When ​ people reach a certain age, what they fight for is not ability, but the pattern of tolerance.

When ​ people reach a certain age, what they fight for is not ability, but the pattern of tolerance.
People's hearts are mutual. If you allow others a foot, they will respect you.



Liu Yong told a story in his book.

Xiao Qin and Mavericks are employees of the company. they go abroad to talk business together. those who perform well will be promoted and get a raise, while the other will have to pack up and leave.

they both competed with each other secretly, hoping that they could stay.

the Mavericks are always leading the case against Xiao Qin. Xiao Qin knows well, but instead of arguing, he allocates half of the work to the Mavericks.

A victory party was held after returning home, and the company gathered around the "hero" Mavericks, thinking that it was certain that the Mavericks would stay.

unexpectedly, the chairman left Xiao Qin behind:

"to be a leader is not only to rely on knowledge, but also to be magnanimous. The Mavericks complained all the way, making the company restless, but Xiao Qin praised the Mavericks for their good performance and tolerance."

I agree with the saying that your ability determines what you can get, while your pattern determines where you can go in the end.

at a certain age, if you want to go far, you must be able to accommodate people.

the length of tolerance

in Zhuangzi Gengsang Chu, it is said: "those who cannot tolerate others have no relatives, and those who have no relatives will do their best."

if people do not have the magnanimity to tolerate others, they will only keep people at a distance.

those who can get things done must have room for people who are better than him.

when he was young, Zeng Guofan was arrogant and often felt that others were inferior to himself.

as he grew older, he woke up and said, "if people are not as good as I like, I am boundless; if I am not as good as I want, I am immoral."

he began to take the initiative to build roads and bridges for his subordinates, without worrying that his subordinates were better than himself.

among the officials he single-handedly promoted, Li Hongzhang had a better career than him, and Zuo Zongtang was more capable than him.

an entrepreneur once said, "people who don't appreciate others and always think they are wiser than others are the stupidest."

people with large patterns have the mind to applaud others.

We all know Su Hua, the founder of a well-known company, but few people know another founder, Cheng Yixiao.

Suhua, as a first-class talent in technology and algorithm drive, has attracted the attention of Cheng Yichao.

in order to pull Suhua into the partnership, Cheng Yixiao showed a courage that ordinary people rarely have.

Guaranteed quality, affordable price, quick shipping, impeccable customer service, not enough just for a royal purple bridesmaid dresses? Our collection has now made it super cool to get your choice.

he gave up his 40 per cent stake and gave it to Suhua, not only that, but also agreed to let Suhua become the CEO of the company, retiring behind the scenes and concentrating on product development.

it takes great courage to give up half of the cause you have worked so hard to give to others.

but it is precisely because of Cheng Yixiao's mind that the enterprises after that rode out of the dust and became popular in the field of short videos.

as the ancients said, "the great wise will be modest, and the great good will be tolerant."

in this world, the person who is in charge of the overall situation is not the one with the best technology and ability, but the one who can tolerate others.

A person can win as many people as his bosom can hold.

tolerate mistakes

what is tolerance?

Mark Twain said that Violet left its aroma on the hoof of the horse that had trampled it, and that was tolerance.

Mai Jia, winner of the Mao Dun Literature Prize, wrote a story in the Sea of Life.

at first, because the little blind man framed his grandfather, the whole family was spurned and forced to wander in a foreign country.

because I am young and do not know the local dialect, I have to starve and freeze every day, like a sewer rat, living a life of ease.

and the family members have since changed the course of their lives and become miserable.

when I think of the little blind man, "I gnash my teeth with hatred, and I want to draw my knife with anger."

but after entering middle age, when I returned home and saw the blind man's half-crazy appearance, I finally chose to sympathize with him and help him.

before leaving the village, he left a message to the Dwarf Tiger supermarket: "in the future, the blind man will let him eat whatever he wants in the store, and I will pay the bill."

Oscar Wilde once said:

"I have to forgive something for myself. For one cannot get up every night and plant thorns in the garden of the soul.


the heart is a limited container. If it can hold hatred, it cannot let go of love and warmth.

only by letting go of other people's mistakes can you free your heart.

Song Taizong once commented on Lu Mengzheng: "Lv Meng is good-natured, I am not as good as me."

he returned good for evil. After gaining fame, he served his father, who had driven him out of the house, until his old age.

he knows how to make good use of people and has been recommending Wen Zhongshu, an old classmate who spoke ill of him to the imperial court.

his broad magnanimity and broad mind made him famous all his life.

as the ancients said, "if you are not lenient, you cannot reply at the same time, and if you are not kind, you cannot cherish the public."

to tolerate the mistakes of others is also to make ends meet.

tolerate others

Li Si of the Qin Dynasty said in the Book of remonstrance and banishment:

"Mount Tai does not let the soil, so it can become large; rivers and seas do not choose small streams, so they can be deep."

Mount Tai does not give up any soil, so it can be so tall; rivers and seas do not reject any trickles, so it can be so deep and wide.

it is the same with people. Those who achieve great things should not only have their own ability, but also the wisdom and foresight not to abandon great beauty with minor evils.

once read such a story:

there is a young man from the Russian Research Institute who is very unsociable and has been in the company for more than ten years.I don't communicate with people and play with the computer all the time.

"the person in charge of the research went to see him, and he ignored people when he said hello. He is not good at dealing with people. We don't know what he does every day. "

the leaders did not give up on him because of his shortcomings, but cherished his technical excellence very much and set up a scientific research institute in Russia for him.

and when he questioned him in every way within the company, he tried his best to defend that talent didn't know until the critical moment.

then the company ran into trouble, and suddenly he contacted the leader to say that he had found a way to help the company solve the problem.

Shakespeare said: "tolerance is like a drizzle in the sky that moistens the earth." It blesses those who are tolerant and those who are forgiven. "

instead of magnifying other people's weaknesses, it is better to take others' strengths and tolerate others' weaknesses.

when you tolerate others with a generous heart, you can win more admiration and respect.

tolerance for differences

Zhou Guoping once said: "how a person treats people with different views can better reflect his pattern than what he holds."

people with a really big pattern can not only stick to their own ideas, but also accommodate the differences of others.

when Hu Shi went to Shanghai and stayed in the Yadong Library, his friends often patronized him.

every time two people meet, one is idealistic, the other is pragmatic.

he will blush every time, but "in a few days, friends will come again and start a new argument."

although they have different positions and different views, their personal friends are better than their relatives.

"although our two old friends are different in thought and career, they are still old friends. It is precisely because you and I always have a somewhat tolerant attitude of dissent behind our minds."

Xue Xuan said that only leniency can tolerate people, and only thickness can carry things.

when there is a disagreement, you should see its strengths, regardless of its weaknesses.

this is true of Cai Yuanpei, president of Peking University, to the scholar Gu Hongming.

many people who support new ideas find it difficult to accept the old-fashioned Gu Hongming.

they thought that people like him were not fit to stay in Peking University and called for his dismissal.

Cai Yuanpei strongly supports Gu Hongming: "Gu Tang in Xiamen is particularly eccentric by nature, but he has a good command of English."

in Cai Yuanpei's view, although Gu Hongming deviates from his own cultural point of view, Gu Hongming is knowledgeable and has a side worthy of appreciation.

when people live in the world, it is impossible for everyone to agree with you.

people with patterns can not only appreciate the flowers in the courtyard, but also cherish the weeds on the ground.

people's hearts are mutual. If you allow others a foot, they will respect you.

at a certain age, I feel more and more that if you have the ability, you can win for a while, but you can win for a lifetime if you are broad-minded.

when you can ride a boat, everyone you meet is your ferryman.

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