The poisonous words of life are to the bone.

The poisonous words of life are to the bone.
Many of the life mottos are hidden in these poisonous words.

We have more or less heard some cruel and incisive poisonous remarks in our lives.

I will laugh at the first hearing, but after tasting them, I will find that they all contain profound truth.

many of the life proverbs are hidden in these poisonous words.

the following 20 poisonous words will make you realize the truth in laughter and wake people up instantly.


people who turn around frequently cannot walk a long way.


the past is finally in the past. To be a man and do things, to look back frequently or to recall the past all day is a waste of your time.

if the mind stays in the same place forever, or keeps following the old path, you will not be able to meet a better self.


I can give up choice, but I can't choose to give up.


work hard, not to move anyone, nor to show it to others.

but to make yourself have the ability to jump out of the circle you don't like at any time, and have the right to choose.

therefore, improve your ability and strive to make yourself excellent in order to have the right to choose.


brushing teeth is a sad and joyful thing: holding a cup in one hand and washing utensils in the other.


Life is originally a performance of joys and sorrows, but some people watch the play and others act.


when I tried to lower the back of my seat on the high-speed train, there was no response for a long time. The uncle, who was almost lying flat next to him, said, "your button is over there."


when you do anything, you must know where the source is. If you try to use the wrong place, you will never get to the other side.

if you work hard but do not see results, it is also a kind of wisdom to learn to stop and adjust.


Life needs chicken soup as well as storms.


No one's life can be plain sailing, encounter some storms on the way, can make us stronger.

therefore, there is chicken soup and waves is life.


Why traveling together can lead to a breakup, because fatigue will restore the most authentic appearance of a person.


people are always easy to maintain their manners and politeness when they are in good times, and only when they are extremely tired and anxious will they expose the worst.

A trip shows the deepest hidden character.


Poverty and inferiority make me bow my head and open my book.


Mo Yan once said:

"Why study hard? Why read more?

just for the sake of not wanting to do mediocrity over and over again in the future, and not willing to wear away hope in the haggling of firewood, rice, oil and salt. "

when you are anxious because you feel that you know too little, you just need to open the book to absorb nutrients, and your heart will slowly calm down.

that's why people who read a lot always look light and light.

because they have the strength brought by knowledge.


every day is extremely boring, but he always stays up late into the night.


nowadays, most young people are used to staying up late, thinking that going to bed early at night is a waste of time, and they have to dawdle until midnight.

but there is no healthy body, what do you take to see tomorrow.


cherish the jealous girl, she used to love to eat meat.


Love is naturally exclusive and will automatically sound the alarm when any member of the opposite sex approaches you.

so please cherish the people in front of you.


if you can see through it or not, you can still live a good life.


when you reach middle age, who is the ferry of your soul? The answer is: yourself.

is in a critical period of climbing over the hill, so don't do anything rashly.

in many cases, only by seeing through without telling the truth can we avoid unnecessary trouble.



in daily life, do not casually agree to other people's requests for the sake of face, but weigh the weight of things and your own ability.

if things don't work out and you lose face, others will put you on the "bad faith list".


time flies, some people slowly become stronger, some people slowly metamorphosis.


as the saying goes:

"there are several kinds of red flowers, people are different."

in the training of life, some people will realize their shortcomings and continue to add value to themselves.

and some people never see clearly their own ability and position, but also blindly laugh at the efforts of others.



in life, I believe that many people will encounter different difficulties, and some of them will first see how many people fall down like themselves, so as to get psychological balance.


once people become dependent, they become children waiting to be picked up at the gate of the kindergarten.


dependence is the biggest killer of adults. No one can escort you for a lifetime. Only you can support your life.

so give up dependence and make yourself strong inside.


when they are passionately in love, couples often lament what virtues they have accumulated in their previous life; after marriage, couples often doubt what they have done in their previous life.


Marriage is a besieged city, people outside the city want to go in, people in the city want to get out.

when you fall in love, you often feel that the other person must be your own destiny.


I thought that if I had a car, I could go wherever I wanted, but as a result, I could go wherever there was a parking space.


when I was a child, I always naively thought that the earth revolved around me;

it was only when I grew up that I realized that I was so ordinary that I had to work hard for everything.


there are so many things to do that I don't know which one to give up.


people who do nothing in their lives are mostly "thinkers".

there are always thoughts and words that move, but not actions.

then find yourself one reason or another to give up comfortably.

as a result, nothing is accomplished.


Don't be afraid of failure. Anyway, everyone is waiting to see you laugh.


your fears do not need to be exposed to others, because your feelings cannot be understood by others.

stand up wherever you fall, don't give others a chance to step on it and surpass it.


if you improve 1% every day, you will be 38 times better than you are now.


people who work a little bit every day will be 38 times better in a year than they were a year ago.

I am not afraid of a low starting point and slow progress, but I am afraid of not persevering.


Our stunning short white wedding dresses are absolutely unmissable. Pefect for formal affairs or an informal ceremonies.

I'm actually quite rich, but I've just spent it.


many people spend too much money and are often held hostage by material desires and overdrawn for pleasure.

in a world full of variables, we must have the ability to resist risks and accidents, and money is the greatest strength.

as the old saying goes:

"money is not everything, but it is absolutely impossible without money."

We often hear elders say:

"if you don't listen to the old man, you will suffer."

it seems that these conversations of experience make us take fewer detours. Unfortunately, the constant truth in this world is that everything is changing.

like the 20 "poisonous words" written above, they seem to be unorthodox, but in fact, every word is the truth.

I would like to see the essence clearly, change early, take fewer detours, and live a better life.

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