Yi Nengjing's 20-year-old son wears sexy women's clothes again, and the large-scale half-naked photo is too hot for the eyes. Netizens: is it because your parents are so crazy?

Yi Nengjing's 20-year-old son wears sexy women's clothes again, and the large-scale half-naked photo is too hot for the eyes. Netizens: is it because your parents are so crazy?
The duty of parents is to provide a safe environment for their children with love.

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recently, Harry, the son of Yi Nengjing, released another set of photos of himself in women's clothing.

in the photo, Harry takes pictures with a group of friends in an enchanting pose.

this time Harry is also very bold, with wavy hair, sexy women's clothes and a lot of make-up.

I feel in a good mood when playing at the seaside, wearing a white forked dress, spicy girl dress, waist curly hair and right hand lying on the side, which is very enchanting.

Harry not only carried a white bag, but also put on the tie style of hated sky high.

anyone who knows Harry knows that this is not the first time he has worn women's clothes. Harry has always liked multiculturalism and tried different styles of clothes.

the spread of these photos has sparked a heated debate among netizens, but Harry himself does not care very much about it. Yi Nengjing also expressed support for it, speaking out many times on social media to support her son.

in the interview clip intercepted by Yi Nengjing, Harry expressed many of his views.

Harry said that breakthrough is his norm, thinking about change almost every minute, and that he has lived in an artistic environment since childhood and does not like to face the public, so he chose the directing profession.

in an interview, Harry said frankly that he likes this kind of makeup, but he doesn't care what he looks like in the eyes of others.

he only regards clothes as a kind of personal setting and mood, and what clothes he wears every day depends entirely on his own decision.

sometimes it's not just because of interest, but also because of work.

Harry's dressing style is changeable. Not long ago, he attended a makeup imitation event in Chanel New York with Yi Nengjing, and he also disguised as a makeup artist to do makeup design.

Harry, who showed up that day, was dressed in a black suit with long curly hair, exquisite facial features, very handsome, and no worse than the best appearance.

the behind-the-scenes interactive photos of mother and son are also very warm and intimate.

many netizens say they are optimistic about Harry's talent: there are unlimited possibilities in the future.

Harry is the son of Yu Chengqing and Yi Nengjing, the standard star second generation, who has received a lot of attention from birth to the present.

Harry's painting style over the past two years has been difficult for ordinary people to accept, and many people even blame Harry's dress on his parents' divorce.

he occasionally posts photos of his women's clothes on social media, and at first many people say they accept incompetence and even yell at each other.

in desperation, Harry once set up his social account as a private account to block gossip.

in fact, although Harry's parents are separated, their love for him is consistent.

on this matter, Yi Nengjing once explained in an interview that when Harry was "chased and intercepted" by the media, he immediately contacted his mother and asked her:

"will you get hurt, will it affect your work, and should I turn off the social network forever and stop posting any more messages?"

in the face of questioning and even abuse from the outside world, Yi Nengjing told Harry:

"you don't have to bear it. It comes from anything your parents bring you professionally." I think it's a big deal. I won't do this industry. There's nothing more important than you. "

as a wife, Yi Nengjing is not necessarily perfect, but as a mother she gives her children strong support and respect, she supports Harry, "you can totally be yourself."

this kind of support, understanding and broad freedom are rare for parents.

now, Yu Chengqing and Yi Nengjing have been divorced for 12 years, and they have formed new families and have children.

at the beginning, Yu Chengqing, who got the custody, was the first to care for Harry.

when he was a child, Yu Chengqing accompanied Harry on his bike and loved his children.

play horizontal bar with my son, climb up and down.

Yu Chengqing also recorded many moments of love with Harry, celebrating birthdays together and graduating from high school.

although custody was awarded to Yu Chengqing, Yi Nengjing also paid a lot in the process of her child's growth.

before that, there were rumors that even after marrying Qin Hao, Yi Nengjing did not want to leave Taiwan in order to accompany her son.

after Harry went to college, she moved her family to Shanghai.

Harry is excellent academically. At the age of 18, he was admitted to the Central St. Martin School of Art in London and Parsons University in New York, which is a dream school for art students.

he also mastered many specialties such as songwriting, painting, dancing, and so on, and his lessons were never lower than those of A.

when Yi Nengjing joined Sister Lang, in the face of the isolation of the epidemic and the separation of her family, Harry supported her in choosing a new start and danced with her in the practice room.

the two worked very hard in the dance room, and he patiently instructed his mother in every move.

on the initial stage, the songs sung by Yi Nengjing were written by Harry.

Youth education expert Sun Yunxiao said:

"the premise of educating a child is to understand the child, to understand the child, and to respect the child."

Children who grow up with love and respect will have a fuller mind and soul.

in "Little Youth", 11-year-old Yin ran's biggest hobby is raising bugs, raising more than 200 species.

such a hobby is usually only reprimanded, but his mother does not do so.

because he likes to collect bugs, many students stay away from Yin ran, find this hobby disgusting, and even laugh at him.

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but mom never felt his love.How strange it is that he is not only allowed to keep bugs at home, but also often discusses with him.

once Yin ran showed his mother an iron nematode, and his mother immediately asked, "has this iron nematode grown up?"

familiarity with biology shows how much respect mothers have for their children's hobbies.

respecting the different aspects of children's lives is the right way to open education.

the phrase that many parents always say is "I do it for you". In fact, only when the person concerned thinks it is good is really good.

in many cases, "for your own good" is more like a moral kidnapping.

really for the good of the child, put yourself in the shoes of others, respect and understand him, and treat him as an independent individual.

of course, this is not the same as doting, proper tolerance and understanding, more conducive to the growth of children.

some time ago, a brand shared an interview with Yi Nengjing and his eldest son Harry.

the two spoke openly, not only about the details of their daily relationship, but also about the controversy over Harry's heavy makeup and women's clothes, and both responded positively this time.

Harry asked Yi Nengjing, "do you feel confused when I do something that most people seem to be a maverick?"

I believe you should understand that Harry's "maverick" means "wearing a lot of makeup" and "wearing women's clothes".

in this regard, Yi Nengjing said bluntly: "I have never thought that you are a maverick. I think that all children should be unique and unique."

she also said:

"No one should copy other people's lives in this world, so rather than being a maverick, more parents are seeking a unified standard for their children."

so to me, your maverick is precisely the most important meaning of your existence in this world. "

as educator Sun Ruixue once said in his book Love and Freedom:

"the duty of parents is to provide a safe environment for their children with love, but as for how to explore the world, that is the child's freedom."