To really mature is to be your own ferryman.

To really mature is to be your own ferryman.
In the second half of your life, may you live in the sun without fear of hardship.

in the movie Thousand thousand fathom, there is a passage:

"there is still a long, long way to go. You have to walk alone, you have to do it on your own, on your own ability, not on anyone else. "

there are some unspeakable grief that can only be resolved by one person.

some nights when I cry bitterly, I can only endure it slowly by myself.

the antidote to life lies not in others, but in yourself.

Adult world, each has its own sufferings

see this sentence on the Internet:

"everyone is not easy, so everyone must be careful. Because if you are not careful, life will bury a hole under your feet and break you to pieces. "

it is true that adults bear too much on their backs.

they work hard carefully, but life has never given them a trace of tolerance.

A young man named listener told his story on the Internet, which made people cry.

he has been running errands for five years and his skin is tanned like an African.

but he dared not stop, even for a second.

because the mortgage will be repaid next month, and the child's tuition will be paid.

parents also have to pay for their living expenses.

colleagues and friends are getting married, and their money can't be left behind.

he can't afford to have a rest.

even if you work until ten o'clock in the evening, you can only earn 70 or 80 yuan more, but at least you can earn a little more.

the sadness of adults is that they gain little even if they try their best.

the actor of the TV series "unnatural death", Sano, works in a cake shop.

this cake shop, with a TV program, has become an online celebrity shop, so it is full of shops.

Sano is an ordinary employee, so he has to work overtime for more than five hours a day to complete a large number of orders.

once, after the night shift, he heard the director ask the factory director to deliver the cake.

in a moment of kindness, Sano went to run errands in place of the factory director.

however, when he returned to the store after delivery, he was accused by the president that his delivery was too slow.

Sano rode home with a tired body and a belly full of grievances.

back home, hearing his wife's condolences, Sano didn't have the heart to let her worry, so he had to lie about being careless.

there is a saying on the Internet:

"Adult loneliness has nowhere to be placed, adult mood is silent mode, adult life is a chicken feather."

for this reason, growth brings too much helplessness and bitterness to adults.

there is no adult who is not aggrieved and patient at the same time.

hardship has long become the norm of adult life.

everyone is busy non-stop, everyone has a hysterical breakdown.

you don't have to complain to everyone, because no one will understand

I have heard a sentence:

"the silence of adults is not because they are pretentious and do not want to say it, but because no one can understand it."

that's true. I've never felt the same thing in this world.

only you know how painful the scar on a person's body is.

book friend Xiaowen is a housewife who usually takes care of her children at home.

some time ago, she confided her grievances to me.

when she got up early one day, Xiaowen found that she had a low fever, and her husband had gone to work, so she had to hold on and take care of the children alone.

but when boiling water, I was so dizzy that if I didn't pay attention to it, I touched the vent of the kettle and suddenly the back of my hand turned red.

she hurried to flush the cold water, but the cold water splashed on her hand like hot oil and hurt like a needle.

it happened that at this time, the child began to cry, and she could not take care of her own hands, so she had to coax the baby first.

after feeding the baby with milk and putting the child to sleep, she took antipyretic medicine.

but as soon as he was about to lie down and rest, the child began to cry again.

at the end of the day, there is no time to rest.

by the time her husband came back from work, Xiaowen had changed from a low fever to a high fever, and there was a big blister on the back of his hand.

Xiaowen said in moments: "it's tiring to take care of the children at home alone."

she thought she would get some comfort.

but who ever thought, her best friend commented to her: "what is this? I work overtime and get one o'clock in the morning at the earliest." You are a little tired, compared with me, it is nothing. "

there are even some people who don't hurt to stand up and talk, saying, "how hard can it be to do housework at home, if it's not cold in winter or in summer?"

Xiaowen suddenly realized that in this world, you are the only one who can understand you.

the pain is not on others, and they will never know what it's like to have a pinned heart.

instead of complaining, we should strengthen ourselves slowly.

the antidote to life can only be taken internally

Dong Qing once said:

"I'm going through the hardest robbery of my life. To cross over is to be reborn. If you can't get there, you deserve it. I know very wellOh, this robbery, only you can help yourself. It is difficult for others to understand the joys and sorrows. "

this is true. There are many things you have experienced that others have never been able to help.

the world is really bitter, and we can only cross it by ourselves.

Zhang Songwen impromptu a video call between Beijing drifters and his family when he failed an audition at the invitation of Zhang Ziyi.

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many of the audience seemed to see themselves in Zhang Songwen's performance and could not help but burst into tears.

words of praise on the barrage, sentence after sentence:

"tearful eyes!"

"it has to be an old drama bone."

"that's acting!"

but behind the glory, Zhang Songwen has a poignant process that no one knows about.

Zhang Songwen was rejected because of his unhandsome appearance, which led to the lack of interest for a long time.

he has run 700 or 800 troupes in three years, but only a handful of them have been affirmed.

in those days, even filming became an extravagant hope.

even though he was frustrated step by step, Zhang Songwen continued to cheer himself up and said to himself, "it will be fine tomorrow."

for this "tomorrow," Zhang Songwen waited for 20 years before he got the role of Zhu Chaoyang's father in the TV series "the Hidden Corner."

like Zhang Songwen himself, posted on Weibo: "the world of adults is not so hypocritical." If you collapse a hundred times, you should have a hundred times of self-healing. "

everyone has experienced the unknown hard work, but not everyone can break through the darkness.

those who are willing to pass the time are those who yearn for self-passage.

in the movie Shawshank's Redemption, there is a line: "everyone is their own God, if you give up yourself, then who will save you?"

this is true. No matter how difficult the days are, you should always have hope and confidence.

always believe that no matter how dark the day is, it will eventually break;

No matter how confused the years are, there is also a day to break through the fog.

Life is a bowl of soup with mixed flavors, sweet and bitter taste, joys and sorrows.

there is no one who can help. All you can rely on is yourself.

once you get over it, you can take control of your life. If you can't get through, you can only be content with your fate.

people have to fulfill themselves in this life, because only themselves are the ferrymen of life.

see this sentence on the Internet:

"after tasting the ups and downs of life, I understand that you have to rely on yourself for everything."

indeed, rely on the mountains to fall, rely on everyone to run.

in this world, the only one you can rely on is yourself.

the antidote to life can not be given or bought by others, but can only be taken internally.

after staying up through those long nights and looking down on all the misfortunes you have experienced, the years must give you a dazzling future.

all the way bumpy, stumble all the way, and constantly struggle, keep getting up, in order to gain a better self.

May you live in the sun without fear of hardship in the second half of your life.