Make yourself happy, reassure others, and reassure your family.

Make yourself happy, reassure others, and reassure your family.
May you think clearly, live clearly and live in peace for the rest of your life!


as the ancients said, "there is no perfect beauty in the world."

No matter how sweet the melon and fruit is, the melon stalk is bitter, and there is nothing perfect in this world.

as in our lives, we want to improve everything and grasp everything, only to find that the loss outweighs the gain in the end.

looking back on half our lives, we always pay too much attention to the eyes of the rest of the world and ignore our own feelings.

busy dealing with the world, ignoring the foundation of the world;

focus on the pursuit of a better life, forgetting the importance of family.

Life is short. The more you experience, the more you will understand that the best way to live in this life is not to blindly pursue things outside the body, but to make yourself happy, to reassure others, and to reassure your family.

to make yourself happy is the wisdom to deal with the world

Xin Qiji, a writer in the Southern Song Dynasty, has a famous saying: "sigh life, unsatisfactory things, ten often eight or nine."

everyone is always full of infinite expectations for life at the beginning of life.

wait for half a lifetime to go through, only to find that life is a process of constant compromise.

since you can't escape from what you've suffered, it's a great wisdom to learn to make yourself happy and learn to live according to your wishes.

as Mr. Feng Zikai said, "since there is nowhere to escape, it is better to rejoice."

at the end of the Ming Dynasty, 29-year-old Li Yu went to Hangzhou for the first time to take part in the local examination, but unfortunately failed.

32, he went to Hangzhou again to take the exam, but he had to turn back halfway through the twists and turns.

soon after, the Ming Dynasty was gone, and Li Yu, as a remnant, lost his way to fame and fame.

at that time, the failure of his official career meant that there was no possibility of getting ahead. After being discouraged for a while, Li Yu was determined to live happily for the rest of his life.

from opera rhythm to decorator play, from garden construction to food and cooking, he plays almost everything, knows everything, and is good at everything. He places all his enthusiasm for life into his works one by one.

in his masterpiece "occasional Love", he once wrote:

"people are locked by the reins of fame and wealth, and they live in a storm. It's not easy, so it's better to have fun in time."

whether he is poor or rich, Li Yu has never mistreated himself all his life and knows how to find and enjoy fun in an ordinary life.

the ancients said, "the success or failure of right and wrong is empty."

do not want to let go, can not let go, will only make their own life more and more suffocating.

you know, life has never been plain sailing, happiness or pain depends on your own state of mind.

the rest of your life is not long. Don't waste your time on things you can't change.

learn to clear the haze in the heart, be a cheerful and open-minded person, please yourself, let this life have no regrets, is the attitude that life should have.

reassuring others is the foundation of the world

the ideologist Cheng Yi once said: "A man cannot stand in the world without loyalty."

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in the world, the success or failure of a thing often depends on the person you associate with.

people who break their promises only need to put off perfunctory once, it is enough to keep people away.

people who trust and keep their promises do not make promises easily. If they do, they will do what they say.

that year, the Jia mansion was copied and Wang Xifeng was jailed. When Grandma Liu heard about it, she rushed to prison to see her.

when she learned that the whereabouts of her daughter Sister Qiao was unknown, Grandma Liu immediately promised to find Sister Qiao.

in this way, an old man of seventy or eighty years old, dragging his elderly body, went door to door to inquire about the whereabouts of Sister Qiao.

later, when I heard that Sister Qiao was sold to Guazhou, Grandma Liu traveled thousands of miles to redeem people, but she was kicked out because she didn't have enough money.

when she got home, Grandma Liu was duty-bound to sell all her possessions and took out her remaining savings in exchange for Qiao's freedom.

at that time, Wang Xifeng had already died in prison.

the writer Feng Menglong once said, "to be entrusted by others is to be loyal to others."

even if you don't have a tile to cover yourself, you have to keep your promise, and you will never muddle through even if the person you entrust is no longer alive.

A trustworthy person should, like Grandma Liu, make a promise and practice.

in the Analects of Confucius, it is said: "people without faith, I do not know what they can do."

if a person is not honest, it is difficult for him to live in the society.

but there are always some people in life who break their promises because they can't stand the temptation of interests.

cheating and cheating at work, blatant talk among friends.

do not realize that money can be earned again without money, and if trust is lost, it will be impossible to move a step further.

keeping promises and reassuring people is not only the highest evaluation of a person, but also the foundation of a person's life.

to reassure your family is a responsibility for others

there is a heart-piercing line in "I am not the god of medicine": "I have been ill for three years, I have taken medicine for three years, the house has gone, and my family has been eaten up by me."

people live all their lives, running around when they are young, thinking that it is a responsibility for people to let their families live with food and clothing.

in the middle of my life, I found that life is impermanent and can not be guaranteed day and night. To have a healthy body and not to let the family worry is the real responsibility.

read a story:

there was a little boy who lost his father from an early age and was always dependent on his mother.

as an adult, in order to make his mother live a comfortable life, he said goodbye to his hometown and went to work as an apprentice far away to make a living.

because he was studious and reliable, within two years, the shopkeeper let him run a shop on his own.

because of the money he brought home, his mother no longer had to be looked down upon and had a hard time.

I don't know, there was an unexpected situation in the sky, because when he went out shopping, he accidentally fell into the valley and broke his leg.

when his mother heard the news of his injury, she didn't think about food and tea, and finally she cried blindly.

Di Zi Gui says: "if there is an injury in the body, it will cause worries to your relatives."

if there is something wrong with a person's health, the family members are the most worried, and it is the family members who are under the greatest pressure.

even if you live in Biwa Zhu eaves and eat delicacies, you still can't sleep at night and the food is tasteless.

you know, nothing in the world is more important than life.

as the saying goes, if the skin does not exist, what will be attached to it?

only with good health can we have good health, can we have a complete family, and only then can we have stable happiness in this world.

as a child, if you can't stay with your parents, then your health is the greatest relief to your parents.

as parents, if they are light, healthy and in a good mood, they are reassuring no matter where their children are.

the ancients said that if the body has skin, its parents dare not destroy it.

again, the mother is worried when she travels thousands of miles.

therefore, knowing how to take care of your body and keep healthy is not only responsible for yourself, but also reassuring your family.

Master Zheng Yan once said:

"there is no ownership of life, only the right to use life."

people live a lifetime, their lives are long and short, their luck is good or bad, and their blessings are deep and shallow.

the best way to live is not to pursue more wealth, higher status, and greater fame.

but you can calm down, see yourself, be aware of the present, and know how to make a choice.

to make yourself happy is the meaning of life; to reassure others is the self-cultivation of life; and to reassure your family is the end-result of life.

May you think clearly, live clearly and live in peace for the rest of your life!