When a man contacts you at these three times, it shows that you are very important in his heart.

When a man contacts you at these three times, it shows that you are very important in his heart.
May everyone meet the beloved, sincerely!



Jin Yong said in the Book, Sword, gratitude and Revenge: "affection is not longevous, wisdom is bound to hurt."

it is difficult to last long for feelings that are too devoted and too persistent.

the ideal state of a relationship is to break up and crush the love given to each other in the daily life.

in the process of sexual relationship, the man who really takes you to heart will not just talk about love.

does not keep chatting with you with your cell phone every day, but will take the initiative to contact you at these times.

No matter how busy you are, take the time to contact

how to judge whether a person has you in his heart or not?

is actually very simple, just to see if he will take the initiative to contact you.

people who really love you will not snub you no matter how busy they are, but will make use of their fragmented time to talk to you more.

as someone said:

"those who love you will contact you immediately after the work at hand is finished, for fear of snubbing you;

people who don't love you disappear when they are busy, and disappear when they talk. "

A fast-paced life makes everyone's time so precious that no one will waste their time on an unimportant person.

only those who really take you to heart will always want to hear from you.

No matter how busy he is at work, he will find time to chat with you.

because he knows that waiting for a person to reply to a message is not easy, and it may make you worry about gain and loss without sense of security.

this is the last thing he wants to see, so no matter how busy he is, he won't forget to get in touch with you.

I will tell you from the bottom of my heart

once read a sentence:

"the moment when you most feel loved is when you are cared for by your lover."

so the more men love you, the more they want your attention. "

people who care about you from the bottom of their heart will always be sincere and frank with you and will never hide it in front of you.

especially when he is frustrated and helpless, he will not hide it from you and seek comfort from others.

because he knows that it will make you feel untrusted and hurt the relationship.

to him, you are not only his pistachio, but also a tonic, and he is willing to tell you what's on his mind.

No cold violence after a quarrel

in a relationship, you are not afraid of quarrels or differences, but that two people cannot talk properly.

as the saying goes:

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"A good relationship is not a lifetime without quarreling, but a lifetime after a quarrel."

two people always stumble when they live under the same roof.

when a quarrel is over, you can see your place in his heart from a person's attitude towards you.

people who love you deeply will not just vent their emotions, but are willing to bow their heads and be soft.

such people, not without temper, nor too easy to bully, but really care about you.

he doesn't want to immerse you in negative emotions all the time, nor does he want to force you to bow in a cold war.

because he knows that these are fatal blows to the relationship.

he cherishes your feelings from the bottom of his heart and doesn't want to waste the patience of talking to each other because of harmless friction.

some people say:

"when a person really falls in love with you, you are the most special one in his heart."

in front of you, he is always frank and sincere and will not deliberately disguise himself.

when I am with you, I will never haggle over everything. I always put myself in your shoes.

he may not be so romantic and won't say touching words to make you happy.

but it can always bring warmth to you with practical actions.

A person who loves you deeply and takes you to heart will not be able to accept being out of touch with you.

No matter how busy I am, I want to hear your voice. I won't be cold and violent to you even if I'm angry. I won't hide it from you, whether I'm happy or sad.

to him, you are special and precious, and he will always be there for you.

sincerity is meaningful only for those who care about you. May everyone meet a loved one and be sincere!