The lower the cognitive level, the more obvious these three characteristics are.

The lower the cognitive level, the more obvious these three characteristics are.
The higher a person's cognitive level, the more they will be "open-minded" and maintain an empty cup state of mind.

some people say: "the cognitive level is the biggest gap between people."

I think so.

people with high cognitive levels can think from multiple angles, so even if they are in a desperate situation, they are often able to survive.

people with low cognitive level look at problems in a single and stubborn way, so when they encounter problems, they often "hit the south wall without looking back."

people with low cognitive level like to refute

have seen such a picture.

there is a number on the ground. One person says it is the number 6, while the person on the other side says it is the number 9.

in fact, both of them are correct.

is just in a different position, so the results you see are also different.

in life, some people always like to look at problems from their own standpoint.

when they find that the views of others are different from their own, they do not analyze the reasons in detail, but blindly criticize each other's "mistakes".

if you do so, you will only be confined to your own "small world" and rest on its laurels.

people with a high level of cognition will allow each other to finish their own "fallacies" even in the face of other people's "fallacies".

they won't come to a conclusion until they have listened to each other's "fallacies".


because they know that some "fallacies" may be found to be reasonable after listening to all of them.

and people with low cognitive level, once they find that other people's views are different from their own, they scoff, criticize, and do not give the other person a chance to go on.

as the old saying goes, "the sea accepts all rivers, but tolerance is great."

can try to understand the different opinions of others, to accommodate different, can make their own cognitive level, higher and higher.

and stubborn opinions, convergence and exclusion, will only gradually make yourself ill-informed.

people with low cognitive level like to blame people

there is a wife who always complains that the wife opposite is lazy:

"that woman's clothes are not always clean, and there are always spots on the clothes she hangs outside."

until one day, a careful friend cleaned the lady's glass and said, "look, isn't the dress clean now?"

some people say: "if you think about it from others, you will go crazy; if you think about it from yourself, you will understand it."

people with low cognitive level always get used to looking for reasons from others when they encounter problems, but never reflect on themselves.

as a result, you will only make mistakes again and again, and it will also lead to more contradictions and conflicts for yourself.

as the saying goes, "there is nothing wrong with a villain, but a gentleman often passes."

people with higher cognitive level are more accustomed to self-examination and looking for reasons from themselves.

once, Ji Xianlin went out for a lecture. before he went out, he remembered that he had not yet watered the orchid, so he asked the babysitter to water the orchid.

when the result came back, he found that the gentleman's orchid was dead.

after careful questioning, I knew that after pouring water, the babysitter found that the sun was good outside, so she moved the magnolia outside to bask in the sun, but did not know that the magnolia was most afraid of high temperature.

Ji Xianlin's son is going to talk about the babysitter, but Ji Xianlin stops it:

"it's not her fault, it's mine.

I knew full well that the babysitter would not take care of the gentleman orchid, but I still left the matter to her.


if a person always reflects on himself at the first time when he encounters a problem, then he will have less unnecessary trouble and will make himself more and more perfect in the process of constant reflection.

it is a person's top accomplishment to be able to find a reason from himself first.

people with low cognitive level refuse to change

A philosopher once said, "everything is changing, and the only thing that remains unchanged is change."

people with high cognitive levels know that change is unstoppable.

therefore, the wisest thing to do is to keep pace with the times and constantly innovate your thoughts and actions.

people with low cognitive level are not.

they find themselves "lagging behind". Instead of "catching up" and correcting their outdated behavior, they complain about "new things".

what will be the result?

New things do not disappear because they do not accept them;

once on a bus, the conductor found that many young people used WeChat Pay, so he kept complaining: "WeChat Pay doesn't have the cash to pay."

while complaining, he had no choice but to turn on his mobile phone and let others scan the code to pay.

as a matter of fact, complaining and not accepting can't change anything. On the contrary, complaining too much will make people resentful.

the most important thing to do is to keep up with the pace of the times, adapt to the changed situation, and integrate into the new era.

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Socrates said, "the only thing I know is that I know nothing."

the higher a person's cognitive level is, the more he will be "open-minded" and maintain an empty cup mentality.

in this way, there will be a steady flow of "running water".

people who are self-righteous and opinionated will only shut out the truth and make themselves more and more ignorant.