There are six signs in your body, which means you should have a rest!

There are six signs in your body, which means you should have a rest!
The smarter a man is, the more he knows how to rest.

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aesthetician Zhu Guangqian said, "the smarter you are, the more you know how to rest."

because people who do not know how to rest always have to take the time to see a doctor, or even pay a more painful price.

only when you relax one by one, combine work and rest, and take good care of your body, can you have the capital and strength to struggle.

when your body shows these 6 signs, you must be vigilant, which means it's time for you to rest!

things are always boring and in low spirits

as the saying goes, "know the leopard at a glance, know the autumn with a leaf falling."

sometimes seemingly inconspicuous details reflect the most real state of the body.

because the human body is extremely delicate, every time you feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable, you are reminding you to pay attention to your health.

many people always ignore it selectively, thinking that physical weakness, lack of energy, and so on, are trivial.

in fact, if you feel powerless for a long time and sigh all day, it means that your body is overdrawn and your mood is depleted.

if you still drag yourself and force yourself forward, you will be forced to stop by illness sooner or later.

everyone is mortal, not a perpetual motion machine, so we must pay more attention to their physical and mental state.

rest when it is time to rest, and adjust when it is time to adjust, so that you will have the motivation to run continuously and the strength to live a happy life.

lack of attention, memory deterioration

"Don't you see? sadly, white hair is seen in the high hall mirror, as black as green hair in the morning and as white as snow in the evening."

time goes on and on, and age grows year after year.

some people will find that they become inattentive, have a poor memory, and are slow to respond.

this is not only a normal physiological phenomenon of physical function degradation, but also a major manifestation of sub-health.

Daily life stress is too great, sleep time is insufficient, neurasthenia, will have an impact.

coupled with long-term excessive use of the brain, excessive nervous tension in the brain, it will also have negative effects.

so we should adhere to exercise, regular work and rest, to delay aging and stay young.

more importantly, you should be good at rest, relax, reduce stress, and relieve nerves.

not feeling well and looking haggard

in Su Q, it is said: "when the Yangming pulse declines, the face begins to scorch and begin to fall."

A person is often unwell and haggard, which may be due to the pressure of work, discomfort in life and physical exhaustion.

there are also reasons such as poor nutritional status.

if you don't pay attention to it, the body will have problems, and the function of the viscera will decline accordingly.

therefore, it is necessary to take early prevention and recuperation.

emotionally sensitive and moody

traditional Chinese medicine thinks: "anger hurts the liver, likes to be sad, thinks about hurting the spleen, worries about the lungs, and fears the kidney."

Bad mood and bad mood can be said to be the biggest killer of health.

if you are emotionally sensitive and moody, your body will inevitably go downhill.

just like Daiyu in A Dream of Red Mansions, although she is full of talent, she has a bad fate.

unwittingly, the body is in an unstable state for a long time, and the internal organs will be damaged.

Life is only a few decades, learning to calm down and rest and stabilize a good mood is the best kind treatment to the body.

difficulty falling asleep at night, insomnia and dreaminess

there is a saying in Huangdi Nei Jing: "work at sunrise and rest at sunset."

sleeping hard is the most important thing in our lives.

adequate sleep and high sleep quality is the best cure for the body.

on the contrary, because of stress, or stay up late, cause sleeplessness and dreaminess at night.

in the long run, it will lead to metabolic disorders and depression.

like Kaifu Lee, a former vice president of Google, he stayed up too late and was so stressed that he couldn't sleep.

and long-term irregular sleep made him suffer from lymphoma at a young age.

when fighting cancer, he also said: "the first promise and change I give to my body is to have a good sleep."

so, when you have trouble falling asleep at night, insomnia and dreaminess, be sure to stop and have a rest.

Control the pace of life and improve your sleep quotient in order to gain good health and live every day.

often catch cold and have low immunity

as the saying goes, "minor ailments continue, but serious ones do not occur."

many people think that if they often suffer from minor ailments, such as a cold and fever, they are not prone to serious illness.

but in fact, this may produce corresponding antibodies, but it does not prevent and inhibit other diseases.

moreover, if you often catch a cold and have a fever, it is accompanied by symptoms of fatigue and weakness.

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on the one hand, it is because of weak physique and low basic immunity.

on the other hand, it may be due to daily overwork, malnutrition and mental stress.

if this happens, we should not only improve our immunity through exercise and a balanced diet;

We should also have a timely rest, adjust our physical state, relieve mental stress, avoid overwork, and keep a happy mood.

in this way, we can improve and prevent further deterioration of the body.


by: Confucian

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