The first reaction to an accident is to hide your pattern.

The first reaction to an accident is to hide your pattern.
May you become a person with a pattern and have a better rest of your life.


someone on the Internet asked: "how can I see what a person really looks like?"

A high-praise answer goes like this: "see what his first reaction is."

if you think about it, it is true.

in life, each of us will inevitably encounter a variety of emergencies, when it is too late to think, different people have different ways to deal with it.

the size of a person's pattern is often reflected in these seemingly trivial behaviors.

self-cultivation in case of trouble

I very much agree with a sentence: "taking out your temper is called instinct; pressing your temper back is called skill



in life, we often encounter some unpleasant things. When negative emotions suddenly come to mind, we often can't help losing our temper and blaming them.

it would be commendable if you could still be rational and calm down at this time.

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A person's self-cultivation is also fully reflected at this moment.

once I went to the mall to buy New year goods with my friend Xiaowei, and the traffic jam on the way delayed a lot of time.

it was not easy to get to the destination when a large cart that turned the corner was suddenly in front of it, and Xiao Wei was forced to stop the car on the sidewalk.

I didn't expect that the eldest sister who was crossing the road next to me took a kick in front of the car.

when I heard the sound, I immediately unfastened my seat belt and was ready to go down to have a look. Xiao Wei didn't unlock the door. She only said softly, "it's all right" and drove away.

I asked, somewhat puzzled, "just let it go?" Don't let her lose anything? "

Xiao Wei smiled and said, "what can you lose by kicking? maybe it scared people just now. It was already wasted so long in traffic jam, so why bother to find it again?"

Xiaowei's words made me feel anxious and calmed down completely.

Xiaowei always looks light in her memory, and even she herself says that there is really nothing in life worth her anger. After all, people make mistakes and blaming others will only disturb their own hearts.

Xiao Wei's way of doing things reminds me of a famous saying of Laozi: "when Great Way is implemented, it is not to blame others."

in the face of things that can not be seen, cultured people know how to control their emotions, speak and do things politely and politely, making people feel like a spring breeze, and there are always good people around them.

A person's life will always meet some unsatisfactory people and encounter many unsatisfactory things. Only by learning to think of others and take it calmly, can we unconsciously develop the ability to be calm.

see the bosom when something happens

Master Nebula once said, "as big as you are, your career will be as big as it is. You have to spare everything in order to build everything."

A person's mind often determines how big he can do.

and a person's first reaction to an accident best reflects his mind.

some time ago, the company hired a safety consultant to inspect the workshop.

the person in charge of the workshop immediately smiled and explained that the bottles were filled with flame-retardant gas, and the workers operated in full accordance with the provisions of the Safety Law.

unexpectedly, this remark angered the consultant.

not only did he immediately raise his voice by an octave, saying that he was an expert, had participated in hundreds of examinations, and was experienced enough to insist on issuing a ticket.

as a result, the two men quarreled flushed in the face, and the boss on one side was so embarrassed that he sent someone to send away the "expert" before the inspection was over.

in fact, each of us will have a knowledge blind spot.

even people at the top of the pyramid in a field may encounter areas that have never been involved before.

when you happen to be touched by a blind spot, if you choose to admit it and ask for advice with an open mind, it may be easier to win the respect of others.

Professor S.C.C.Ting, a physicist, answered the students' questions with three "I don't know" in a public academic report question session.

the Nobel laureate "didn't know anything", which surprised everyone present.

but his expression was natural and sincere, and he had neither the affectation of knowing not to say, nor the obfuscation of pretentiousness.

later, he explained that he could not answer the question because it was beyond the scope of his scientific research. The whole audience immediately burst into warm applause.

Mr. S.C.C.Ting 's academic achievements are admirable, coupled with his honesty and humility when things happen, which is even more convincing.

some people say: when something happens, see the bosom.

this is absolutely true. Think about it, there are always some people in life who either boast about things, raise their status, or become angry for fear of losing face.

as everyone knows, the really important people show an open mind when something happens, absorbing the wisdom of others with an empty cup mentality.

come to think of it, whether it is work or life, we all need to look at ourselves objectively and treat others humbly.

when you have a broad mind, the road to the future is natural and vast.

see the horizon in case of trouble

once read such a sentence: "when you hit rock bottom one day, your vision determines the height of your rebound."

the road of life has its ups and downs, everyone will encounter troughs, when you hit rock bottom, yourVision determines your actions, and your actions herald your future.

the business giant Morgan, who has the reputation of "Napoleon on Wall Street", has created countless legends in his life, and the Morgan consortium he founded has lasted for a hundred years.

but he also experienced a major economic crisis when he was young.

in 1835, Morgan was a minority shareholder in an American fire insurance company.

after paying the compensation, the company is on the verge of bankruptcy and is difficult to sustain.

in despair, Morgan was forced to advertise:

our company has done its best to settle the claim. If customers come to take out insurance again, they will charge double the premium.

unexpectedly, there was an endless stream of customers coming to take out insurance, and Morgan officially embarked on the road of starting from scratch with this crisis.

I have to say that the gap between Morgan and ordinary people who become hegemonic in the future lies in their horizons, which is completely different.

there is a famous saying: "those with broad horizons will have great achievements, while those with narrow horizons will have small deeds."


when at a low ebb, some people only see the darkness of the abyss and feel sorry for themselves in despair and pain;

but some people can see the light above their heads, rise in firmness and optimism, and move to the top one step at a time.

in fact, what really bothers a person is never the thing itself, but what he can see at the moment.

only when we strive to jump out of the one-third mu of land in front of us and set our sights on the wider world ahead, is it possible to extricate ourselves from difficulties in time, or even create unexpected miracles.

British writer Eliot said: "half of the mistakes in the world should be attributed to those who want to appear more important than others."


but in fact, there is no one in this world, it is really irreplaceable.

if you want to be an important person, you might as well try to be a structured person first, which is often truly reflected in the first reaction of things.

people of self-cultivation should be cautious in their words and deeds when they are in no hurry.

people with a big mind are neither humble nor arrogant, humble and honest;

people with broad horizons are calm and wise in case of trouble.

if there is a pattern in doing things, the result will not be too bad; if there is a pattern in life, it must be very popular.

, may you become a person with a pattern and have a better rest of your life.