The worst model couple in the entertainment industry: wearing second-hand wedding dresses, three weddings and two miscarriages.

The worst model couple in the entertainment industry: wearing second-hand wedding dresses, three weddings and two miscarriages.
Bloom the flower of true love, let the wind and rain beat, let life rise and fall, do not wither, do not wither.

in 2009, someone shared an adventure on the Internet:

"I really know how to drop pie in the sky. I had a big meal for free today."... "

then he talked about the events of the day.

the crowd is crowded,

delicacies are full of trench flavor.

then ask everyone, "so, does anyone know whose meal I had that day?"... "

this is so weird!

they are Zhang Weijian and Zhang Qian.

whoever it is,

where does it come from,

you can eat, drink and pack as much as you like.

this is 2009, on such a scale and sensational.

maybe you would say, getting married is basically the only time in life. It should be.

but in fact, this is not the first time that Zhang Weijian and his wife have married.

it's not even the last time.


dig deeper, I find the truth:

it turns out that it is not their repeated entanglement, but the bond between them, which is really too deep.

at the beginning, the story is a simple routine.

the crew met,

get into love because of the play.

Zhang Xi sees Zhang Weijian like a little sun, constantly bringing happiness to the people around her.

Zhang Weijian was also impressed by her.

because Zhang Qian dared to complain about his song in front of her: "Oh, it's so vulgar!"

Love is born when one comes and goes.

when they got together, it was only natural that they started a "secret love".

the only occasion where love can be shown aboveboard is in the play.

run hand in hand.

naughty play.

play a cool fight and quarrel.

but back to reality, they still have to sneak around and hide from the paparazzi.

avoid the media.

most of the time, two people can only talk to each other over the phone.

the "phone porridge" of an hour or two boiled down, and both heads got bigger.

it's just that the paper can't contain the fire after all.

after a secret date, Zhang Qian returned to the mainland.

when she arrived at the pass, she signed the relevant documents with an old couple.

suddenly the flashing lights are everywhere and someone is taking pictures!

Zhang Xi was so big-hearted that she thought it was the family of the old couple.

she also said to the old couple, "your children are so filial. This should be taken as a souvenir."

of course, reality soon woke her up, because it was paparazzi who took pictures.

her relationship with Zhang Weijian has been exposed!

as a newcomer, Zhang Qian is really confused.

she called her boyfriend in tears and asked, "what to do, what to do."

Zhang Weijian is much calmer.

he showed his senior posture and comforted his girlfriend: "all artists have to go through."

that year, Zhang Qian was 24 and Zhang Weijian was 33.

9-year-old age difference, coupled with naive personality, Zhang Qian looks like a "silly white sweet" image.

but no one thought of it--

it was this "silly girl" who gave Zhang Weijian endless energy to accompany him through the difficulties again and again.

during their love affair, Zhang Weijian was at a low ebb in his life.

drama red,

people are also popular.

he offered to raise his salary, but he was opposed and even insulted.

"Don't think you're great after playing Sun WuKong. Remember, if you don't have hair on your face, it's worthless!"

how can young people bear it when they are full of blood?

that was when Zhang Weijian had the best momentum.

without exposure,

No resources,


the house leaked and rained all night.

for a while, Zhang Weijian was on the verge of bankruptcy, leaving only more than 2000 Hong Kong dollars in his bank account.

he asked, "if I were really broke, would you leave me?"

Zhang Qian said, "No."

at that time, her pay for the film was also low, but she was very willing to buy things for Zhang Weijian.

the two also broke up for half a year.

during this period, Zhang Qian was very aggrieved, but she held back her tears and chose to wait in place.

Zhang Weijian later asked to get back together, and all she asked for was: "buy a lot of jellies until she fills her refrigerator!"

in 2004, they got married.

it's just that Zhang Weijian is too cash-strapped to give her a dream wedding.

Zhang Qian doesn't mind at all.

she went online and bought it herself.A cheap second-hand wedding dress.

when Zhang Qian walked up to Zhang Weijian in an old wedding dress, he secretly vowed to be doubly kind to her.

the two were very happy.

but fate played a cruel joke.

when the fetus reaches 8 months, the heart stops suddenly.

Zhang Qian, who was not feeling well, sought medical treatment urgently, but was still unable to save it.

their daughter, gone.

this is a big blow to the young couple.

however, Zhang Weijian has no regard for his own sadness.

because he knows that Zhang Qian, as a mother, will only be sadder and more painful than he is.

in order to get his wife out of depression, he used all the means:

pick up your dog quickly,

buy a bunch of books she likes to read.

put off all work and stay with me 24 hours a day.

my good friend Li Jing also came to help, inviting Zhang Qian to join the program to wash away the haze with her work.

and Zhang Weijian also wants to do something more.

when he went out one day, he passed the wedding shop and thought of his wife's second-hand wedding dress. He was suddenly very sad.

he felt that if he became a father, he would be sad that his daughter did not have a wedding.

so, after five years of obtaining the license, he decided to hold another grand wedding for Zhang Qian.

in the Philippines, he chose a church to hold a late ceremony.

the wedding is grand,

the whole city is a sensation.

that day, Zhang Xi also specially wore white hair, implying that she would grow old with him.

you think this is over?

not really.

after that, Zhang Weijian decided again that he wanted a low-key version of the wedding.

this wish came true in Hong Kong.

several relatives and friends,

A priest,

I wear a suit,

you wear a wedding dress.

fate seems to have taken a turn for the better.

in 2014, Zhang Qian discovered that she was pregnant again.

because of the lesson from the past, the whole family was very careful this time.

Zhang Qian is relieved to give birth,

Zhang Weijian went all out to accompany him.

they are looking forward to the arrival of a little life.

however, nightmares recur--

after a few months, the fetus stopped heartbeat.

two miscarriages made Zhang Weijian and his wife tired.



in 2019, Zhang Weijian said publicly that he would no longer consider being a father.

"if God gives me a choice now, An is good, give me a hit; B doesn't want it, I won't hit it several times. I would choose B. "

he gave all his favorites to Zhang Qian.

because she is not only a wife, but also a mentor, best friend, fan and listener.

worry and trouble, share with her;

Joy and achievement, share with her.

they have been in love after 18 years of marriage.

show love,

sprinkle dog food,

became their daily routine.

I just didn't expect that the waves would rise again: this loving couple actually separated!


entry and exit restrictions in Hong Kong.

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Zhang Weijian admitted in an interview that he and Zhang Qian, one in Hong Kong and the other in the mainland, have not seen each other for a long time.