Whether a woman is lucky or not, you can tell by her face.

Whether a woman is lucky or not, you can tell by her face.
Your good fortune is written on your face.


"Taishang sensation" says: "there is no way for misfortune and good fortune, but people call themselves."

I think so.

the blessings and misfortunes in the world do not come out of thin air, but they are caused by themselves. the consequences of today come from the causes of yesterday.

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and a person's blessing is often hidden in her face.

A blessed woman often has these three features on her face.

regular routine, look like a peach

the poem entitled Nanzhuang of Capital City written by Cui Hou, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, has been handed down through the ages:

"in this door last year, peach blossoms reflect each other.

I don't know where to go, but the peach blossom still smiles at the spring breeze. "

the Iraqi has left, and he is still obsessed with her peach blossom face.

coincidentally, Mr. Qian Zhongshu also wrote poems to recall the scenes he and his wife Yang Jiang first met:

"the light memory of valerian eyes is seen for the first time, and the new rose valve is dipped into Daigo.

I used to take safflower and snow when I didn't know how to wash my noodles. "

it can be seen that Yang Jiang's rosy face has left a deep impression on him.

in poems, noodles such as peach blossoms are often the standard for beauties.

in life, the rich face is also a proof of a person's health and happiness.

Yang Jiang lived an elegant, calm and blessed life.

she is both old and healthy, over 100 years old.

she and her husband are deeply in love with each other all their lives and never give up.

she has made great achievements in the field of literature and is respected as "sir".

who says this is not the secret of her ruddy complexion and good health?

Wang Zengqi once wrote about an old man who lived like Zhuangzi in his article "idle people in the idle city".

his life is simple and regular, getting up early every day, sweeping the floor, eating three meals on his own, sitting around his knees every day, smiling and naive to see the world.

he has experienced all kinds of natural and man-made disasters and the ups and downs of the world, but he has not left many traces on his body.

although the old man is nearly eighty, he looks good and looks only seventy.

the importance of routine is evident.

it is easy to maintain a good look, but it is supported by a strong self-discipline.

people who are upside down day and night often lose their faces to pallor and haggard; only those who have a regular schedule can have a good complexion of peach cheeks.

it is pointed out in the book "Super Magic Psychological decompression":

"A regular schedule is like a dose of good medicine that can arm yourself in daily life and resist the attack of stress.

if the biological clock works properly, it can enhance the body's immunity and help the body maintain a positive mood. "

Health is the foundation of everything. For all people, good health, disease-free and disaster-free is a blessing.

your blessing is hidden in your face.

A person with a rich complexion is often a person with deep blessings.

do not complain, often with a happy look

I quite agree with one sentence:

"Girls who love to laugh are usually not too lucky."

Life is like a mirror. A person who smiles at life will repay it with joy.

there is a model whose image used to occupy four billboards in Times Square.

she is the mother of Silicon Valley Iron Man Elon Musk: Meyer Musk.

at the age of 22, when she was young and ignorant, she got married on impulse. She did not expect that she was greeted by long-term domestic violence, and she had no choice but to endure.

31, she finally got legal permission to divorce.

she rushed out of her miserable home and became a single mother, raising three children on her own.

in the workplace, she was discriminated against because of her old age, and the agency that signed the contract did not fight for job opportunities for her.

for a time, her life was in a dilemma and she couldn't even afford to buy discounted second-hand clothes.

but instead of indulging in self-indulgence and complaining, she moved to many cities in three countries to start her own career.

in the face of tribulations and difficulties, she always smiled, showing a confident and elegant posture.

her efforts have earned her influence.

she not only raised three excellent children, but also got two master's degrees.

in her twilight years, her career glowed again.

in her biography, Life is me, she wrote:

"the earlier you act, the less pain you will suffer.

you should fight mobile warfare against the difficult problems of life. no matter what, don't sit in the mud puddle and cry, take action first. "

isn't it the reason for her success to persist and not complain, not to be depressed, and to act in a timely manner?

there is a saying in the book "the World without complaining", which I think is very reasonable:

"complaining never attracts and brings what you want;

on the contrary, complaining will never get rid of things you don't want. "

if one wants to live well, don't always complain.

because your complaints will drive away your blessing and keep the people around you away from you.

expert Liu Shunyu said:

"when we face the world with great peace, tranquillity, especially gratitude, we secrete more oxytocin.

they can not only relieve depression and pain, enhance immunity, maintain a good mental state, but also delay aging. "

the joy on your face is your blessing. Less complaining, more gratitude and contentment will benefit not only others, but also yourself.

be peaceful and pleasant

Ji Xianlin's "good luck and bad luck" has a passage, which is quite reasonable. It says:

"when you are lucky, think of bad luck and don't be too complacent.

the state of mind is always balanced and the mood is always stable, which is also the way to live a long life. "

in this life, the short is short and the long is long.

there are very few people who are carefree and plain sailing all their lives, sometimes in prosperity and sometimes in frustration.

if you can not maintain a peaceful state of mind, sometimes ecstasy, sometimes rage, often panic, often melancholy, it will be harmful to health.

once read an example on the Internet: a 55-year-old woman in Changsha was diagnosed with breast cancer.

the woman revealed that she was typically impatient and sensitive, and often quarreled angrily with her husband for more than 20 years.

his bed doctor said that unpleasant emotions such as loneliness, depression, irritability and irritability will lead to the accumulation of depression and exhaustion over time.

Yin Ye, CEO of Banda, once put forward a similar point of view in the "round table school". He said:

"except for some hereditary tumors, other cancer genes are not born.

it is possible for us to accumulate harmful mutations, both physical and chemical, including anger. "

A person who can look at everything with tolerant eyes, live peacefully in the world, and always treat people with a pleasant face is a blessed person who really lives with a thorough view.

to be peaceful in life, it is not to rest in peace when you encounter problems and swallow all your grievances.

to be peaceful in the world is not just to be indifferent to the outside, but to look down on everything from the inside.

Liu Jing in the TV series "Little Joy" is an elegant, decent, gentle and peaceful person from the outside.

she supported her husband's dream and quietly became his strong backing.

she respects her child's personality development and does not control or criticize.

but she didn't feel happy from the bottom of her heart. all the grievances she swallowed turned into attacking her body.

to live in peace, it is not a matter of compromise and concession, but as gentle and firm as water, with some trade-offs and persistence.

as Cheryl Sandberg wrote in "step forward":

"first of all, learn to express your needs gently, always remember to smile, express gratitude and concern, and mention more common interests."

in this way, you can not only fulfill yourself, but also achieve yourself.

Feng Zikai said:

"Human affairs, as long as they are alive and alive, even if they are subjected to natural and man-made disasters, they will be temporarily suppressed, and there will be a day when they will rise."

if a person, regardless of joys and sorrows, can continue to work and rest regularly and have a peach complexion, his body will repay him with good health.

even if he is in deep trouble, he can still have no grievances and a smile on his face, and he will be happy in the end.

regardless of success or disappointment, he can live in peace and agreeableness, and his life will be rewarded with kindness.

your happiness is written on your face, and people who are really blessed must have a little "color" on their faces.

the original title "you can tell by your face that the luck of such a woman will never be bad."

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