This is the only kind of man who will not betray his marriage.

This is the only kind of man who will not betray his marriage.
For the rest of my life, Fengxue is you, insipid is you, poor is you.

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see an interesting experiment on the Internet:

A beautiful woman, listening to music in the subway with headphones, intentionally shares a headset with the men around her.

but there was a boy who looked stunned when a beautiful woman put headphones on his ear. a few seconds later, he took off his headphones and gave them back to the girl and said, "I have a girlfriend, not so good."

and the most noteworthy thing is that his girlfriend was not there at that time.

in this ambiguous era, temptation is everywhere. I am used to the betrayal in my feelings, and then I am amazed to see the boy who chose to refuse.

I have to say that in a relationship, there are always people who are distracted, but there are also people who are loyal and firm.

in fact, the same is true in marriage.

those men who are loyal to their marriage do not have the opportunity to betray, but because they have a loved one in their heart, they have a ruler in their heart, get along well with each other, and do things wisely.

Zhang ailing said:

"Love is like picking up shells on the beach.

Don't pick the biggest or the most beautiful, pick what you like if you want.

indeed, if you choose, you will not regret it, and you will no longer yearn for the beach or covet other shells. You are the only one in this life.

A man who really loves you deeply, once he chooses one, he will love for the rest of his life, and he is willing to keep the bottom line for you in this life.

he will never give up, do his best, with a sincere heart, in an insipid marriage, give you the best and only love.

not long ago, I was impressed by the news that Wu Jing twice refused and avoided holding hands with the female guests.

at the Beijing International Film Festival, a female guest reached out and took Wu Jing's arm. Wu Jing withdrew her arm and refused to make contact.

however, after a while, the female guest tried to take Wu Jing's arm again. This time, Wu Jing not only withdrew her arm, but also waved her hand to signal that the female guest could not.

Wu Jing's move has been mixed on the Internet. Some people say he is not a gentleman, but more people say he is a model of male morality.

in fact, putting aside public opinion, I think feelings, like being a person, need principles and bottom lines.

in a marriage, they are not afraid of having the opposite sex, but they are afraid of losing their bottom line in the name of colleagues and good friends, unable to resist the temptation brought by ambiguity, and lust for the freshness and excitement brought by other women.

and the man who has a loved one in his heart, keeps awake as he should have, sticks to the bottom line, and won't say things he shouldn't say or do things he shouldn't do with other members of the opposite sex.

in their marriage, they may not talk about love, but they may have unlimited love; they may have endless words, but endless meaning.

when you are faced with difficulties, he will stand beside you silently to protect you from the wind and rain.

when you run around for a day after work, there is always a warm light in the room waiting for you to go home.

when you are tired and face the trivialities at home, there is always a "tired, take a rest, I will".

Love is that once you fall in love with you, no matter passionate or insipid, it can only be you.

because with you in my heart, there is no room for others, because if I fall in love with you, others will make do with you.

Ren Jiangshan thousands of scenery, she is beautiful, she is beautiful, I love you alone.

if you ask me, what kind of man is a man who will not betray his marriage?

then I will answer you that the man who will not betray his marriage is the man who loves him in his heart.

because he is beloved, he is reluctant to give up his lover's worry;

because I love you, I would like to have one heart, and my white head will not be separated.

because of my beloved, it is my principle to love and protect you.

once saw a sentence:

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"I have a true love in my heart, and I regret to meet any beautiful scenery. Why are you not around? in fact, you are always on the tip of my heart at the ends of the earth."

it is true.

the man who loves you, no matter where he is, even if there are three thousand weak water, I will only take one ladle to drink.

the man who loves you, whenever there are three thousand prosperous, I only drink all the joys and sorrows for one person.

to use a lyric, that is:

for the rest of my life, Fengxue is you, insipid is you, poor is you,

the glory is you, the tenderness at the bottom of the heart is you, and the eyes are also caused by you.

finally, I wish you in front of the screen, can find a beloved in your heart, this life will give you a city of joy, long songs warm floating life.

, good night.