The epidemic is not over, another crisis has emerged, and these photos that have gone viral all over the network make people chill on their backs.

The epidemic is not over, another crisis has emerged, and these photos that have gone viral all over the network make people chill on their backs.
Everything in the world will be reincarnated, and everything will come back to you.

strange things happen year after year, especially this year.

for example, a few days ago, 37 million netizens gathered online to watch Henan "catch strange fish".

sounds bizarre or not, it will have to start in mid-July.

A "strange fish" was found in a lake in a park in Pingdingshan, Henan Province.

"with a sharp mouth and tusks, big and fierce."

after the news spread, it caused thousands of waves and remained high in the hot search.

the local area soon organized efforts to round up the strange fish, first using large-scale net fishing, and then invited a professional fishing team.

this move also directly aroused the curiosity and doubts of netizens:

"TV series? A fish has been patted for so long? "

"is it worth draining a lake and catching only two fish?"

at this point, the crocodile bird eel became famous in the first war.

for a while, netizens were also excited. Some wondered what kind of fish it was, and some discussed whether the fish could be eaten.

in fact, the alligator eel is an alien species and is native to North America.

is a very fierce giant freshwater fish, known as the "ghost rocket".

this kind of fish, with scales like armor and sharp teeth, is not only inedible, but also poisonous in eggs and internal organs.

there are even children who were bitten three fingers while playing by the pool in the community.

Why do strange fish that are so ferocious and harmful to people appear frequently in the pool?

according to expert conjecture, the high probability is "stray pet".

you know, the alligator eel was first introduced as an ornamental fish, but this fish has an amazing food intake and grows so fast that it won't take long to grow to more than 1 meter.

many families can no longer afford to raise them, so they choose to set them free if they don't want them.

but it is said that release is actually abandonment, but they do not know how much trouble this random abandonment will cause and how much damage it will cause to the environment.

as you may not know, China is one of the countries that have suffered the most from the invasion of alien species in the world.

so far, more than 600 alien invasive species have been discovered, resulting in economic losses of more than 100 billion yuan a year.

Brazilian turtles are no strangers, are they? many people buy them to set them free through the pretext of doing good deeds.

you think you will be satisfied the moment you get rid of it, but once the Brazilian tortoise invades, it will be flooded. If you release one, you will be able to return your pool.

but what did the original fish and shrimp do wrong? In this way, they depleted the nourishment and living space.

is this kind of release virtuous or immoral?

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Erhai Lake in Yunnan, beautiful and tranquil, was once a poem and a distant place in the hearts of countless tourists.

has been invaded by a large number of longevity snails, which will destroy the surrounding ecosystem once the snail breaks out.

the most deadly thing is that it contains a large number of parasites, sometimes up to more than 6000 parasites.

accidentally eat undercooked snails, which can lead to headache, fever, dementia and even death.

there is also a big snail, which often haunts the grass in the road or park after the rain.

many people think it is a little cute when it is slow, but this big African snail is so bad that it is one of the first harmful invasive species to be announced in China.

eat everything, harming more than 500 kinds of crops, even cement.

what is more frightening is that their bodies and mucus contain a variety of bacteria and parasites, which can be infected by accidental touch.

there are raging red fire ants, flooding water hyacinth, Canadian yellow flower, street sweeper and so on.

there are no natural enemies, coupled with strong adaptability and fecundity, once they enter the natural environment, they directly disrupt the native biological chain.

it not only destroys the ecological balance, but also harms economic development and even human health.

however, it is infuriating that this time the alligator sparrow eel condemned by everyone is still being sold on the Internet.

not only played the best-selling signs, but even secretly changed his name to "Sparrow eel alligator".

it is hard to imagine how people with weak consciousness and only want to make money feel in their hearts.

this express is called "Lego Toys". After unpacking and inspection, the actual goods are a batch of EP (epoxy resin) tubes.

there is moist cotton in each tube, leaving an air vent, each containing a living ant.

after identification, the ants are savage harvesting ants in southern Europe, which are native to Europe and have a ferocious disposition.

Nanjing Customs seized 17 live brown widow spiders and a large number of fresh eggs on a ship about to berth.Bag.

this kind of spider belongs to the famous black widow spider, which is highly poisonous and can lead to death if it is bitten.

if it is not intercepted, the consequences may be unimaginable.

Shandong Qingdao Customs found 66 test tubes in the middle of a parcel of clothes.

there are more than 100 live Drosophila melanogaster in each test tube, and if pupae, eggs and larvae are included, the total number is more than 7000.

this kind of fruit fly has been listed as the public enemy of mankind since it was discovered, and it is extremely destructive once it invades.

in the first half of this year alone, China's customs intercepted a total of 173species and 31000 species of quarantine pests.

2925 batches of live animals and plants, including a variety of alien species, were intercepted from passengers, mailing and other channels.

this has to make people shudder.

Darwin said: "Natural selection, survival of the fittest."

Human beings are never at the top of the biological chain. Everything in the world is in the same network, each in its place and checks and balances.

if you overestimate your ability and function, introduce species blindly and destroy the ecological balance, you will eventually get revenge from nature.

on August 1, 2022, China's measures for the Management of Alien invasive species were also formally implemented, which clearly stipulated that

No unit or individual may introduce, release or discard alien species without approval.

those who introduce, release or discard alien species without approval will be severely punished.

for every ordinary person, there is actually a lot we can do to deal with the harm of species invasion:

1. Don't buy and sell at will, put away your curiosity, there will be no harm if there is no buying and selling.

2, do not release at will, use the wrong place in good faith, harm yourself and cheat others;

3. If you don't carry it at will, you can't afford the consequences of your own self-interest.

everything in the world will be reincarnated, and everything will come back to you.

the greatest protection for ourselves is to learn to fear nature, respect life, and follow the operating laws of species.

attach importance to the harm caused by the invasion of alien species and protect our common home together.