Whether husband and wife or lovers, the highest state of love, in fact, there are only two words

Whether husband and wife or lovers, the highest state of love, in fact, there are only two words
For the rest of my life, I will choose one person with preference and be willing to be generous for the rest of my life.


writer Tonghua said:

"if you really love someone, even if you give her the whole world, you still worry about not giving enough, not good enough."

A piece of book says:

"good love, you make my heart move, I make you feel at ease."

in this era with a long way to go, there is nothing more than a true love for each other and a successful marriage.

No matter husband and wife or lover, really love, the heart is soft, so will give you trust, tolerance, companionship, not vigorous, but can help each other, stay together.

because there are only two words in the highest state of love between two people.


the most important thing for lovers to get along with is to learn to trust and be honest.

be able to understand each other's situation, support each other's choices, believe in each other's decisions, and always stand by each other's side.

this is the best relationship model between adults.

like the popular "Menghualu" some time ago, the love between Zhao Paner and Gu Qianfan is admirable.

Pan er Le has a good family and a low status; Qianfan is in officialdom and in a high position of power. However, people with great disparity between the two classes can abandon the secular world and rely on each other in their love and trust.

Qianfan is mixed with fish and dragons around him, and he often has to hide his love for Paner, who knows very well that his helplessness has never been taken to heart.

Paner is in the limelight in Tokyo, not only to face the persecution of her old lover Ouyang Xu, but also the obsession of Gao Fu Shuai Chi Ya. Qianfan knows her mind and has never had a misunderstanding.

in this way, there is no doubt that he has his trust, heart to heart, and deep love.

as there is a saying on the Internet:

"A really good love is trusting each other. Such a relationship will make you very comfortable, happy and comfortable, and in such a relationship, you will find that you can really feel happy."

Yes, the highest state of love is to give yourself to those who trust without reservation, without precaution, to be warm to each other and to live up to each other.


in the emotional world, when you fall in love with someone, you will have a weakness, and you will know how to give in, make concessions and be tolerant.

learn to accept each other's imperfections, tolerate each other's bad habits, and take actions to care, instead of asking and blaming.

Leung Chao-Wei and Carina Lau, model couples in the entertainment industry, interpret the true meaning of love with mutual tolerance.

Carina Lau is outgoing and lively, loves to socialize, likes to stay in the crowd and plays mahjong happily.

Tony Leung is introverted and aloof, does not like socializing, likes to make tea at home, quietly in a daze.

the two have very different personalities and hobbies, but they don't blame each other.

but fully respect each other's personality, appreciate each other's bright points, do not force each other to change, but wait around, so they have always loved each other as before.

Carina Lau said:

"in marriage, it must be mutual. You think you are tolerating each other, but in fact, they are also tolerant of you. "

where in the world is there a lover who doesn't quarrel and a couple who doesn't quarrel?

the secret of being able to go through three meals and four seasons with a loved one to white hair is to be more tolerant and understanding of each other in ordinary fireworks and in the contradictions of life.

A good marriage must be a long-lasting compromise and tolerance.

such a realm of love can solve the troubles of the world, but it can take a long time.


read a reader's message:

"Ten years ago, my husband and I had nothing, and we were huddled in rented houses of less than ten square meters to plan the future together.

Ten years later, we have everything. We live in a large house of more than 120 square meters, but we are busy and seldom communicate with each other.

I really miss the days when we cooked, went to work and chatted together ten years ago, and we always found warm company and strong encouragement from each other. "

times have changed and people are changing, but the sense of belonging we desire has never changed, that is, we stay with our loved ones for a long time.

some people understand when they are aggrieved and sad, when they are alone, when they are tired, when they are sad, when they are sleepless in the middle of the night.

companionship is the best comfort in the world, because it is more comfortable to be around than a thousand words.

as Zhang Jiajia wrote in her book:

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"Life, from scratch, although the road is bumpy, but the good thing is that there is always a person around us. No matter how hard or tired life is, as long as I think of him, my heart is always filled with happiness. "

A lover is immortal for the rest of his life.

A good partner around can really reduce human suffering by half.

although there is no vows of love, no fiery romance, but that kind of wind and rain in the same boat moved and defend, is the deepest long-term love.

it is easier to fall in love than to defend each other.

No matter husband and wife or lover, the highest state of love is sincere trust, tolerance of all kinds of love, and companionship that never give up.

May you and I find a loving companion in the stream of people, recognize the nature of feelings in the swaying world of mortals, and harvest long-lasting true feelings over a long period of time.

for the rest of my life, I will choose one person with preference and be willing to be generous for the rest of my life.

, good night.