The more incompetent people are, the more they like to post these three developments in moments, and those who have the ability never post them!

The more incompetent people are, the more they like to post these three developments in moments, and those who have the ability never post them!
The water is deep and slow, but the man is expensive and the language is late.


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there is a maxim in the Book of Rites: "the water is deep and slow, expensive and late."

the deeper the water is, the calmer the water is, and even if the surface of the water is windy and rough, the water in the depths remains slow.

and excellent people often speak carefully, do not rush to declare their positions, and do not grandstanding, so they give people the impression that they speak slowly.

shallow people often have these three expressions in front of others or in moments.

complaining negative energy

there is a former colleague in the company, nicknamed "King of Complaints in moments".

look at her circle of friends, the words are full of dissatisfaction with others and resentment towards life.

early in the morning, complain that the breakfast restaurant owner sells too much and is short.

after the meeting, complain that the boss is demanding and that he is not understood.

after work, he sent another article saying that his friends did not care about themselves and did not understand themselves.

she had a negative attitude, scribbled at work, was at the bottom of her performance, and was fired within a few months.

colleagues have more or less the same impression of her:

"there's nothing wrong with her, but she complains too much."

there is a Spanish proverb: "if you cry often, you can't see the stars."

this kind of people always feel miserable, life is unfair to themselves, good and bad things to her can become a constant complaint.

Nine times out of ten, life is not easy for anyone. There is no point in complaining except to make the mood worse.

the really strong will not complain, but to find ways to change, to get themselves out of trouble, to adjust their attitude towards life optimistically.

show off your achievements too much

I quite agree with Yi Shu's sentence:

"A man who is really rich in heart never shows off everything he has. He does not tell others what books he has read, what cars he has driven, where he has been, how many clothes he has, and what jewelry he has bought, because he has no sense of inferiority."


low people like to spread their teeth and claws, grandstanding for a little bit of achievement, frequently showing off in moments, and repeatedly mentioning it to people around them.

people with a rich spiritual world do not need to belittle others to elevate themselves, nor do they need outside recognition to satisfy vanity.

when Ye Shengtao became famous and went to teach, the experience column only wrote four words: "Primary School teacher".

Ji Xianlin claimed to be a teacher all his life: "my job is mainly to climb the grid."

when Yang Jiang refused the publishing house, she only said humorously, "I'm just a drop of water, not soapy water. I can't blow bubbles."

High-level people see through vanity, do not care about the vanity, and do not show off to the outside world.

but keep a low profile and live a good life, pursue a life of inner longing, and enjoy a peaceful and quiet, indifferent and open-minded, happy life.

show off your knowledge

there is a famous word in psychology called "Duck effect".

popularly speaking, the more ignorant people are, the smarter they think they are, and worst of all, they do not know their ignorance.

when a person shows off his talent and knowledge everywhere, he reveals his shallowness and ignorance.

Su Dongpo was brilliant and famous when he was a teenager. Proudly, with a stroke of his pen, he wrote a couplet on the door of the study:

know all the characters in the world and read all the books in the world.

one day, a white-haired old man visited and saw Su Dongpo and said, "I heard that Su's scholarship is unparalleled in the world, and Lao Mu has come to ask for advice."

Su Dongpo is even more proud to see that people so old are going to ask themselves for advice. I saw the old man holding up a book. Su Dongpo took it and opened it to read it. I found that most of the words inside were unknown.

when the old man saw that Su Dongpo looked embarrassed, he said, "it is inevitable that the Childe has not seen so many books in the world. I will ask others for advice, and it will not be difficult for you."

when Su Shi heard this, he was immediately ashamed. After the old man left, he rewrote the couplet on the door:

know the characters all over the world angrily and make up his mind to read all the books in the world.

people who have achieved great things in ancient and modern times are mostly calm, calm and humble people.

they know that when a person is immersed in self-righteous fantasies and is blinded by arrogance, it is impossible to make any progress.

to paraphrase Shakespeare: a proud man always destroys himself in pride.

Zeng Guofan said: "humility is a noble appearance.

the humble bamboo has low head leaves, and the proud plum has no upside flowers. All real and great things are simple and humble.

low-key, expensive but not obvious, flashy but not dazzling, is foresight, is the way to success, but also the charm of a person's bones.