Why are some people friendly to others but always a loner

Why are some people friendly to others but always a loner
For the rest of my life, it is a blessing to have two or three bosom friends.




there is a saying like this: "if you dig your heart out to a person, you will either get a bosom friend or a lifetime lesson."

emotion is the most unreasonable thing to talk about. Those who have deep feelings for you today may be gone tomorrow.

humanity is like a thin sheet of paper, and the world is like a new chess game.

Don't overestimate your place in other people's hearts. Just like being in the dark, the closest shadow will disappear.

some people live alone for a reason.

experience changes and understand the cruelty of human nature

Su Qing, a talented woman, has been brilliant since she was a child, and she will become a great talent if she devotes herself to further study.

in her first year of college, she married Li Qin, the son of her parents who had been friends with her parents.

A year later, they had a child, so Su Qing dropped out of school and was able to concentrate on taking care of the family.

but after marriage, Li Qin gradually showed her nature. not only did she not understand the hard work of raising her children, but she punched her when she was unhappy, and her mother-in-law refused to give her a good face.

Su Qing thought to herself that she would be virtuous enough to impress them.

unexpectedly, her compromise made it worse.

Su Qing can only relieve her depression by reading, while Li Qin often locks her bookcase.

later, Li Qin got the mistress pregnant outside.

Su Qing finally couldn't stand it. She took the initiative to end her ten-year marriage, left with her children, devoted herself to her favorite writing career, and finally gained her own world.

Wisdom is bound to hurt, but deep affection does not last long.

people who take their feelings too seriously are often the most vulnerable.

Human feelings are cold and warm, and people's hearts are changeable. After suffering a lot of injuries, people will know how to be light and lower their expectations.

as said in the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon:

"when you clench your hands, there is nothing in them; when you open them, the world is in your hands."

to face everyone with a normal heart, every relationship, not distressed by the sudden break-up, not remorse because of betrayal.

live well and be close to each other.

is kind-hearted, but does not know the ways of the world

some people are born articulate and eloquent, while others are not good at words and words.

they don't know how to express, so they always do more and say less;

they do not speak tactfully, nor do they want to ingratiate themselves against their will, so they are often misunderstood as indifferent and difficult to get along with.

like Su Shi's little nest valley, when Su Shi is in trouble, he goes to help without saying a word; when Su Shi's situation gets better, he leaves quietly.

there is a good saying about Shenju in the Qing Dynasty:

"there are many beautiful things in the world, and there are many good words, but it is rare to ask for a true word."

those with bright faces but full of calculations should be vigilant and stay away from them quickly.

sincere people stick to the word "true". They don't say much, but they are thoughtful and considerate to you. It's hard to find it in a lifetime. If you encounter it, you should cherish it.

stick to yourself and don't want to drift with the current

philosopher Hesse said:

"for everyone, there is only one real responsibility:

find yourself.

then stick to it for the rest of your life, wholeheartedly and never stop. "

in the world, the lights are full of temptations and illusions.

some people choose to be alone, and most of the time they are neither recalcitrant nor arrogant.

but want to stay awake in the sound of different opinions, see the direction of life clearly, and be the Poseidon needle of your own life.

refuse to socialize and focus on improving yourself

there has always been a saying in the Chinese film industry: one actor a year, Zhou Xingchi for a century.

Stephen Chow's film artistic style has influenced several generations, but when industry insiders talk about Stephen Chow's private image, they describe him as an inarticulate, introverted person.

Mao Shunyun, who worked with Zhou Xingchi, said:

Zhou Xingchi is very strange. In the past, we all wanted to do our part as an actor, but he was not, always asking for a change in the script.

now I understand that he only thinks about how to make the play look good. We often care about relationships, and he doesn't care about them.

people who are really smart often like to be alone.

gregariousness can indeed relieve loneliness, while solitude can become powerful.

instead of wasting time on ineffective socializing, focus on improving yourself and achieving real growth.

enriching yourself is far more meaningful than pleasing others.

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there is a line in the movie Chongqing Forest:

"saury will be out of date, canned meat will be out of date, and even cling paper will be out of date. I begin to wonder what else in this world will not expire."

No relationship is everlasting, no relationship is immutable, no matter when, love yourself first and live your life well.

it is a blessing to have two or three bosom friends for the rest of my life.

aloneThe sign of maturity is often the ability to watch indifferent people walk away from tea and realize the impermanence of the world.

loving yourself is a lifelong romance, because only you are the eternal companion in this journey of life.

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