What kind of temper, what kind of life

What kind of temper, what kind of life
The greatest blessing in life is a good temper.

Hu Shi also said: "the most abominable thing in the world is an angry face; the dirtiest thing in the world is to show an angry face to others, which is more painful than beating and scolding."

it is better to be angry than to be angry. Stupid people will only be angry, smart people, but not angry.

in life, there are "anger" everywhere, such as resentment, anger, sulk, stinginess, frustration.

angry, hurt and sad, hurt others and hurt yourself, learn not to be angry, with ambition, harmony, talent, atmosphere, luck to dissolve these negative gas, life will suddenly be enlightened.

Don't be angry. The greatest blessing in life is a good temper.

leave your good temper to those who love you

when interviewing Zhou Guoping, Yang Lan asked: "Why do we all leave our good temper to outsiders and our bad temper to those we love most?"

Zhou Guoping, who has always been moderate, also said: "I often make this mistake."

Yes, one's biggest mistake is to give the worst temper and worst side to the one you love the most. Unfortunately, most people have made this mistake.

so Zhou Guoping said: "it is instinct to be critical of those close to you, but it is a kind of upbringing to overcome your instinct and not to lose your temper with those close to you."

after Shi Tiesheng's legs were paralyzed, his temper became irritable. He often went crazy and seemed to leave home. When he came back, he didn't say anything like he was possessed. He would suddenly smash things and beat his legs, shouting, "how can I live?"

he vented all his bad temper on his mother.

but no matter how much Shi Tiesheng broke his mother's heart, his mother would always grab his hand, hold back a cry and say, "We are together, live well."

once, her mother accidentally touched Shi Tiesheng's pain point. she went out sadly and quietly. Unexpectedly, as soon as she went out, it became a farewell forever.

when the neighbors carried her mother into the car, she was still spitting blood, and her last words before she died were: "my sick son and my underage daughter."

Shi Tiesheng has always felt guilty about his mother. He said:

"I really want to warn all the children not to lose their temper with their dearest. I already understand, but it's too late."

many people vent all the bad temper they have accumulated on their families, because family members are the safest, no matter how much grievances and injuries you give them, they will always forgive you, because they love you deeply.

"the tree wants to be quiet, but the wind does not stop, and the son wants to raise but not wait." Don't wait for your family to leave us before you wake up.

leave the best temper to those who are closest to you. Home is your ultimate destination, and your family is your everlasting support.

the more capable a person is, the less tempered he is.

du Yuesheng said:

"first-class people are capable and have no temper; average people are capable and have temper; inferior people are incompetent and have a big temper."

du Yuesheng jumped from a rural orphan to a big shot, based on his ability and lack of temper.

du Yuesheng treats people, regardless of inferiority, rich or poor, and has an excellent temper. His servant often said, "Mr. du is easy to serve. When we do something wrong, he also talks softly."

when du Yuesheng was down, he sold fruit and developed the ability to peel fruit. People call him "fruit Yuesheng".

after the rise, many people are particularly taboo to look back on the past, as soon as they mention it, they are angry.

but du Yuesheng is different. He is often asked to perform peeling fruit. He always smiles and peels good fruit to eat with everyone.

when du Yuesheng went out, he was always followed by a group of beggars, whistling and shouting "fruit Yuesheng, give me some money." du Yuesheng was not angry and ordered his men to give more.

du Yuesheng often said, "if others save money, I save friendship." money can be used up, and friendship can not be eaten up. He spent his life sparse wealth and almost bought the whole friendship of Shanghai Bund.

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for both celebrities and ordinary people, du Yuesheng said affectionately, "I know about you,"I'll take care of it for you," and "good-bye."

it is such a good temper that du Yuesheng is good at playing between black and white, and has a deep friendship with celebrities in business and cultural circles, and even the common people praise him.

some people commented on du Yuesheng: "in his whole life, he achieved six words: capable, no temper."

the more capable people are, the smaller their temper is and lose their temper, which is actually anger at their own incompetence. Anger hurts people, anger hurts people, anger hurts the future and destiny.

the one who really achieves great things has no temper, so he is tolerant of everything, has a magnanimous future and has a profound blessing.

Life is not meant to be angry

in the history of Zen, there was a famous Jinji Zen master who loved orchids very much and planted many valuable varieties. Apart from giving lectures on weekdays, he always took good care of orchids and loved them as much as life.

one day, Zen Master Jinji was going to travel around for a period of time. Before leaving, he told his disciples to take good care of the orchids in the temple.

who knows, a disciple accidentally tripped over the orchid stand while watering, the flowerpots were all broken and the orchids were scattered all over the ground.

the disciple was frightened and thought to himself, "how angry will Master be when she comes back to see her beloved orchid?"

the disciple knelt immediately after the return of Zen Master Jinji.Ask for punishment in front of master.

unexpectedly, Zen Master Jinji was not angry at all and gently comforted his disciples and said:

"I don't raise orchids to get angry. Everything in the world is changeable and fleeting. Everything in the world has its birth and death, and it will not last forever. Therefore, do not be affected by the gains and losses of external things, and feel at ease with fate, which is what a Zen person should have. "

the ancients called losing their temper "burning merit and merit". A burst of anger can burn up all blessings and virtues.

Life is here for joy and joy, not for anger and annoyance.

everyone has only a short life, so why not live happily and unrestrained?

when you are unhappy, laugh it off and live every day happily is the only purpose of life.

"Don't be angry" says well:

Life is like a play, we get together because we are predestined.

it is not easy to help each other to grow old, whether we should cherish it more.

lose your temper over trifles, look back and think about it.

I'm not angry when others are angry, and there's no one to replace me when I get sick.

if I am angry to death, and sad and laborious.

Don't compare your neighbors, relatives and friends, and let him do the trifles of his children and grandchildren.

endure hardships and enjoy happiness together, immortals envy good companions.