Wei God of Peking University was mocked by netizens that "no car, no house". An exposed payroll revealed the most ignorant scene of human nature.

Wei God of Peking University was mocked by netizens that "no car, no house". An exposed payroll revealed the most ignorant scene of human nature.
The life of reading is completely different from that of not reading.

not long ago, some netizens published a table of subsidized wages for faculty and staff of Peking University.

the subsidies are all for people without houses, among which Wei Dongyi is impressively listed.

did not think of a mediocre message but triggered a huge public opinion crusade, Wei Dongyi was once again on the "tip of the wind".

Wei Dongyi was revered as "Wei God" as early as a year ago.

he is plain-looking and plainly dressed, carrying a bag of steamed bread and a large bottle of mineral water torn off the package.

when facing the camera, Wei Shen is a little nervous and vague, and it is difficult to remind people of his brilliant resume.

in fact, he is a veritable "floor-sweeping monk" of Peking University:

see you off to Peking University in high school, stay in school as an assistant professor, and become a postdoctoral fellow at the Beijing International Mathematical Research Center.

after Wei Shen was exposed, the Internet was full of praise and admiration, crowned in the name of genius.

but now when netizens find out that he has no car or house, the group has defected without warning.

"God is sealed, and I can't afford a car or a house, so I ask you if it's funny."

"I thought he earned a few million a year, but he turned out to be just a wage earner, boring."

"what's the use of reading so many books?"

every sentence is sharp, harsh and chilling, and thinking carefully about the ignorance behind these public opinions is even more like an awn on the back.

Why are there still people talking about "reading is useless"?

is money the only measure of a person's worth?

it's not that Wei Shen can't afford to buy a garage, but that material things are nothing but external things to him. His value is reflected in his pure scholar and his persistence in his love of his career.

for people who only focus on basic desires, Wei God can not meet their expectations but can only be pulled down the altar.

but wealth, fame and wealth is uncertain, only the filling of the soul is eternal, people trapped in the mud, still need to look up at the starry sky.

Reading is more important than making money.

under Wei Shen's related comments, some people are still asking, "what's the use of learning mathematics"?

whenever I see these questions, my uncle always has an idea that I can't talk to summer worms. If they don't read books, how can they find answers in books?

Keigo Higano's masterpiece "the dedication of suspect X" has a plot that answers this question very well.



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teacher Shi Shen announced the news of the make-up exam in the class, which immediately caused a lot of complaints, and he didn't care about it.

but student Morioka questioned this:

"teacher, some people don't take math exams in the universities they want to apply for, so they don't have to ask for math grades, right?"

Shi asked, "Morioka, are you going to apply for a university like that?"

"I don't want to go to college yet. When I'm in the third grade and say I don't take math as an elective, I don't care about math grades. It's hard for teachers to deal with idiots like us, so we might as well give it up. "

"if you think I work hard, I will try to pass the make-up exam this time. The content of the exam is only calculus, which is very simple."

Morioka became even more indignant after hearing this, showing great disdain. In his opinion, learning calculus is a waste of time.

when Shi Shen saw this, he could only use Mori Gang's favorite motorcycle race as an example.

"Racing drivers cannot drive at a fixed speed. Not only to match the terrain and wind direction, but also to constantly change the speed according to the tactics. Where to slow down, where to accelerate, the outcome depends on the judgment of this moment. "

Morioka disagrees. "what does this have to do with mathematics?"

"the change of acceleration is the change of differential and integral. In order to win, how to allocate the differential of speed has become a crucial factor. It is the use of calculus by the experts who assist in the competition to let the player win."

in that case, as long as the expert knows mathematics, isn't it all right?

but who can guarantee that you will not be such a person in the future?

Mathematics is only a small entrance to the world. Whether you choose to enter or not depends on your personal choice, but if you don't even know where the entrance is, you are not qualified to judge others.

Reading changes destiny by changing our perceptions and choices.

No writer is not a loyal reader. if he does not go to see the vast world in the book, he will not talk about his dreams and write many soul-stirring songs.

Sanmao wrote about the influence of reading on himself in "not knowing who he is in a Dream":

if you read more, your appearance will change naturally. Many times, I may think that many of the books I have read have become fleeting and can no longer be remembered, but in fact they are still potential.

in temperament, in speech, in the boundlessness of mind. Of course, it can also be revealed in life and words.

the life of reading is completely different from that of not reading.

think of a sentence that Mo Yan once said:

"Why study hard? Why read more? Just for the sake of not wanting to do nothing in the future.Round and round, do not want to erase hope in the calculation of firewood, rice, oil and salt.

and reading is a shortcut to help us realize our value. "

put aside the material "kidnapping", reading is the best way to change yourself.

Reading is not only to improve our spiritual level, but also to open up our cognition and enrich our increasingly exhausted soul.

We are far away from the world, but books can constantly narrow this distance, eliminate countless barriers, and make life brighter and more meaningful.

"the old home in the world for hundreds of years is nothing more than accumulating virtue, and the first good thing in the world is still reading."

Reading, changing your destiny; reading is the only chance you can keep to surpass yourself.

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