The 9-minute indecent picture of Beijing high-speed railway was exposed, and the whole net watched: how shameless you are, how ugly you are!
May bear children have fewer parents and give us comfortable travel.


on August 14, on a high-speed railway in Beijing, the car was very quiet.

suddenly, a child made a noise and the whole carriage was forced to "liven up".

I thought the child would stop making trouble for a while at most, but he kept making noise regardless of it.

A female passenger couldn't contain herself and got up to persuade. She didn't expect what happened next, but it made people furious.

first, the mother replied arrogantly:

"his 3-year-old doesn't understand reason, and I can't control my child."

is it reasonable to talk loudly in public?

the female passenger couldn't stand it and scolded the mother of the child.

as a result, the father came out and educated the female passengers with an air of arrogance:

"there is no law that children are not allowed to yell on the bus. If you take the high-speed train for the first time, I forgive you."

not only that, but even the grandma of the child got up to "take part in the war":

"what's wrong with my kid yelling? You can't shout about any rules! "

they just vent their discontent and even say such vicious things as "you have to bring you to death to have a baby".

in just nine minutes, the female passengers endured the anger of the family of three.

there are also passengers and train staff around to dissuade them, but to no avail.

Dale Carnegie wrote in the weakness of Human Nature:

"people who think only for themselves are hopeless. They are uneducated people, no matter what kind of education they have."

this is the case with this family.

when he was born to a child of his own, he even said, "I can't control it."

you can't control it, so why give birth to it?

the law cannot be noisy without rules, but such blatant splashing is totally unreasonable.

it makes me numb to think that behind those children who have no self-control, there are parents who have no sense of responsibility.

is not unique.

on August 14, something speechless also happened on the Liuzhou high-speed railway in Guangxi.

A boy sat on the seat with his foot on the front seat, shaking and kicking.

doing actions that affect others on his feet, and carrying multiplication formulas loudly in his mouth.

the front passenger can't stand it, so please come to the flight attendant to stop it, but the parents of the child ignore it.

she even praised her child for being good at multiplication.

the angry eyes of the other passengers, like hitting cotton, had no effect.

on August 18, a girl in Langfang, Hebei Province, also met a bear child when she was riding a high-speed railway.

to make matters worse, the bear child was sitting next to her.

just got on the high-speed train, the girl found that the seat was occupied by a little boy, bouncing on it.

it's not easy to "invite" out, but it still doesn't stop.

the boy lay down on the armchair, slapped, kicked and jumped, pulled the gap between the seats, kept fighting with his family in the back seat, and even bumped into girls several times.

because the sound was too loud, it attracted the attention of all passengers in the same compartment.

even if the children are not sensible, they do not expect that the parents also regard everything around them as nothing.

the glaring eyes of other passengers cannot be seen, nor can their children affect passengers in the same seat.

parents'"love" for their children is so strong that it is distorted and speechless.

moreover, this phenomenon occurs occasionally, not only on high-speed trains, but also at ordinary times.

Qujing, Yunnan, at 2: 00 a.m. on August 21.

two adults and a child passed by the roadside. The child saw a string of balloons hanging in a shop by the side of the road and asked his mother for it.

the fellow man heard this and jumped off the balloon several times before returning to the store, and then carried it directly.

the next day, Mr. Yang, the store owner, said that although the value of the balloon was not high, the three men fought all day, and the man went a little too far.

Children are not sensible and innocent, but as adults, they should be reasonable.

these bad parents are practically teaching bad children!

We often see all kinds of bear children in our life, either noisy all the time or undisciplined.

but is it really out of control?

I don't think that it is parents who are lazy in action and thinking that make their children become disgusting bear children because of their poor teaching.

recently, a piece of news about "curing the baby to make trouble on the high-speed rail" was liked by netizens.

Ms. Harbin Palace shared a video of her one-year-old daughter riding a high-speed train on a social platform.

at first, Duoduo, like other children, easily lost their temper and cried after getting on the high-speed railway.

Ms. Gong and her husband also felt helpless and could only apologize to the passengers around them every time.

until one time, Duoduo accidentally got a wet towel. She wiped the floor and the wall of the train table.

Ms. Gong found that when her daughter focused on this matter, she could divert her attention and stop crying all the time.

if you are tired, you will fall asleep quietly.

nowadays, Ms. Gong and her wife prepare snacks and cartoons for their children before they go out.

for those who are already 3 years old, they are often taught:

"Public places are not personal. If you are sleeping and your parents are yelling around, you must not be happy either."

they hope to let their children learn to transposition as soon as possible.Think and understand that the world has never been "narcissistic".

Yes, an ignorant child is a blank piece of paper.

what his parents pour into it, he is most likely to grow in that direction.

parents are qualified and sensible, and the children they teach are certainly not much worse.

also these days, I was deeply impressed to see a video of a father educating his 1-year-old baby.

my 1-year-old son tossed about on the supermarket shelves and finally put the goods on the ground and wanted to leave.

Dad saw it, grabbed him and taught him to return it to the same place.

at first, the son was unwilling and wanted to break free, but the father held on firmly and taught patiently.

the child also had a small temper and almost cried, but the father was unmoved and insisted that his son put it back by himself.

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after the video came out of the circle, Dad said in an interview:

"Children actually know everything, and it depends on how adults guide them.


the funny thing is that this news coincides with the "balloon ripping" incident.

countless netizens flocked to the comment area to praise the father.

by comparison, there is a high and low opinion.

now who dares to say that the child is out of control, out of control.

is not necessarily, do not rule out a little thick-skinned, do not reflect on their own people, continue to accompany their children to "go astray".

these years, there are very few other troubles on high-speed trains.

the most annoying thing is the noisy bear child.

and just recently, "car with children" has become a hot search again.

in fact, in 2020, some domestic trains have already begun to pilot the "silent car" service.

there are also professors of the Traffic Research Institute who believe that the emergence of "children's cars" is imperative.

it's just that this road is not easy, and we still need to consider the market and public welfare of the railway, and coordinate the prices of different seats.

where else can we start before the popularity of "children's cars"?

German philosopher Jaspers once said:

"Education is when one tree shakes another, one cloud pushes another, and one soul awakens another."

how the child is, it depends on the parents on the side.

the bottomless indulgence of the child's noise can not be exchanged for his obedience.

you let your child grow up freely, but the result may be that society will teach him a lesson for you.

you shirk your responsibilities and obligations as a parent, and if your child gets into a big disaster after a few years, you will taste the consequences of ignoring it.

so, parents, work together.

it is not easy to discipline a child, but you can try it by allowing him to sit quietly on a high-speed train.

at the same time, don't forget to fulfill yourself.

after all, only high-quality parents can be respected and their children can get your positive influence.

, I hope silent cars will be popularized as soon as possible.


, may bear children have fewer parents and give us comfortable travel.