The sign of maturity: keep your words in virtue, pay attention to things, and stay on your way.

The sign of maturity: keep your words in virtue, pay attention to things, and stay on your way.
You have to forgive and forgive others in order to avoid getting into trouble.

Confucian style



when people are young, they tend to be sharp and unforgiving.

I have experienced more, and I have eaten more rice and salt.

I have come to understand that you must have a ruler and a degree in speaking, doing things, and being a person.

truly mature people keep their words virtuous, pay attention to what they do, and keep their way to others.

the art of dealing with the world is just between this inch.

talk about Liude

Zeng Guofan said: "if you don't speak rashly, you will enter the foundation of virtue."

oral morality is not only related to the level of a person's EQ, but also to the misfortune and happiness of life.

the most common mistake a person can make in his life is oral karma.

for many people, immoral things may not be done every day, but unpleasant and hurtful words can blurt out.

over the years, blessings have run away from this mouth.

whether a person is lucky or not can be seen from whether he is virtuous or not.

I can't keep my mouth shut because I have delusions in my heart and speak according to my delusions.

if you only want to be happy and ignore the feelings of others, sooner or later you will suffer from aphasia to others.

every evil word spoken will sooner or later turn into an arrow to turn back and hurt ourselves.

especially among relatives and friends, the lethality of words may be doubled.

whether you hurt others intentionally or unintentionally, you will not be tolerated by the Tao of Heaven

say less or even no hurtful words, but say more words that are heartwarming and beneficial to others.

Let yourself be gentle, smooth your temper, keep a low profile, and make your words sound better.

do not judge the length of others, do not laugh at other people's mistakes and omissions, do not expose other people's privacy.

keep virtue in your mouth and don't be sarcastic. Only in this way can you keep your blessings.

pay attention to things

there is a saying: "nothing in the world is difficult for those who set their minds to it."

some things are not complicated, the key depends on how you treat them.

Yuan Longping, 19, graduated from high school in 1949, and his family advised him to choose a good major close to home.

however, he applied to Southwest Agricultural College and made up his mind to "become a farmer".

my family doesn't understand. Do they work hard to give up a college student just to go home and farm?

Yuan Longping said: "eating is a top priority."

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it is not easy to do a simple thing well;

to do an ordinary thing well is to be extraordinary.

later, a reporter interviewed Academician Yuan Longping and asked him what was the secret of successful scientific research.

Academician Yuan Longping replied: concentrate on doing a good job, no matter it is big or small, do it with your heart.

Yuan has only done one thing in his life: let more people have enough to eat.

No matter what you do, seriously or not, you will get different results.

every time you are perfunctory and careless, you seem to be not responsible for things, but in fact you are not responsible for your own life.

there is never a shortcut to success.

extraordinary achievements can only be achieved by descending to the heart and concentrating on doing it.

if you do every little thing with your heart, life will not treat you badly.

people stay on the road

there is a saying in Cai Gentan: "where the road is narrow, leave one step with the pedestrian; where the taste is strong, minus three points for people to taste."

people live a lifetime, ups and downs are the norm of life.

No one is an isolated island. If you want to gain a foothold in the world, you must try your best to form a good relationship.

during the Wei and Jin dynasties, Ji Kang, one of the "Seven Sages of Bamboo Forest", advocated the idea of inaction in Laozhuang and Zhuangzi, made a living by striking iron and made a living on his own.

his friend Shan Tao could not understand his ambition, so he introduced Ji Kang as an official to the ruler at that time.

in a fit of anger, Ji Kang wrote the letter of severing Friendship with Shan Juyuan and parted ways with Shan Tao.

such an act of ignorance of praise angered the court at that time and ordered Ji Kang to die.

Ji Kang's mother and wife have passed away, and their young children are uncared for.

the good news is that Shantao attached great importance to affection and righteousness and brought up Ji Kang's son.

Don't be too good at being a man. It's better for an enemy to understand than to tie the knot.

you have to forgive others and forgive others in order to avoid getting into trouble.

when the rabbit is in a hurry, it bites and drives people to a dead end, which will only lead to the loss of both sides.

most of the time, there is only one way to forgive, and only one wall to hurt.

with many friends, the road is easy to walk, and if you make too many enemies, the road will only get narrower and narrower.



to be convenient to others is to be convenient to yourself; to make way for others is to leave a way for yourself.