The best way to precipitate yourself

The best way to precipitate yourself
Life needs precipitation, serenity can be far away.

tree wants to grow up, it must first take root down.

people are the same, only by learning to accumulate and precipitate can they become strong.

the height of life has never been achieved overnight.

the best way to precipitate yourself is to be able to keep the prosperity, bear the temper and bear the trough.

self-discipline in prosperity

Mr. Fu Lei once wrote: "A person is so smooth that it is easy to get carried away without knowing it."

people in good times, pushed by all kinds of hustle and bustle, are apt to have the illusion of getting carried away.

I think I am so strong and strong that I don't need to work hard to control my life.

however, when you make good use of it one day, you will find that you are too complacent and self-indulgent, and it is yourself who will suffer in the end.

the more favorable you are, the more you should be sober and restrained.

form the habit of self-discipline.

Don't let yourself be influenced by the people and things around you, let alone indulge in comfort and enjoyment.

when life is going well, the best thing we should do is to be more aggressive and work hard than before.

take a long-term view, find the internal drive for action, and then make use of all the advantages of resources to constantly bless yourself and improve yourself.

at the same time, plan and manage the time, make a to-do list, and visualize the learning goals of each day.

self-discipline is painful at first, but when you internalize it into an instinctive habit, you will sincerely enjoy the pleasure and sense of value it brings.

how self-disciplined you are, how good you are.

put an end to useless socializing.

they all say that there are multiple friends and multiple paths, but this is not necessarily the case.

when a person is least short of friends, it may also be the time when one makes the slowest progress.

because you spend all your time socializing, you naturally can't focus on your own growth.

people's energy is limited, so leave it to sincere and beneficial relationships, rather than wasting it on ineffective social interaction.

truly mature people know how to subtract from life.

keep the circle smaller, stay away from meaningless people and things, and keep self-discipline in prosperity, so as to keep the course of life.

introspection in quiet place

Adult life, busyness is the norm, but when it is rare to be idle, they often feel at a loss and bored.

in fact, it is very important for everyone to learn to get along with themselves quietly.

most of the time, the reason why we are always busy and ineffective is mainly due to the lack of the ability to reflect on ourselves.

if people are confused, they will not be able to correctly understand themselves, and if they do not see the nature of the problem, they will only add to their anxiety and remorse.

the best way to cure tiredness and confusion is to sit down and think silently.

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as there is a saying in "Caigen Tan": "when people sit and watch alone in the middle of the night, they begin to feel that they are poor and truly alone, and every time they have great wit in it."

being good at solitude is not only a kind of wisdom, but also a kind of realm.

when there is no one, face yourself and reflect on yourself. after shouldering the initial loneliness, the delusions that have been blinded in your mind for a long time will be eliminated naturally.

this process is also a process to help oneself become mature, to get rid of chaos, so as to understand the true meaning and taste of life.

there are two kinds of loneliness, one is passive loneliness, the other is active loneliness.

the former often wants to escape from a person's time, looking forward to someone to accompany someone to understand, but instead makes himself fall into a deeper unease and panic.

for the latter, loneliness is not only not scary, but also fun.

they know very well that people must have their own time and space.

No matter how busy your life is, you should stop at the right time and make room for yourself.

often think about their own mistakes, always reflect on my body, and often practice their deeds.

enjoy the joy of being alone and keep your heart quiet and persistent, so that the flowers of life can always bloom.

self-improvement at trough

Life is capricious, with moments of highlights and moments of troughs.

when many people encounter troughs, they are used to sighing the helplessness of life and complaining about the cruelty of reality.

do not realize that this is the critical period for testing a person's willpower.

people who are really wise know how to be content with the trough and regard it as a reminder:

if your talent can't support your ambition, you should calm down and learn.

if you can't control your goal, you should settle down and experience it.

similarly, the trough is also a good time for a person to upgrade and add value.

when you see the boundary of your ability, you will have a better understanding of which direction you should work towards, and then give yourself a period of time to precipitate slowly.

keep on reading and studying.

in difficult times, reading is the most powerful and the fastest way to grow at the lowest cost.

the books you have read and the knowledge you have learned will be imperceptibly integrated into your bones and blood and become nutrients that constantly nourish you.

as the saying goes, the belly is full of poetry and books.

read more books, improve your strength, broaden your horizons, and many of the problems that once bothered you will be easily solved.

more importantly, with the confidence and confidence brought by knowledge, no matter how big the difficulties are, they will not be afraid.

Keep an enterprising spirit.

the trough is not terrible, the terrible thing is that I first chose to admit defeat and never recovered.

in fact, life is like a cauldron. When you get to the bottom of the pot, you go uphill in either direction.

so don't be discouraged, let alone give up easily.

what we should do is to swallow complaints, enlarge the situation, and work hard.

the worst is often the best start.

as long as you can keep calm and keep going, you will certainly be able to survive the bitter cold and usher in the warm sun of spring.

Life needs precipitation, serenity can be far away.

only by meditating and getting rid of superfluous troubles can our souls become clean and our minds become more open-minded.

only by laying down our mood and polishing ourselves patiently can we achieve the sublimation of life and live like it.

"Don't be surprised, watch the pre-court flowers blossom and fall; leave or stay unintentionally, look at the clouds in the sky."

, to cultivate a normal heart, not arrogant in good time, not dry in quiet time, not discouraged in reverse time, will eventually precipitate the best self in time.