Three signs that a person's pattern is getting bigger and bigger

Three signs that a person's pattern is getting bigger and bigger
For those who achieve great things, the first priority is the pattern.



some people say: "pattern determines fate."


because the larger the pattern of a person, the wider his horizons and his mind.

if you have a broad vision, it is not easy to be blinded by trifles; if you are broad-minded, you can tolerate bad things.

Duke Huan of Qi was broad-minded and appointed Guan Zhong, who had assassinated himself, and finally became a hegemonic career.

the larger the pattern of a person, the more obvious the following three characteristics.

speak slowly

as the ancients said, "when the water is deep, it flows slowly, but if you speak late, you will be expensive."

impetuous people always have a faster mouth than their brains.

when they blurt out words and hurt others, they suddenly realize that they should shut up.

as the saying goes, "disaster comes out of the mouth."

A person can easily cause trouble for himself if he can't control his impulse to speak.

Yang Xiu guessed from Cao Cao's password "chicken ribs" that Cao Cao was going to withdraw his troops, so he told everyone.

as a result, Cao Cao beheaded Yang Xiu on the grounds that Yang Xiu "made words to upset the morale of the army."

only by speaking late and thinking twice can one avoid calamity and win the respect of all.

some people immediately deny it as soon as they hear that other people's views are different from their own.

however, when others have finished their views, they find that other people's views are completely reasonable.

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they are too impatient to deny, as a result, they appear shallow and ignorant.

the larger the pattern of a person, the slower he or she will speak.

because they know that things are numerous and complicated, and only by waiting and seeing the whole picture can they make a correct judgment.

sexual softness

Laozi said, "it is as good as water." Water is good and beneficial to all things without dispute, and it is the evil of all people, so it is better than Tao. "

that is to say: the highest goodness is like water. Water is good at bringing benefits to all things, but it does not dispute.

is in a place that people hate, so it is closer to the Tao.

if a person relies on his strength to bully others, then, even if he can succeed for a while, he will leave a disaster for himself.

as the saying goes, "Thirty years east of the river, thirty years west of the river."

when a person is in a dilapidated state, he is embarrassed, often because he is domineering and does not leave room for others in good times.

Sun Tzu's Art of War says, "encircling a division will be que."

this "que" is soft.

when besieging the enemy, we should not press the enemy step by step, leaving him no way to live.

only by leaving the other side alive and letting the other side see the hope of survival, can we disintegrate the fighting spirit of the other side and achieve the final victory.

the tongue is soft, the teeth are hard, the teeth are gone, but the tongue is still there.

if you are too tough, you can only be brave for a while; only when you know how to be weak can you last for a long time.

de Hou

some people say, "A small victory depends on wisdom, and a great victory depends on virtue."

some people think they are smart, so they wantonly exploit loopholes to grab profits.

when they succeed, they are complacent and even secretly laugh at the stupidity of others.

the greatest stupidity of a person is to be smart.

others may be silent not because they are not aware of it, but because they are embarrassed to expose it.

if you treat others as fools again and again, you will only end up desperate.

"if you are greedy for the benefits of the world, you will suffer from the way of heaven."

everything in this world is priced secretly.

if unscrupulous "greed for no reason", then, in the end, I am afraid it will have to be repaid a hundredfold.

people who really have a big pattern know the law of the operation of the Tao of heaven, so they are in awe.

they know that Houde is not only carrying things, but must be carried by themselves in the end.

Zeng Guofan said: "for those who achieve great things, the most important thing is the pattern."

if a person is too shrewd in trivial matters and only stares at the "one mu and three parts of land" in front of him, then it is bound to be difficult to achieve great things.

only when we look away from the "one mu and three points of land" and do not set limits on ourselves, can we see the wider world and make our lives more possible.

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