The sooner you know the hidden rules for adults, the better.

The sooner you know the hidden rules for adults, the better.
In fact, the closeness and closeness of the world are all with fate.


not long ago, the short video account "Mad birth Sisters", which has tens of millions of fans, announced its dissolution, and many netizens who followed them felt some pity.

Mad birth Sisters is a combination of two girls who have known each other for seven years, play together, start a business together, are close friends and comrades-in-arms side by side.

and now one of them wants to change their way of life, and the other shows respect, so the group is disbanded.

this can't help but make people feel that "there is no such thing as a feast that never ends."

No matter how good a friend is, there will be a day of separation.

and no matter how good the relationship is, it will fade one day.

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happened to talk about this topic with several friends that day. Recalling their past experiences of making friends, they all agreed:

there is a reason for the weakening of relationships between good friends.

the foundation of trust is destroyed

A good friendship must be inseparable from mutual trust. And once trust is destroyed, the friendship is in jeopardy.

I remembered that I had a good friend who had lost her job for a while, and my company happened to be hiring, so I wanted to give her a hand and recommend her to work.

but her performance after coming to the company put me in a dilemma. She often arrives late and leaves early, her work attitude is lazy, and the leader talks to her, but she only listens and doesn't do it.

the leader saw that it was recommended by me and asked me to persuade her, but when I went to persuade her, she said that I valued profit over righteousness.

of course, later she failed to keep the job and became an unemployed youth again. And our relationship has plummeted.

Friendship also needs to go both ways.

good friends help each other is based on trust.

if one person does not cherish the kindness of another, the other person will inevitably find it boring, and it will be very difficult for the relationship to get any better.

Tao is different from each other


in the former Little Tigers, the three men chose different paths after flying alone, and slowly they seldom got in touch with each other.

in the early years of Shuimu, Lu Gengshu and Li Jian founded a group because they loved music, and later, because of their different musical ideas, they finally had to go their separate ways.

in fact, we are no exception.

good friends in their student days chose different paths after graduation, so they drifted away.

after work, good friends lost their intersection when they were not in the same company or circle.

the process from ordinary friend to good friend is not easy. It may require sincere heart, common topic, just tacit understanding, similar experience and long-term companionship to form a stable and intimate relationship.

however, it is easy to dilute the relationship between good friends.

sometimes it's just a difference of choice, a difference of interests, a decisive turn, or an indifferent bystander, then this friendship begins to decline.

the relationship between people is sometimes very fragile, and from that node, the relationship slowly fades away.

you just happened to walk a part of the way, and then when you came to a fork in the road, it was natural that "different roads do not conspire against each other".

breaking up is the norm in the world

the relationship between good friends has faded, which is always a little regrettable. Maybe we don't want to face it, and we have to admit that breaking up is the norm in the world, with only a few exceptions.

some relationships have faded, there are signs to follow, and the so-called cause and effect can be seen.

there is no obvious trace of the weakening of some relationships, but with the passage of time, they are busy and seldom contact, so they become estranged.

as Jin Yong said:

"you see these white clouds gather and scatter, scatter and gather, and life is separated and closed, and so is the case."

you will always meet some people, become good friends with them, and then have to part for various reasons, and then meet new people and start new friendships with new people.

when you think about it like this, you don't have to be too sad. In fact, the closeness and closeness in the world are all with fate.

finally, I would like to say that knowing friends is the normal state of life. If it can't be an exception, then accept it calmly.

at least you have been passing by together, and it is enough to remember each other's kindness.