She was once trapped into bankruptcy by her own mother and roamed the streets, but now she buys an island and basks in a luxury house: how tough is her life?

She was once trapped into bankruptcy by her own mother and roamed the streets, but now she buys an island and basks in a luxury house: how tough is her life?
Everything that can't kill you will make you stronger.

in recent years, the word "Big Lady" has been very popular.

when it comes to the big lady, the first thing that comes to mind is three big words: Zhang Shaohan.

parents threaten, friends and relatives abandon, girlfriends betray, company hides, heart attack.

anything, for the little diva at that time, was the worst stab in the heart.

but every time she appears, her little body shines as if she had never been hurt.

the original intention of many people to enter the entertainment industry is to pay their debts for their families.

Zhang Shaohan is no exception.

my father has a bad heart and is unemployed at home. Zhang Shaohan, as the eldest daughter of the family, began to wander into society at the age of 15, washing cars, washing dishes, waiters, and doing all the dirty work.

but things are still not getting better at home.

in order to pay the family's debts.

in 1999, only 17-year-old Zhang Shaohan took part in the "China-Guangzhou Pop Star" singing competition and won the first place in the Canadian division.

with the encouragement of "Bole" Lin Longxuan, she was encouraged to return to Taiwan for development.

also got her a ten-year contract with Fumao Records.

the contract brings, first of all, the invitation to audition.

Dolphin Bay Lovers, MVP Lovers and other idols threw olive branches at Zhang Shaohan.

it coincided with the prosperity of Taiwan's idol dramas at that time.

soon, her popularity rose and the life of her family was guaranteed.

among them, the song "Invisible Wings" was popular in the streets and alleys, and was even written into the composition of the college entrance examination and the speech of Peking University.

as she watched her career reach its peak, her health gave a red light.

in 2008, overwork led to a relapse of hereditary diseases in the family. Zhang Shaohan had to stop all work and go to Vancouver for treatment.

just then, mother transferred all her savings.

Zhang Shaohan, who was waiting for heart surgery, couldn't even pay for the treatment, so he had to borrow it from his friends everywhere.

when I return to my hometown in Taiwan, there is no warmth at all, but there is just no peace.

her parents teamed up with her uncle and grandmother to ask her for money.

asked her not only to pay NT $1.5 million a month for living expenses, but also to buy an apartment for each of them.

Family affection seems ridiculous in front of interests.

Zhang Shaohan, who was only 30 kilograms thin when he was ill at that time, promised to pay his parents NT $60,000 a month for living expenses and to meet their house purchase requirements in order to quell the incident.

as a result, people's hearts are not enough for snakes to swallow elephants, and "this little money" makes her parents feel insulted.

as the parents of big stars, they think they deserve more.

so they saw their daughter's weakness as a star and accused her of being unfilial, taking drugs and confusing her private life in front of the media.

at this time, the best friend also took the opportunity to take away her endorsement and assistant.

she once said:

"when I was very poor, I thought that if one day I could afford to buy a big house for my family to live in, I would be very happy. This wish came true, but it was also broken. "

the so-called realization is because she really made money and bought a house for her parents.

but it is broken because after this wish comes true, the family is no longer family.

in 2018, she made a comeback with a song "A Diao" on the "Singer" stage.

Ten years later, the bird who dared to resist was herself:

ill-fated, obsessed with indifferent, waving goodbye to youth, countless stations.

willing to be ordinary, but unwilling to ordinary defeat, you are Adiao.

program was broadcast, Zhang Shaohan posted an article expressing his mind:

"willing to be ordinary, but not willing to ordinary defeat. After so many years, I have come to understand what it means to let go.

I used to feel that many people owe me an apology, but now I can try to let it go.

looking back at those people or things, it will be a good thing lost in life. "

watching her shine on the stage, some fans said they envied her.

she responded: "the ideal life is spelled out."

it is rare to become a hit. In the year after 2018, she held 28 world tour concerts.

almost four times a month.

in order to keep in shape, practice your voice for at least 2 hours a day.

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you go to see her Weibo and find that even when no one is interested, she is still positive, either at work or in fitness.

Yoga, boxing and Pilates are all fine.

more for stage presentation,

she hasn't eaten bread and


occasionally, I can play when I am free.Piano, gourmet food, clothing research and interior design.

she always thought: "the real display of wealth is not related to money and material things, but to have a kind, brave and young heart no matter how old you are, and to get the freedom you want through your own persistence and efforts."

occasionally bask in the sun on the beach and lie in a chair to empty yourself.

this island belongs exclusively to her, and it can insulate her from the disturbance of the outside world.

and in the face of pain, she has long learned to let go:

"there is a saying to be grateful to the person who hurt you, because he makes you stronger, but I just want to say that hurt is hurt, and without these injuries, I will become stronger, because not only am I born inspirational, but I am also born strong."

years are fair. Everyone has their own darkest moments. The difference is how everyone treats them.

some bad things are like nightmares.

what Zhang Shaohan tells us is that when you wake up, don't destroy your life with such emotions.

all that can't kill you will make you stronger.