Who is the man of your life? (you can find out at a glance)

Who is the man of your life? (you can find out at a glance)
To choose our friends is to choose our destiny.

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who are you?

who are around you?

two simple questions can determine your life.

as the saying goes, "those who are close to red are red, those who are close to ink are black."

what kind of people you are with can not only affect your life, but also change the course of your life.

with people of good character

improve yourself

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the Master said, "if you want to do something, you should first be holy."

at any time, be a man before you do anything.

character is the foundation of life and the cornerstone of society.

people with good character are down-to-earth, open and aboveboard, worthy of heaven and earth and worthy of their hearts.

if you get acquainted with such a person, you won't lose your way on the long road of life.

Zeng Guofan, an important minister of the late Qing Dynasty, firmly refused to make so-called bad friends, and the first thing he valued was a person's "virtue".

he once said, "it is of great benefit to seek friends in order to correct your failure."

through making friends, to correct our shortcomings, this is very beneficial, good friends, can let us continue to grow and improve ourselves.

in his early years, Zeng Guofan was very grumpy, often offended many people because of his temper, and his career was also hindered by his character.

but later, when I followed Tang Jian, I learned the wisdom of "calmness". I benefited a little from it. I would think calmly and do things calmly in case of trouble, so I became more and more popular.

in the opinion of Zeng Guofan:

"choosing a friend is the most important thing in life. The success or failure of life is all related to whether a friend is good or not, so we must be careful."

choosing a friend is the most important thing in life. Success and failure are closely related to whether a friend is virtuous and noble.

to choose friends is to choose our destiny.

therefore, don't let people with bad character waste our time and lives, and don't keep company with people with bad character.

Life is short, and only by being with people with good character can we meet better ourselves.

with reliable people

comfortable and at ease

there is no shortage of smart people in this world, but reliable people are as precious as gold.

reliable people have responsibilities in their hearts, accounts for everything, and echoes every time, which makes people feel warm and secure.

such a story was recorded in the Book of the later Han Dynasty:

Paradigm studied in Taixue when he was young, and made a good friend Zhang Xun. When they parted, the two agreed to be reunited at the Paradigm home two years later.

the agreed date is coming up, and the paradigm asks the mother to prepare the meal.

Mother asked, "how do you know if he remembered the appointment two years ago and whether he will keep it as scheduled?"

Paradigm said: "I know very well that Zhang Jie is reliable and secure, and he will not breach the contract."

there is a saying in "Xunzi's self-cultivation": "A gentleman nourishes his heart and is not good at honesty."

A reliable person, like a mountain, is down-to-earth and reliable, and he has a full sense of certainty whenever and wherever he thinks of him.

A person's greatest ability is to be reliable.

in work, reliable people are trustworthy; in family, reliable people are happy; in life, reliable people have both sides.

the better the person is, the more reliable he is; the more reliable he is, the better he is.

May we all be reliable people and walk with reliable people all the way to the sun and live up to time for the rest of our lives.

with people with positive energy

illuminate yourself

how can we gain more happiness and happiness?

some people answer: with positive energy people, even if you are sentimental by nature, positive energy people will bring you warmth and sunshine and help you dispel the haze in your heart.

people with positive energy have an extraordinary power, which can rise up in setbacks and be strong in difficulties.

this is not only a kind of courage, but also a kind of wisdom.

, we can be deeply influenced, and our hearts will be full of sunshine and strength.

you know, the moon shines precisely because it is with the sun, so if you want to shine constantly, you have to learn to walk with people with positive energy.

Confucius once said: "to live well with people is like entering the room of Zhi orchid and not hearing its fragrance for a long time."

when you are with people with positive energy, you will constantly reflect and improve yourself, and you will find that the world is so beautiful and full of true feelings everywhere.

as the saying goes, "if the heart is sunny, all sorrows are fearless."

if your heart is full of energy, all setbacks and tribulations are passers-by, so from now on, let yourself gradually become a positive energy person and walk with a positive energy person.

while warming others, you can also illuminate yourself.

A writer once said:

"whether a person is successful or not depends on whom he accompanies; how far he can go, whom he walks with; and how good he is, depends on who guides him."

the fate of who you are with will be the same. It doesn't matter who you are, but who is around you.

with people with good character, they can continue to grow, reflect, and gradually improve themselves.

being with reliable people, doing things at ease and at ease.My heart is full of sense of security;

with positive energy people, my heart is full of sunshine, and I am in a good mood every day.

Life is short, please choose to be with the right people, they are the real dignitaries in your life, so that you can grow into a better self!