What is your best capital?

What is your best capital?
May you walk kindly, accumulate virtue, nourish happiness, and live a life of smooth wind and water.


what is our best capital in this life?

different people have different answers.

some people pursue supremacy, others pursue endless wealth.

but the prosperity of the world is like a dream, fame and fortune is like passing in the blink of an eye, instantly disillusioned.

pursue too much, it will only make people physically and mentally exhausted.

I have heard a sentence:

"people live not to achieve much, or to have much fame and wealth, but to have a sense of health, happiness and value."

your best capital may be hidden in this sentence.

where there is health, there is everything

if health is 1, then all other achievements are 0 after 1.

if 1 falls down, no matter how great the achievement is, it will be in vain.

Internet celebrity Tang Bian, 27, has millions of followers on a platform.

he often shares his daily life with his grandparents on the Internet, and the family is happy.

but on February 26th, Tang's friend confirmed the bad news that he had passed away.

it turns out that before Tang Blain got acute pancreatitis, he always had a high fever.

later, the illness became more and more serious, which led to heart damage. In the end, he was not rescued, and unfortunately passed away.

in fact, as early as in the video some time ago, he already had a serious fever, was listless, always rubbing his eyes, and looked very uncomfortable.

but he has to sort out the material and update the video every day, so he doesn't have time to pay attention to his body, and he thinks it's no big deal to have a fever.


can think of, in the face of illness, no matter how fresh life is vulnerable to a single blow.

Schopenhauer once said, "

with health, everything is a source of joy; without health, nothing is pleasant, even life will be overshadowed.

all the pursuits in life are to make life better.

having health does not mean having everything, but without health, everything is in vain.

see a problem on the Internet:

"when did you realize that good health is the most important thing?"

there is an answer that makes people break the defense in an instant:

"when I lose my hair because I stay up late;

when I am sick, it costs a lot of money;

when I'm not feeling well, even if the whole world gives it to me for nothing, I don't want it. "

only in the face of illness and death can people wake up:

Health is the greatest capital, everything else is floating clouds.

you can start all over again, but not health.

people's energy and physical strength are limited, and taking care of the body is the greatest investment in oneself and the best enrichment of life.

with a healthy body, there is a future that can withstand troubles.

A good state of mind determines the result

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it is said that physical and mental unity, physical health and optimistic state of mind, your life is destined to be more happy and complete.

whether life is good or bad depends on the state of mind you use to treat it.

if the mindset is different, the outcome will be different.

Xiao Li and Xiao Ma work in the same department and have similar abilities.

the difference is that Xiao Li is negative and loose and likes to cut corners in everything; the pony takes the initiative and has an open mind.

for example, dealing with the assignment of work by leaders:

for a job that is too simple, Xiao Li feels that the leader does not attach importance to himself, and that it is too difficult for the leader to embarrass himself.

the pony is different. He is enthusiastic about all kinds of work.

Last year, the company was badly run, and colleagues threatened that the department would be disbanded.

Xiao Li's state of mind suddenly broke down and did everything perfunctorily, while the pony remained intact and devoted to his work as always.

but laid off some employees, including Xiao Li, and the company also appointed pony to the new leadership.

things change with the heart, and the environment is created by the mind. it is often not the problem itself, but your own state of mind, that traps you.

people with a poor state of mind are stagnant, and people with a good state of mind win splendor.

only by adjusting a good state of mind can we not be hindered by appearances, give full play to our advantages, and let the problem be easily solved.

think of that classic saying:

"if the problem can be solved, why worry? What's the use of worrying if the problem can't be solved? "

Life is really hard. Since you can't change the status quo, you might as well put aside your troubles and enjoy a moment of peace.

Today's sunset is also tomorrow's sunrise. With a good state of mind, you have the ability to make life sweeter.

the heart is as wide as the sea, calm; if the heart is sunny, the flowers bloom one after another.

when people are kind, there is always a good reward.

if the unity of body and mind is the foundation of life, then kindness is the highest state of life.

as the saying goes, "shrewdness is not as good as kindness."

being kind is the hardest thing for a person.The card, but also the greatest face, it determines your superstructure.

before starting a business, an entrepreneur worked as a salesman in a small electrical appliance company.

at first he didn't go well and didn't get any better for a long time.

but then he found out that the price of his razor was much higher than that of other stores, which made him feel guilty.

after careful consideration, he decided to refund the difference to all customers.

this has led to a sharp rise in his business data, which has been rewarded by the company, and has laid a good foundation for starting a company in the future.

cleverness is a gift, which can be profitable in a short time, but not a long-term solution.

kindness is a choice that does not yield immediate results, but accumulates strength imperceptibly.

treat people sincerely, be honest and do your duty, regardless of temporary gains and losses, will win more support and opportunities for you to win a steady stream of good luck.

Thomas Jefferson said in a speech:

even if a person has no education and mediocre ability, as long as his character is noble, he will always have a certain influence, whether he is in the workshop, in the cashier, in the mall, or in officialdom.

being a man is actually very simple. You respect me by a foot, I respect you by a foot, and your heart changes my heart.

there will be as many people as you can respect, and as many people as you can achieve, how many people will help you succeed.

your sincerity and kindness to others will be realized by yourself in the end.

people do not deceive when they are kind to heaven, and they are rewarded with good deeds.

May you do good deeds, accumulate thick virtues, nourish thick blessings, and live a life of smooth wind and water.

likes a sentence very much:

"your health determines whether wealth is property or inheritance;

your mindset determines who is the mount and who is the jockey in life;

your character determines whether your partner is an opponent or a teammate.


Life is an arena, either to control fate or to be controlled by fate.

Health is more important than body, state of mind is more important than mood, kindness is more important than ability, making full use of one's own capital is the most important.

exercise well, the tree of life will be deeply rooted and you can ride the wind and waves.

put your mind in place, and your life situation will take a twist and turn, making you feel full of pride.

build a good character, more good luck will rush to you, to protect you!

encourage each other.