The top self-discipline of adults: few thoughts

The top self-discipline of adults: few thoughts
When things come, they will adapt, and when things pass, they will feel at peace.

Zeng Guofan said: "to save trouble is the way to clear your mind."

if a person has more chores to worry about, then it is easy to get tired.

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as a result, it often leads to more than half of the effort wasted before important things are done.

A sign of maturity is that one learns to subtract and remove unimportant things from his mind.

think little, don't dwell on the past

someone said, "you have to thank the people who have hurt you. They have made you strong."

I disagree.

whether a person will become strong or not depends on whether he has a positive mentality, not in the harm of others.

moreover, thanks to those who have done evil, how can there be such a truth in the world?

so, in the face of those unbearable past, can we only immerse ourselves in it and bear the pain?

No. The so-called "Tiandu self-ferry."

in the face of the unbearable past, what we need to do is to cross over and let go.

put it down, not to let go of "those who have hurt us", but to let go of ourselves.

A person, even if he has hurt us, only hurts us who he used to be.

if we keep thinking about it, then this injury will last forever.

it's up to us whether or not to let this damage continue.

it is the greatest stupidity for a person to keep hurting himself with other people's mistakes.

think little, don't worry about the future

as the ancients said, "when the army comes, the water comes and the earth covers."

the worst loss in the world is to worry about what hasn't happened yet.

there are thousands of things that can happen in the world, how can people think about it?

the most practical thing is to keep your feet on the ground and do a good job in the task at hand.

when one sinks down to do something, those boundless anxieties will naturally disappear.

if you spend a lot of time and energy on "worrying about the sky", you will only miss the opportunity to do your own business.

there is a psychologist who has done such an experiment.

he asked the experimenter to write down his troubles for the next seven days and put them into the "annoyance box".

three weeks later, he opened the box and asked the participants to check it, only to find that 90% of the troubles did not happen.

as the old saying goes, "there is nothing in the world."

most of the time, our so-called worries and worries are just bluffing ourselves. In fact, things are not that bad.

the best way to maintain one's health is to maintain one's mood.

if you are always in a state of "alarmist" anxiety, then it is likely that the things you worry about will not happen, but will cause problems with your body.

it is a person's highest wisdom not to worry about "trumped-up" things.

thoughtless, not overly sensitive

some people will ponder over and over the meaning behind a sentence inadvertently made by others.

an unfriendly look in the eyes of others will constantly reflect on whether they have offended each other.

if others do not reply to Wechat for the time being, they will wonder if they have a problem with them.

people who are overly sensitive always like to live with a magnifying glass.

this is to embarrass yourself.

for sensitive people, they need to put away their sensitive tentacles moderately. You know, what they can perceive acutely, others may not notice or care at all.

overly sensitive people always care too much about the opinions of others and are used to acting cautiously. As a result, at the end of the day, they do nothing but feel physically and mentally exhausted.

people who are overly sensitive need some "insensitivity".

in this way, you can reduce "internal friction" and do more valuable things.

Feng Tang said, "if I don't think about it, I will be happy." In other words, happiness means not thinking too much. "

A person can put aside all kinds of delusions and let his heart calm down, then his troubles will naturally be reduced by more than half.

when things come, they will adapt, and when things pass, they will feel at peace.

selfless thinking is a person's highest self-discipline.

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