Do not like to see a person, no need to fall out, no need to speak bluntly, as long as.

Do not like to see a person, no need to fall out, no need to speak bluntly, as long as.
May you build a "meditation" and live as you like.




Mr. Yang Jiang once said:

"I am willing to be a 'zero'. People don't treat me like a thing, so I can see through those who despise me."

taking a detailed look at her outlook on life, I only feel that the world is sober and transparent.

indisputable is the portrayal of Yang Jiang's life.

she likes a poem translated by herself: "I don't argue with anyone, and I disdain to argue with anyone."

if you don't like a person, you don't have to compete with him, be a "transparent person", hide your edge and stay away from right and wrong, and you win.

in this lifetime, people will meet all kinds of people. Learning these three words is the wisest way to deal with the world.

do not dispute, take retreat as progress

there is a sentence written in the Book of morality: "the way of heaven is good at winning without struggle."

in the face of all things in the world, when you learn not to argue, you are the real winner.

indisputable, it is not only a kind of wisdom to preserve oneself, but also a kind of supreme state of retreat for progress.

A short film that brushed the screen on the Internet became popular a few days ago:

the man went out and took a taxi. In the course of driving, a car in front of him suddenly braked and almost collided with his taxi.

then the driver of the car in front opened the door angrily and began to abuse the taxi driver.

"how did you drive? Are you crazy. "

the taxi driver listened to these words quietly, laughing without saying a word, without a word of rebuttal.

the man was puzzled, so he asked the driver:

"how can you be so calm and kind? he almost crashed your car and almost put us in the hospital."

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the driver patiently explained:

"I want to tell you one thing, some people are like a garbage truck, they walk around with irritability, frustration and other trash emotions, and when they are full, they may fall on you.

but you know, you don't have to care too much about that, you just need to smile and live your life. "

before getting off the bus, the driver gave the man a sentence: "10% of life is predestined, and the remaining 90% is written by yourself."

in a person's life, there are many things that don't go well, and there are also many people who don't like it. If you have to argue about everything, you will be very tired.

when you reach a certain age, you will understand:

there are many things that cannot be understood. Everyone's cognitive level varies, and the three values are also different. No matter how long the dispute is, the result will be futile.

I very much agree with Professor Luo Xiang's view:

arrogance at night is the nature of debaters, who often turn arguments of opinions into verbal attacks, and then turn verbal attacks into physical fights.

when you meet such a person, there is no need to argue with him, because you can't win.

like some people in life: you reason with him, he talks to you; you talk to him about professional theory, he tells you through the grapevine.

you said what you saw was black, he said what he saw was white.

the best way for two people from different worlds to get along is: you go your way, I cross my log bridge.

fools only compete for high and low, while wise people take retreat as progress.

anyone who is really smart can do it:

be quiet but not argue, be indifferent to the heart, be calm in the table, don't get caught up in bad people and things, and only focus on living your own life.

ignore, silence is golden

someone asked Yu Guangzhong, "how to deal with those who pick on you and chase and scold you every day?"

Yu Guangzhong said, "he scolds me every day, which proves that he can't live without me, but I don't care, and that I can live without him."

someone asked the writer Cai Lan: "what do you think of other people's comments?"

Cai Lan replied in four words: "it's okay to ignore it."

most people with profound self-cultivation have a higher state of mind than ordinary people, and the so-called "ignoring" is actually the secret of happiness.

ignore it, he forces him to be strong, the breeze blows the hills; without explanation, he crosses him, and the moon shines on the river.

Yang Jiang told a story:

once, when she was giving a speech in the auditorium, a female student suddenly reprimanded her for spreading inappropriate remarks, which immediately attracted the attention of everyone present.

she listened to these verbal attacks, and although she was very confused and did not understand why she had been so slandered, she did not argue about anything and did not confront the student afterwards.

looking at everything in front of her, she just sat quietly, ignoring it.

in the eyes of the world, Yang Jiang has always been a person devoted to learning, and before long, those rumors went away with the wind.

if someone wants to add traffic to you, ignore him, it is the best response.

if you try your best to respond to those questions, you will often be entangled and trapped forever.

have heard a very ingenious metaphor:

for example, I said to the rocket scientist, your rocket is not good, the fuel is not good, I think it is necessary to burn firewood, preferably coal, coal is better to clean coal, washing coal is not good.

if the scientist looked me in the eye, he would have lost.

all truths are no match for "whatever you want", and all explanations are no match for "let it go".

for those who don't like you, silence is the most powerful response; ignoring it is the wisest response.

Don't get angry, let yourself go

how to deal with stupid people?

Maugham replied:

"if a person is angry because of the stupidity of others, then he will live in permanent anger all his life."

how to stay happy?

Huang Yongyu said, "Happy people have a premise that they are not very promising, and they don't care much about the opinions of others."

I think so.

when you are alive, never punish yourself for other people's mistakes.

there was a piece of news that sparked a heated discussion across the Internet:

A 29-year-old mother is having a hard time, taking part-time jobs in the supermarket while taking care of her two sick children.

the eldest daughter suffers from ear disease, which is very disgusted by her mother-in-law and is unwilling to do anything about it.

the youngest son is weak and sick. he spends most of the year in the hospital. Her mother-in-law never cares and accuses her of not being able to take care of the child.

since her marriage, her husband has hit her with scars every time he disagreed with each other.

after four years of marriage, she was tortured by her mother-in-law for four years and did not live a comfortable day.

the long-overstocked emotions and the anger in her heart pushed her into a corner again and again.

finally, in the face of the difficulties of the pillow person and the criticism of her mother-in-law, she was overwhelmed and chose to jump off a building to commit suicide.

and those who hurt her, still do evil without fear, still stand in this world.

if a person is caught in negative emotions for too long, it is easy to compete with himself, like being in a quagmire, and it is difficult to get out.

the best way to deal with the bad things that consume you is to stay away from them as soon as possible, don't let them affect your mood, and don't torture yourself.

psychologist Adler mentions a concept in "hated Courage": subject separation.

the main idea is that if people want to solve the troubles of interpersonal relationships, they should distinguish between what is the subject of others and what is their own, and set up a clear dividing line in mind.

when you live a lifetime, you have to understand: don't take the evil words of others to heart; your own mood is the most important thing.

anger is a stupid act that hurts your body and grieves. Never pay for other people's mistakes.

in the second half of life, if a thing is really inexplicable, a relationship is really confused, please remember to let yourself go.

I like a passage made by Yu Qiuyu in Shan Ju's Notes:

maturity is a kind of calmness that no longer needs to observe others, an atmosphere that finally stops appealing to the surroundings.

A smile that ignores the hustle and bustle, a kind of indifference that has washed away the extreme,

A thick without sound, a height that can be seen far away but not steep.

truly mature people have mastered the mystery of "not arguing, ignoring, and not angry".

in this noisy world, keep your peace of mind, be at peace, and live steadily between heaven and earth.

hate a person, there is no need to fall out, just ignore it.

to see a person clearly, there is no need to expose, just stay away.

, may you practice a "meditation" and live as you like.

in this way, this trip in life is worth it.