The four children of the Chongqing family drowned at the same time, and the truth was shocking: the crying mother was being abused by the whole network.

The four children of the Chongqing family drowned at the same time, and the truth was shocking: the crying mother was being abused by the whole network.
May good people practice themselves and keep the light in their hearts, and someone will take this opportunity to get out of the darkness.

on August 13, mountain torrents occurred in Pengzhou, causing 7 deaths and 8 injuries.

We are not yet fully out of this sadness, and another piece of distressing news has gone viral.

on August 14, all four children of a two-parent brother in Chongqing drowned, making countless people sigh.

four children, originally studying in the city, were sent by their parents to their grandparents in the countryside because of the summer vacation, so that the two old people could enjoy their families.

two grandchildren, the oldest is 14 years old, the youngest is less than 5 years old.

laughter and laughter are particularly happy.

but when tragedies occur, no one's feelings are taken into account.

around three o'clock in the afternoon on August 13, my grandparents are going uphill (to do farm work). Considering that their eldest grandson is 14 years old and can look after his younger brother and sister at home, they rest assured to go out and don't come back until 7 o'clock in the evening.

when I went home, I found that none of the four children in the family were in the house, and there was no answer for shouting around.

all of a sudden, a panic and a sense of foreboding came to my mind.

the old couple hurriedly called out to their neighbors to look for it.

as a result, four children who were originally lively and jumping were finally found in a pool not far from home.

in just 4 hours, I lost four grandchildren forever, and my grandparents' sadness and self-remorse were indescribable.

some netizens said: I don't know how these two old people are going to live in the following days.

but the random remarks of some netizens, like a sharp knife, continue to tear apart the parents who have lost their children and the old couple.

"it is the responsibility of the parents. If they have no choice, they will do their own iniquity."

"adults have too much responsibility to let such a young child play in the water."

"this should not have happened, why adults are not vigilant, do not shed tears until they see the coffin."

these constantly appear seemingly "well-intentioned" warnings, let them lose their children, sink into deep guilt, a heart becomes bitter.

We often call such events tragedies, but I think it is only the children's families who really feel the tragedies.

to onlookers, this incident is just a piece of "news" in the online world and will only attract their attention at the moment.

after waiting for a long time, the only thing I remember is the child's relatives.

and cold accusations only add to the bitterness in the hearts of parents.

see a sentence on the Internet:

"when our children encounter any problems, all kinds of voices will immediately come to us, 'how did you become a mother'!"

after the little boy fell, his mother almost collapsed on the ground, with tears all over her face and shouting, "son, where are you?" You come back quickly. "

this scene softens the hearts of many people.

but after this matter was known by more and more people, some strange messages made people shudder.

"how do mothers take care of their children? Why not hold it by yourself? "

"if I were my mother, I would definitely go down and save myself."

"if it were me, I would jump down if I die, but this mother is indifferent."

there is still no definite news as to whether the little boy will survive.

this result alone is enough to break my mother's heart.

she has blamed herself enough and is sad enough. How can she say these harsh messages?

to put yourself on the commanding heights of morality and casually evaluate the pain of others, there is no empathy at all!

for the sake of others, how would you feel if your relatives were hurt and strangers you didn't know held out an index finger to criticize you?

also a few days ago, a hot search was very sad.

at a swimming pool in Loudi, Hunan, a boy kept hitting the surface of the water after jumping into the swimming pool before drowning after struggling under the water for a minute.

Surveillance video outflow, can not bear to watch.

I used to swim happily, but it ended in tragedy.

when my mother heard the news, she cried and rolled on the ground. How painful should it be?

after the incident spread, there were many unrelated people blaming parents:

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"what about the parent of a drowning child? Why don't you look at him? Why aren't you with him? "

"what are parents doing? Where are the parents? "

there are so many such incidents that when children make mistakes, some Internet junkies hold on to their parents.

where the wound hurts, say the words.

you know, the people who love their children most in the world are ta's parents.

when something happens to the child, it is the parents who break the heart the most.

so please don't take it for granted to blame the adult who is bleeding inside.

in 2021, a real case of a mother cutting the liver to save her son in Heze, Shandong Province, was swept all over the network.

the boy had a fever for no reason in the second year of junior high school.

I took it home to see a doctor simply, but even after a few days of infusion, I didn't get any better, and I began to vomit blood.

the parents of the worried boy hurriedly sent his child to the county hospital, and an examination showed that liver cirrhosis!

this news to parentsIt's like a bolt from the blue.

but in any case, whether it is smashing pots and selling iron, it is necessary to cure the child's illness.

the parents took their son to the big hospital in Qingdao, and there are two ways in front of them:

one is to wait for a suitable liver source to appear; the other is to donate your own liver and donate more than half of it.

the mother doesn't want to wait. Her son is in danger. Time is life.

so she decided to donate her liver to her son, no matter how much it is worth it, as long as she can save the child's life.

fortunately, the liver transplant was very successful, and my son's body is slowly recovering.

when a child is physically ill, it is the parents who worry most; when an accident happens to the child, it is the parents who grieve the most.

so don't think that you love your children more than other parents.

maintaining basic kindness and respect is the simplest choice for everyone with a conscience.

read such a short story, warm enough to make people cry:

A girl in deep trouble thought of committing suicide in the middle of the night.

she asked a question on the Internet: "where is the artery in your hand? the more specific, the better."

in the process of waiting for a reply, one after another, simple and sincere reply, let people instantly fall in love with this world.

"I've hidden your artery, cutie. Smile and I'll show you."

"just buy a bottle of pulse and read it upside down, fool. There are more fun things than arteries. Are you unhappy? I'll cook a bowl of porridge for you. My porridge is delicious."

"you don't need to know that. Just let the doctor know. We love you."

Love with compassion and ruthlessness with sharp teeth is sometimes between a thought.

then why not choose to go to the light side and bring sunshine and warmth to others?

beware of hidden hostility in human nature, so as not to add trouble to other people's lives.

when all people can strictly restrain their words and deeds, think twice before saying what they say.

We live in an environment that is full of love and understanding, as well as alleviating the suffering of people in tragedies.

, may good people practice themselves and keep the light in their hearts, and someone will take this opportunity to get out of the darkness.


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