The bad news is coming! The woman who was followed by the whole network passed away.

The bad news is coming! The woman who was followed by the whole network passed away.
May there be time to look back and share your head with affection.


20:27 on August 27th, Lishui Highway.

when the police received the alarm, some people said that they could not drive a car.

when he arrived at the scene, he found a man leaning against the driver's seat, his hands trembling, his legs trembling involuntarily and his breathing shortness of breath.

even though his limbs twitched, he said with all his strength:

"I want to go home! I'll thank you for taking me home. "

when the situation was urgent, the police hurriedly contacted the ambulance and took first aid measures to him under the guidance of the medical staff.

but the situation has not improved.

when the ambulance came, the man refused to go to the hospital.

he shouted at the top of his voice:

"I can only go to my wife. I can only go home. I don't go to the hospital."

"wait for me!"

if the doctor is allowed to appease, the man's mood is still out of control.

it was not until the police called the man's family that they learned about the situation.

the man is from Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, working in Wenzhou, and his wife is in her hometown.

On the same day, he received a phone call saying that his wife had been in a car accident and was seriously injured.

After hanging up the phone, he drove home immediately.

when we were halfway there, the bad news came:

my wife may not be able to do it.

when he heard this, he broke down.

because he was so sad and anxious, he began to tremble, couldn't listen to his hands and feet, and couldn't drive any more.

He had to park his car by the side of the road and call the police for help.

after examination, it was confirmed that it was the symptom caused by excessive grief.

Shortly after 11:00 that evening, the man's daughter rushed to the hospital.

the two plan to wait until their condition is stable and catch the earliest bus home the next day.

there was a hot search for this news at that time, and my uncle couldn't recover from it for a long time after seeing it.

seeing too much divorce, infidelity and domestic violence, I suddenly saw this kind of news and burst into tears.

many netizens also wept for it and prayed for peace.

but sadly, the bad news came.

the man and his wife left, only in her 40s.

On the day of the incident, she was riding a battery bike in the street when she was knocked down by a car.

the man's nephew said: "the injury was serious and he died on the spot."

husband and wife are in deep love, but their fate is so shallow.

the man still hasn't seen his wife for the last time.

A long life, how lucky it is to meet people who work together for a lifetime.

it was clearly agreed to go to Whitehead together, but later, due to an accident, there was a separation between yin and yang.

there is still a long way to go for the rest of his life. How can a man survive?

at first, everyone who chose to get married was filled with love and expectation.

most of the time, the day runs smoothly.

but in the event of an emergency, it becomes a touchstone for the strength of a marriage.

there are thousands of people in the story, but fortunately, some people and some things never let us down.

in March 2022, a fire broke out accidentally in a resident's home in Nanjing.

A couple was trapped at home, and the fire spread rapidly.

if help does not arrive in time, both may be killed.

at a critical moment, the man made a decision.

he put his wife directly on the balcony and grabbed her hand.

and he stood in the room, enduring the fire.

at that time, he turned his flesh and blood into an iron wall, supporting hope for his wife.

someone said, "the soles of his feet are burning with leaking bones, and he's still holding his wife."

Finally, the firemen rushed to the scene.

unexpectedly, the wife shouted to the fireman, "Save my husband first!" Save my husband first! "

In times of crisis, they agreed to leave the hope of life to each other.

this is what love really looks like.

there is no promise, only the tightly held hand, and the sentence "save my husband first".

but unfortunately, they both died in the end.

the world may not be perfect, but love makes it worth it.

Love will pass on and make the warmth warmer.

in February 2019, a fire broke out in a house in Shenyang.

when Li Shuo and Wang Xue reacted, the flames had licked the windowpanes.

before he had time to think about it, Wang Shuoda grabbed Wang Xue and ran straight out.

he was afraid that his wife would run too slowly and be in danger, so he let his wife run in front and he protected him at the back.

the fire was getting bigger and bigger. Wang Xue looked back and found that she could not see her husband.

now, there are two ways in front of her:

1. Keep running and escape.

2. Go back to find your husband, but you may die in the fire.

she chose the latter without a word.

she has only one thought on her mind: she must not let anything happen to her husband.

she searched for a long time and finally found a husband, but the situation is not optimistic.

the husband tried his best to squeeze out a sentence, "wife, please go and leave me alone."

he is 1.8 meters tall and weighs 60 jin heavier than his wife. I'm afraid she won't be able to help him.

he is more worried about his wife's safety than himself.

but at the moment of life and death, I don't know where the wife has the strength to take her husband step by step.Pulled out of the hallway and narrowly escaped death.

since then, when Li Shuo thought of the fire, he couldn't help choking.

"I want to give my heart to my wife, especially thank her, my wife gave me a second life."

when I have nothing to do, I regard you as a treasure and can't tolerate any harm.

when something happens, even if you risk your life, you have to give everything you have to protect you.

as teacher Luo Xiang said:

"True love is not a feeling, but more a responsibility, a sacrifice and achievement for each other."

in marriage, people keep leaning over to see and understand human nature again and again.

it is fragile and cannot stand the test of hunger, but it is also hard enough to withstand disasters.

on April 2, 2021, a major accident occurred in Taiwan Railway.

there is a passenger named Li Jiaxing.

he and his wife grabbed the standing ticket and wanted to go back to their hometown.

but unexpectedly, it fell from the sky.

the carriage was seriously deformed and the train derailed instantly.

at the moment of the accident, Li Jiaxing kept his wife in his arms.

Unexpectedly, an iron plate suddenly fell and fell on his body.

and he, holding back the pain, never let go of his wife in her arms.

in the end, his wife survived and he died unfortunately.

there are no heroes in this world.

however, when disaster comes, there will always be people who are mortal, shoulder to shoulder gods.

before, we always thought that what is vigorous is love.

later learned that behind the vigor and vitality, there is often suffering.

it shows us the kindness of human nature, which is an indispensable jigsaw puzzle in marriage.

some people may say that the disaster is only accidental and most people will not encounter it.

indeed, ordinary and insipid is the normal life of most people.

but isn't that a kind of luck?

trifles are more precious than farewell to life and death.

after all, marriage takes a lifetime.

only by exchanging hearts with each other, knowing each other, having me in you, and you in me, can we better maintain and nourish marriage.

there was an old man in Dalian who didn't remember the way home and forgot his name.

but he always has two things on him:

A letter he wrote to his lover 43 years ago.

A certificate of cremation after the death of a loved one.

A lot of forgetfulness in old age, but never forget Acacia.

death is not the end, forgetting is.

when you get married, the newlyweds will say an oath:

"whether poor or rich, sick or healthy, smooth or frustrated, they are willing to be loyal to each other forever throughout their lives.


this is not only an oath, but also a responsibility, and we should rest assured about it.

the same is true in disasters and ordinary days.

, let more people see that ordinary couples in the world are extraordinary, while time is not old, cherish the people in front of them.

May you look back on the years and share your heads with affection.