The recent photo of the 56-year-old actor was exposed, and there was no scandal with his spoiled wife for 34 years: "Congratulations, it's finally his turn to be popular!"

The recent photo of the 56-year-old actor was exposed, and there was no scandal with his spoiled wife for 34 years: "Congratulations, it's finally his turn to be popular!"
Life can not always stand in the peak, to learn to debug themselves, elegant down the mountain!

recently, as soon as "fighting through thorns and cutting thorns 2" began to broadcast, it became a hot search on the fire!

at the beginning of the stage, a series of classic songs awakened the long-standing memory and sang a chorus.

Alec Su is dressed in white and sings "Love", as if he were a "good tiger" teenager in the 1990s.

Pan Weibo's "reverse the Earth" exploded the whole audience!

but what surprises uncle most is Ren Xianqi.

"sad Pacific" sounded, DNA moved, let people dream back to youth, this memory can not stop!

there is no suspense. The hearts of the audience are pinched by Ren Xianqi.

one after another shouted: "my youth is back, little brother Qi is back!"

Yes, whose youth playlist doesn't have a song by Ren Xianqi!

someone once asked Wang Fei, "you should be very popular in the mainland, aren't you?"

Faye Wong said modestly, "No, the most popular thing is Ren Xianqi and his' heart is too soft'!"

even teacher Zhao Lirong moved "too soft" to the stage of the Spring Festival Gala!

you can imagine how popular this song "too soft Heart" is!

but before, Ren Xianqi's road to music was full of twists and turns.

Ren Xianqi has been fond of music since he was a child. From time to time, he held the guitar and wrote songs.

in his senior year, he was discovered by Xingge Records and officially entered the singing world.

but the good times didn't last long, and before he could make a big show in music, he was packaged and sold by the company, together with tables and chairs, to the new company, Rolling Stones.

at that time, Rolling Stones was in the limelight, with many powerful singers, no fame and no background, and Ren Xianqi sat on the bench for a long time.

even appeared on the "termination list" many times.

just when he felt uncertain about his future, Ren Xianqi met the bug, the Bole of his life.

soon, the bug tailored the song "rely on" for Ren Xianqi, and became the most popular song of that summer.

then, "too soft Heart" was born and sang in the streets and alleys.

however, the singer is not popular, everyone can sing "the heart is too soft", but no one knows Ren Xianqi.

until the emergence of "sad Pacific", Ren Xianqi's career finally reached an unprecedented peak.

what's more, in 1999, he sang "the Girl on the other side" on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala and became popular all over the country.

Ren Xianqi's great success in music has made Ren Xianqi famous and rich, but he knows very well that all this is inseparable from the mentor bug.

in 2007, Xiao Chong's company was in deep trouble, and former artist friends were afraid to avoid it, but Ren Xianqi extended a helping hand to help him tide over the difficulties, never mentioning the word "return money".

what is even more gratifying is that he, who has just become popular, does not forget to bring his newcomers and travels around with May Day.

event, you will solemnly introduce to the audience:

"this is the new May Day. I hope everyone will be more patient and listen to their songs more!"

of course, the most valuable thing is to go both ways. May day pays tribute to Ren Xianqi at the concert: little Brother Qi, you are our eldest brother forever!

along the way, Ren Xianqi always does his best and has a clear conscience in every field.

at the same time, don't forget to remind yourself to always be innocent at all times.

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time has crept into the 21st century, Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, May Day. The birth of Ren Xianqi gradually gave Ren Xianqi the heart of "serving the old", and he gradually faded out of the singing world.

he left the opportunity to the young people and began to shine on the actors' track.

there is a post on the Internet asking: "was this man really popular at that time?"

there is a quite apt answer: he is the only singer who has performed the three beautiful men in ancient costumes such as Yang Guo, Linghu Chong, and Chu Liuxiang.

in Divine carving and chivalrous Men, he is Yang Guo, who is very affectionate and chivalrous.

in The Smiling、Proud Wanderer, he is transformed into an arrogant and bohemian Linghu Chong.

in New Chu Liuxiang, he is suave and resourceful Chu Liuxiang.

some people complain that Ren Xianqi's image temperament is not consistent with these characters.

but Ren Xianqi doesn't care about the voices of the outside world and will make fun of himself:

"he was quite handsome when he was young, but not so handsome."

after the drama road was opened, Ren Xianqi's acting skills were well received and began to show his strength in the show business.

the Star wish performed by him and Cecilia Cheung is still a classic that cannot be surpassed.



grieving and entanglement between autumn men

Mian's love story has earned many people's tears!

from singer to idol actor, Ren Xianqi is not lazy at all, but he is always stuck in it.

until 2003

year, I met Johnnie to.

he saw through the shuddering "evil spirit" in Ren Xianqi at a glance and suggested that he play a bank robber.

facts have proved that Ren Xianqi chose a drama path that suits him.

in the movie "the Great event", he changed his former gentleness and elegance into the cool, cold and resourceful bandit Chen Yiyuan.

in the face of the manhunt, he took his time, talked and laughed with the hostages, and putA villain with no expression of joy and anger performed very well!

in "the Tree attracts the Wind", he is a "two-faced man" Ye Guohuan, sometimes mad and sometimes patient.

split, endure and explode, and the images of the characters are interpreted by him with a vivid sense of hierarchy.

with this film, he was nominated for Best Actor at the Academy Award, demonstrating his acting skills.

"Silent Witness", Ren Xianqi once again breaks through himself and challenges the bandit role of "antisocial personality".

he is full of banditry, completely subverting the public's perception of "Little Brother Qi".

talking about the feeling of playing the fierce bandit again, he said bluntly:

"I had a good time, but if I relax a little bit, I may die."


Ren Xianqi has been "tossing about" in the show business over the years.

regardless of the size of the character, he will do his best to make the performance the best!

only in this way can we be worthy of ourselves, others, and even our hearts.

whether singing or acting, Ren Xianqi is always the best, and the same is true for love!

20 years after marriage

, go shopping will still accompany around, but also go shopping hand in hand with his wife, super sweet.

when it comes to the meeting of the two, it is still on the campus of the university.

and Chen Zecheng is a younger sister in the dance department.

in one class, Ren Xianqi passed by the classroom and felt very special when he saw her playing tricks.

but I don't know, at that time, he had already been moved and planted the seeds of love at the bottom of his heart.

later, he crouched in front of the classroom for several days in a row, and finally waited for Chen Zexi to come.

afraid to ask for an appointment face to face, he stuffed the note into the girl's shoes while Chen Zexi was in class.

even if Ren Xianqi's career is at a low ebb, his future is bleak.

Chen Zecheng never gave up, accompanied him and encouraged him to continue to wander.

it was not until his career improved that Chen Zecheng relieved to pursue his dream.

even if the two places are separated, it does not affect the relationship between them at all.

in 2002, the two ended their 14-year love run and entered the hall of marriage.

after marriage, Chen Zecheng voluntarily gave up his career and returned to his family to be Ren Xianqi's most solid backing.

maybe a happy marriage is often envied.

from time to time, there will be rumors about "ugly wives who don't deserve it."

and Ren Xianqi always takes action to shut those people up.

take his wife to the red carpet and hold her hand tightly!

at the concert, the truth confessed:

"Thank you Tina for coming with me all the way. Thank you for your care. There are three children in my family, including me."

he gave her enough sense of security, and she gave him enough trust, which is probably the best way to get married.

in the past, you could not go home for half a year to work hard for your career, but if you have a family, you will have fetters.

now, he chooses to retire from the entertainment industry and spend more time running his own small home.

Ren Xianqi was asked what is the secret to keeping marriage and love fresh.

"when two people are together, at least they must understand each other and respect each other. Chen Zexi and I have never had the concept of an old husband and wife. I would rather always bump into each other like when I was passionately in love."

Yes, marriage requires two people to understand each other and work together. Insipid and real is the most happy marriage state!

have seen an interview with Ren Xianqi:

"are you worried or afraid that people will forget you?"

to this, he is very calm:

"I am lucky to have these representative works that can span generations. So I am not worried that one day I will be forgotten, and you may sing my song in a few decades' time. "

Yes, life cannot stand at the peak forever. Learn to debug yourself and walk down the hill gracefully!

I stumbled through the first half of my life, suffered hardships and had good luck, but I was lucky after all.

now that he is halfway through his life, Ren Xianqi chooses midfield to set out again, which is undoubtedly not the best interpretation of his life creed!

, may you and I, like Ren Xianqi, stick to our creed: live seriously, work hard and play hard!