Wang Ziwen's new melon is a little big this time! Netizen: sure enough, warm men are all fake!

Wang Ziwen's new melon is a little big this time! Netizen: sure enough, warm men are all fake!
You don't have to give in, and you don't have to cater to it deliberately. Just relax and be yourself.

are Wang Ziwen and Wu Yongen going to be?

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# Prince Wen Wu Yongen Cold War #

attracted many netizens to watch.

A single "eating" session makes people feel full of suffocation.

Wang Ziwen can't cook, but when Wu Yongen said she was hungry, she chose to cook for love and planned to make a sugar tomato for her boyfriend.

who wants to, a casual word, instantly ignited Wu Yong en.

he showed displeasure on his face, and then output: "Don't say whether it's good or not, you say it to me as if you are serving (me)."

seems to be quite reasonable, one person cooks and two people eat, "give" is really a little rusty.

at this time, Wang Ziwen sensed that the atmosphere was wrong, and although he muttered "is this word so important", he changed the subject.

later, Wang Ziwen is going to eat better and want to stir-fry an extra dish of fried meat with onions.

but what about Wu Yong-en?

did not take into account Wang Ziwen's mood at all, just worried about the shortage of follow-up supplies, saying that onions and eggs would be fine for a while.

the communication was not pleasant twice, so Wang Ziwen simply took off his headset, ran to sit outside the bedroom alone, and chose to digest it silently.

it's normal for couples to have differences, but the next picture is really hard to understand.

the two people who can communicate effectively directly intensify the contradiction to the climax.

Wu Yong-en ran out and asked her if she wanted to take the wheat with her, but Wang Ziwen was in a bad mood and refused.

Wu Yong-en saw this and went straight into the house without saying a word, with extreme indifference, where facial expression management failed.

you think this is the ultimate suffocation?

program has refreshed everyone's impression of cp.

when choosing the necessary items, Wang Ziwen wanted to bring a hairdryer in case of a cold, but Wu said it would be fine to wipe it with a towel.

Wang Ziwen wants to fight for more water from the program group, but Wu Yongen insists that he only needs 12 bottles of water without consulting her.

(for water demand, refer to Joey Yung next door, who needs eight bottles of water to wash! )

Wang Ziwen communicated with him privately, and the other side not only did not bow his head, but also teased her, "will you die here?"

Wang Ziwen made a braised pork with childhood flavor at the request of the program group. When she excitedly listed the ingredients she needed, Wu Yung-en directly poured cold water on: we are not in a Michelin restaurant!

the implication is that what you think is simply impractical!

it turns out that love and dislove are really clear.

does not rule out the suspicion of hype in the program group, but the reason why the audience has such a big reaction is because they used to be so sweet!

falling in love with a boyfriend is the craziest thing Wang Ziwen has ever done in his life.

program, when two dates failed, the slow-hot Wang Ziwen was disappointed to find that love at first sight did not appear on him.

until the appearance of Wu Yong-en, the third date.

according to the arrangement of the program group, the two sat back to back when they first met.

period, Wang Ziwen looked back at each other many times.

the moment she saw Wu Yong-en's real life, she was as happy as a child, curious, shy and surprised.

later on a date, Wang Ziwen took the initiative to ask Wu Yong-en, "do you know there is a Chinese saying called love at first sight?"

it is not difficult to see that Wang Ziwen is really attracted to Wu Yung-en.

when Wang Ziwen worked until the wee hours of the morning, Wu Yong-en was secretly waiting for her to get off work downstairs.

when Prince Wen was so tired that he was sleepy, Wu Yung-en took the initiative to hand over his shoulder and hugged her steadily.

the two went side by side, and Wu Yong-en blamed Wang Zi-wen for "why not hold the arm". Who can bear this?

Wang mainland "sows discord". What if he encounters something more beautiful than Wang Zi-wen? Wu Yung-en doesn't take the bait at all: "impossible!"

Wang Ziwen had altitude sickness when he climbed the snow-capped mountain. Wu Yung-en walked slowly with her and carved his concern in the details.

the sweet smell around the two of them almost spills over the screen.

before "palpitating again", almost everyone thought that Wang Ziwen was single.

when she inadvertently revealed that she had a 7-year-old son, not only the audience smacked their tongues, but Wang Lin's eyes widened.

after all, in the secular view, it is rebellious for women to have children out of wedlock, not to mention that Wang Ziwen is a public figure.

Wang Ziwen naturally knew how the revelation would affect her, so she chose to be honest.

Wu Yong-en froze when he heard this, and got up and went to the bathroom.

the audience thought the two were dead, but Wu Yong-en gave her a big hug when he came back. This is love with all his heart.

Wu Yong-en's thoughtfulness and meticulous consideration made Wang Ziwen feel that he was sent by God to save himself.

program, the two quickly declared their love affair.

apart from the effect of the program, it is easier for two people to fall in love in private.

others bask in 520 flowers, bags and diamond rings, while Wang Ziwen shines in the air

(the same photo pose is not arranged quickly)


I was met by a netizen on a date and didn't want to let go of each other's hand for a moment.

the sweetness exceeds the standard, and many netizens can't stop banging.!

it was only a year after the official declared that they were in love, and the two openly "turned their faces" on the program. No wonder netizens said: we have all been deceived!

is it the program effect or the real relationship between Wang Ziwen and Wu Yong-en?

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before coming to a conclusion, take a look at another couple who have come out of the love ensemble-Laura and Wang Nengneng.

for friends who have seen "half-familiar lovers", there should be no one who does not take the "Barala energy".

Laura accidentally fell because of her slippery shoes. Wang Neng gave her the soles of her shoes without saying a word.

the sincerity and meticulous of the straight ball boy really hit the heart.

Laura lamented that there was less and less time, and Wang Neng spoiled him as a "fool".

this is going to get into it, family!

No time, no place, sweet kisses are performed.

kiss on the show;

skiing needs kissing;

you also have to kiss when you broadcast live in private.

the kissing demon is talking about them!

30 + can also be sweeter than the first love, and many netizens are sweetly dizzy by Lola and Wang Neng!

but not long ago, some netizens found that there seemed to be something wrong with them.

in the Variety "the Little thing of Love", Laura tentatively asked Wang Neng, "do you think we will get married?"

Wang Neng did not answer directly, but rather hesitated: "our relationship is much more than a certificate."

even though Laura has hinted that a relationship will eventually get married or marry, Wang Neng still doesn't answer the question, even saying, "if we are not lovers, we are also very good friends."

in the end, Laura scratched a teardrop from the corner of her eye, which directly let the majority of netizens break through the defense.

"I'm planning for the future, and you want to leave."

"if the answer is not the question, it is the answer."

"that tear is too much disappointment."

there are also people who pull up Prince Wen Wu Yong en and predict that they will soon be.

in the midst of public opinion, Wang Nengneng had to respond, saying that he had just passed Qixi Festival with Laura and generously confessed that "it is difficult to meet such a suitable person at this age."

this move can be regarded as a reassurance to cp fans, and the banner of "Barala energy" remains standing.

Let's take a look at Wang Zi-wen and Wu Yung-en. In fact, they also sprinkled a lot of dog food in the Mu Yeh Family, but the audience paid more attention to the dispute and enlarged it.

how familiar can couples be? If Wang Ziwen smells the clothes, he can be sure that Wu Yong-en has worn them.