Those who know you are worthy of the rest of your life.

Those who know you are worthy of the rest of your life.
The greatest happiness in life is to meet someone who understands you.

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all actions are caused by karma and harmony. When the karma arises, there is no predestination, but this is the case.

people and people from know each other to keep each other, is a "fate" word.

if you live in this world, live for those who know you love you, and don't lose your happiness to those who don't understand you.

take a walk among the people who know you, feel at ease and feel at ease.

understand you, there is no need to explain

I don't understand you, why explain

those who are out of touch with you are not destined to be the same person. Love is useless, seek useless, hate useless!

if you miss it, no matter how much you talk to him, it will be nonsense; if you are predestined, your presence will awaken all his feelings.

fate can not be forced, life can not make do with it. If you understand you, you don't need to explain; if you don't understand you, you don't need to explain.

there is such a fable.

once upon a time there was a Loach that poked its head out of the mud and wanted to swim in the clear water.

the carps were playing in the clear water and saw this little Loach. One of the carps said:

"you ugly fellow, you keep yourself in the mud all day, smelly and dirty, which is a disgrace to our fish."

Little Loach was about to answer when another carp said:

"what kind of fish is it? it lives in the dark mud all day, eating and drinking mud, more like a bedbug!"

Little Loach came home depressed and told his mother what the little carp had said during the day.

Mother said affectionately:

"how do other people's words make you so angry?

the fish who laugh at you can only live in the water, not breathe in the mud, but you can live freely in the water and in the mud.

Why should they be angry when they don't understand your life? "

once in life, once in life.

those who can know me say that I am worried; those who do not know me say what I want.

Why bother to care too much about other people's comments and don't live in other people's eyes.

be yourself, everything goes with fate, any kind of relationship, people who understand and believe in you don't need to say much, otherwise it's useless to explain.

Life is short

take a walk among people who know you

as the old saying goes, "all dharma are born, all are fate."

on the way of life, it is doomed who you meet and who you say goodbye to.

it is not that you are obsessed with it that you can change it, and that it is not that you entanglement will have results.

fate, do not push, do not seek; come, cherish, go, let go.

the rest of my life is not long, take a walk among the people who know you, go with fate, let nature take its course.

I still remember that in my hometown, the precious friendship between Lu Xun and Lean Tu when he was a teenager moved many people.

they had the best childhood together and thought such a friendship would last a lifetime.

Twenty years later, Lu Xun returned to his native land, looking forward to reliving the beauty of his childhood with the leap soil.

but when he saw Lu Xun for the first time, he shouted "my lord". This sentence made Lu Xun deeply understand that he and Runtu could no longer return to the beauty of the past.

the trajectory of their growth has undergone earth-shaking changes with the changes of time.

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each other has not been integrated into each other's lives, parted ways, and will never go back to the beginning.

in any relationship, only by being with someone who understands you can the relationship go further.

it is not only friendship, but also love.

Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu are such a couple. They fall in love at first sight, understand each other, appreciate each other, and have experienced ups and downs for decades.

Yang Jiang once wrote a letter to Qian Zhongshu, with only one word "pussy".

others think that Qian Zhongshu will ponder it for a long time before he can understand the meaning.

but Qian Zhongshu immediately replied to a letter "you", which moved Yang Jiang to tears.

it turns out that "pussy" means to ask Qian Zhongshu how many people he has in mind.

Qian Zhongshu replied to "you", which means that Yang Jiang is the only one in her heart.

although there is only one word, it is the most moving love letter.

Yang Jiang is the one who knows Qian Zhongshu best, and Qian Zhongshu also knows Yang Jiang best.

their understanding is the warmth of one porridge and one rice, and it is a relatively silent understanding.

those who understand you understand the hardship behind your success and the unyielding behind your strength.

those who understand you may not be around, but they must be in their hearts and in their lives.

those who love you may not understand you, but those who understand you will love you. Life is so short, take a walk among the people who know you.

people who understand you

is worthy of the rest of your life

Zhang ailing said, "because you have loved, you are compassionate; because you understand, you are tolerant."

in the vast crowd of people in the world, it is hard to find someone who understands you in your life. It is your own fate and blessing.

A couple has been married for 20 years, but there has never been a conflict. Some people ask how on earth they keep their love fresh.

the wife replied that her husband would pick her up from work every night. When she got downstairs, she went upstairs to cook.

husband is in the carListen to some music or have a rest.

when her meal is ready, her husband comes back just in time for dinner. After dinner, the husband volunteered to wash the dishes in the kitchen.

when the two are finished, they will go downstairs for a walk arm in arm.

the wife always gives her husband some freedom to relax, rest, or calm down.

this is probably the best tacit understanding in the world. You know my hard work, and I understand that it is not easy for you.

the famous female writer Sanmao once wrote in the Story of the Sahara:

not long after she met Sanmao, Jose asked her what kind of person she wanted to marry.

Sanmao said: "as long as it pleases the eye, no matter it is a multimillionaire or a billionaire!"

Jose replied, "doesn't that mean you want to marry a rich man?"

Sanmao shook his head: "there are special cases, if it is you, as long as you have enough money to eat."

when they finished laughing and making fun of each other, each other understood that this was the tacit understanding of each other.

the heart is like a lock, there is always a key that matches it. A word "I understand you" is worth a thousand words.

A bosom friend drinks wine, sings poems to the society, and knows all over the world. How many people can be bosom friends?

leaves understand the hard work of trees, so they are willing to fall; clouds understand the tolerance of heaven, so they walk around, because they understand each other, so they are silent and feel beautiful.

, life is very short, such as fleeting, find someone who understands you to spend the rest of your life, with him, this life is complete.