The longest relationship between people: trouble and gratitude to each other

The longest relationship between people: trouble and gratitude to each other
​ Life is a mirror, life echoes everywhere


some people say: "the relationship between people begins with appearance, respects talent, and lasts longer than character."

I have a lot of feelings.

Life has a long way to go, after several ups and downs, and after watching the world, I understand that a good-looking skin is not as good as sincere trust, and extraordinary talent is not as good as reliable character.

to be able to spend time with each other for a long time lies in trusting each other, not afraid of trouble, knowing how to be grateful and return in time.

Don't dare to bother, it's a trust

"Zhuangzi Mountain Tree" said: "the friendship of sages is as insipid as water, not yet vain."

the best friend is as usual and affectionate as water.

wise and sensible people often do not have too lively relationships, too vain responses, three or five good friends, get together occasionally in their spare time, and do not disturb each other when they are busy.

when they encounter difficulties, they also dare to trouble each other and ask for help, so their hearts get closer and closer and trust each other more and more.

such is the friendship between Lu Xun and qu Qiubai.

as soon as they hit it off, they hated each other too late.

at that time, we were busy with each other and had few opportunities to meet each other, and occasionally exchanged letters.

later, when qu Qiubai was killed, he often went to Lu Xun's house to hide. Lu Xun was never afraid of trouble. on the contrary, he warmly entertained and talked to each other, and became a rare bosom friend.

A really good relationship, just like Lu Xun and qu Qiubai, can last for a long time only if one side dares to get into trouble, the other is not afraid of trouble, trust and understand each other.

as the old saying goes, "adversity knows a man, but mud knows a horse."

the world is flashy. Only when you are at a low ebb can you have the opportunity to see human nature and others.

the best friendship may have no extra words or excessive enthusiasm, but it can stand the test of time and the changes of the world.

it is the greatest blessing in life to meet someone who can be troubled and trusted.

Thanksgiving is a kind of wisdom

Chapter 27 of the Book of morality says: "it is a great mystery if you do not value his teacher and do not love his resources."

if a person does not know how to respect his teacher and does not know how to be grateful for other people's financial support, even if he is brilliant, he is confused and lacks wisdom.

when you are alive, the most important thing is to be grateful.

the words of gratitude are the most powerful, and the thoughts of gratitude are the most wise. Knowing how to be grateful is the secret to the long-lasting relationship between people.

in the Ming Dynasty, there was an official named Zhang Shou.

when he was young, his family was poor. Under the guidance of an old man in the village, he was just enlightened to study and a scholar in high school.

every time he returned to the village, Zhang Shou went to visit and sent some food and clothing, even though he was busy with official business.

the servant who was with him said, "if your excellency has something to do, you can tell others to go. Why do you always go in person?"

Zhang Shou said with a smile: "my husband is kind to me, and there is nothing to repay him. Clothing is only secondary. What matters is my heart."

since then, Zhang Shou and that old man have become inexorable friends, and their behavior has been promoted and become a clean official, which has been praised by later generations.

as the ancients said, "he who is grateful for his gratitude is also a sage."

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on the way of life, everyone is a passer-by, with his own homework and mission.

those who are willing to help us and give us suggestions are all dignitaries in our lives.

only when we are full of gratitude and repay in time, can we make this kindness circulate for a long time and make the road of life wider and wider.

the longest relationship: trouble with each other, gratitude to each other

"Zhuangzi Fisherman" said: "the true, sincere, but not sincere, can not be moving."

I feel the same way.

when people reach middle age, they gradually realize that only sincerity is the most touching, and sincerity is the most valuable.

fame, status and wealth can only be the icing on the cake, and sincerity is the only bridge for communication between people.

when you encounter difficulties, tell each other frankly, don't be afraid of trouble; get help, be truly grateful, and return in time.

simple and sincere, do not think much, do not tangle, do not please, is the best way to get along.

during the Spring and Autumn period, there was a hermit named Yu Yazi, who was relatively poor, while his brother and sister-in-law were quite well-off, and the two families lived on the other side of the river.

whenever relatives and friends visit, Yu Yazi comes to my brother's and sister-in-law's house to temporarily borrow some to eat.

after the event, you always have to give some more back.

when others knew about it, they all said, "your life is difficult, and your brother and sister-in-law are not bad about these things, so you don't have to."

Yu Yazi did not speak after hearing this, but still acted as usual.

"Li Ji qu Li Shang" says: "reciprocity is reciprocal. It is not polite to come but not to come, and it is not polite to come but not to go. "

Human exchanges, like rivers and rivers, come and go and flow constantly in order to maintain vitality and have a long history.

A really long-term relationship dares to be troublesome and knows how to handle it; if you know how to be grateful, there is no burden.

relaxed and natural, honest heart, trust each other, is the most comfortable state.

A philosopher once said, "what kind of person you are, what kind of people and energy you will attract."

Don't be afraid of trouble, trust others, and you will gain the trust of others.

if you are sincere and grateful to others, you will also get the kindness of others.

Life is a mirror, life echoes everywhere, noSuspicion, no delusion, not much heart, be yourself, be honest with each other, time will leave the most real people.

, let's encourage together.