She was banned all night, and the whole network was angry: who dares to have a second child?

She was banned all night, and the whole network was angry: who dares to have a second child?
Eulogize the greatness of maternal love, but never mention the hardships of the mother before and after birth.

A mother in Guangdong shared her pregnancy and postpartum diaries on an online platform a few days ago, recording physical changes during pregnancy and postpartum.

but because of the stretch marks on the stomach, it was determined by the platform that it did not conform to the specification.

current restriction, card review, or even blocking, and finally the video is removed from the shelves, and the account is also blocked.

very soon,

"should the stretch print lens be cut off"

went on a hot search and caused a heated discussion.

netizens do not understand:

those videos with vulgar content that are playing on the edge every day have such a large traffic but are not blocked.

but this kind of popular science video of childbirth is making a mountain out of a molehill, cutting the screen and even blocking the name.

and then put a shame label on the physical changes during pregnancy.

are all part of the body, the vest line is greatly touted, and stretch marks cause discomfort.

it's not so easy to ask women to have children and to be beautiful.

this pair of labels is really difficult to understand.

has been extolling the greatness of maternal love

but never mention the difficulty of giving birth

the most ironic thing about being blocked for sharing stretch marks is:

We have been eulogizing the greatness of maternal love, but we do not mention the hardships of women being mothers before and after birth.

if you block the stretch marks of mothers, will you give birth without a trace?

many stretch marks are far more frightening than the video that was cut at the beginning.

some mothers have very deep and long scars on the scary lines, and some mothers even proliferate the blade, protruding a large piece of meat.

what many young women may not know is that some stretch marks do not grow slowly, but explode suddenly.

some time ago, I saw a mother share in surprise. I felt a slap on my butt. I looked in the mirror and found that I had a lot of new lines and felt potholes.

these stretch marks can be cut off, but those birth injuries will follow women for the rest of their lives.

like some people, stretch marks are irreversible.

some mothers say that they have stretch marks and undispersed pregnancy moles on their abdomen, and their belly is baggy. Every summer, I dare not wear cool clothes.

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among the many reproductive injuries, stretch marks are only a relatively small price.

urinary leakage, mastitis, rectus abdominis separation, pubic separation, pelvic floor muscle relaxation, uterine prolapse.

many mothers are quietly enduring the sequelae of childbirth, which are escalated by the pain index.

"since I gave birth to a baby, I ran a little, coughed and sneezed, and my underwear got wet. It's hard to say. When I have a cold and cough, I wear a sanitary napkin every day."

"after giving birth to the separation of the pubic bone, he sat in a wheelchair for more than 40 days. It hurts to take a step when you sit and stand up. "

and the shielding of these facts of birth injury, painstaking pregnancy for 10 months, is such a shameful thing in the eyes of others;

eulogize the greatness of maternal love all the time, but dare not let people know where the greatness lies.

even for mothers who have given birth, the best praise is "as if they have never given birth", blindly promoting the restoration of their sense of being a young girl after giving birth.

this is a great disrespect for women.

childbirth shame

troubles every generation of women

behind the cut of stretch marks, it is the subconscious that makes women feel ashamed of reproductive injuries.

can give birth to the physical changes that come with life? What is there to be ashamed of?

on the one hand, people ask a woman to get pregnant and give birth, but when her body starts to change, it makes her feel ashamed.

what you should really be ashamed of is the thinking and ideas behind it.

Mr. sixth floor, an obstetrician and gynecologist, once talked about why many elders kept quiet about the pain of giving birth.

he analyzed that, first, if you ask her to speak, she may not be able to speak clearly.

in clinic, he encountered many middle-aged and elderly women, such as postpartum urinary leakage, laceration and other sequelae:

they don't know anything about it, they can't describe it, they just feel uncomfortable.

second, they think it is very shameful and find it difficult to talk to their children.

in clinic, he met many middle-aged and elderly women who could not speak to male doctors, but to all of them.

the third is that women express the pain and suffering of childbearing, which is often defined as hypocritical and weak.

so they are forced to endure and get used to it.

indeed, I have seen the blogger "Galactic famous Bad Girl" share the experience of a 56-year-old aunt.

when the blogger first went to tvt for urinary incontinence surgery, he remembered very clearly that her 56-year-old aunt was dressed cleanly and behaved skillfully.

but during the physical examination, her face showed a look of shame that she had never seen before, and when she took off her pants, she knew why:

she has a thin towel in her pants for fifteen years.

it turned out that the aunt gave birth four times, and even the simple act of sitting down to standing up would leak urine, and she didn't know it was treatable in her early years.

because the mother is the same, she only thinks that "every woman is passed down by word of mouth" and is ashamed to seek medical treatment.

in order to avoid making a fool of himself in public, he wore towels regardless of cold or summer for fifteen years. I've been afraid that people will smell the urine on her.

at that time, after the blogger operated on his aunt for urinary incontinence, the whole person fell into a huge situation.The pain.

the operation took only 20 minutes, but the aunt endured it for 15 years.

20 minutes, 15 years, these two numbers are like two mountains.

think of the long years when mothers were overwhelmed by the physical and psychological torture of giving birth.

what is even more poignant is that even today, when the sequelae of childbearing are becoming more and more popular, many young women are still plagued.

once read a message from a young mother who asked her husband several times that the pregnancy marks on her stomach were so ugly that she wanted to make a good-looking tattoo to cover it.

but in fact, stretch marks are not pathological manifestations.

she uses the womb as the soil and grows lines like branches and leaves of a plant.

stretch marks, eversion of ribs, anteversion of pelvis, urinary incontinence, false crotch width, uterine prolapse, breast prolapse.

these are glorious marks, not humiliations, and deserve to be truly presented, treated and loved.

there are always people who think that saying these brilliant marks will make young women afraid of childbearing and make older women anxious.

on the one hand, letting people know about this can reduce the body training for pregnant and childbirth women made because of lack of awareness;

allows women to make choices for themselves in a state of sufficient knowledge.

on the other hand, reproductive injury has not been popularized enough for a long time.

too many older women suffer from it but are ashamed to seek medical treatment. They don't even know which symptoms can be improved by treatment.

only when these reproductive injuries are seen and understood over and over again, and only when the voices of these popular science are heard and spread over and over again, can women really benefit from childbirth.

birth damage

needs to be seen

under the topic that the stretch print video has been cut, the highest cry is:

not only should we not cut it, but also more real videos before and after birth.

because if you can't feel these intuitively, women's childbearing situation will not be really seen, and people will not understand women's hardship.

Women of gestational age have the right to know about their possible physical changes in the future.

Postpartum mothers have the right to talk about the postpartum injuries and childbearing sequelae that their bodies are experiencing.

for example, two days ago, Professor Chu Yin shared that his wife was obviously not as fit as before after giving birth to her second child.

it's easy to get sleepy. I work all night before giving birth, but I can't hold on now.

the damage to women caused by childbirth is not only physical, but also psychological.

and no matter what kind of injury it is, it should not be hidden.

sharing reproductive damage does not make people "afraid of rearing";

fear of the unknown increases women's resistance to childbearing.

I saw a mother say, "I also have stretch marks. When I took a picture of a pregnant woman, I did not repair the stretch marks. I think this is also a mark and should be retained."

"I often touch the ten-centimeter scar on my stomach. It feels like an awesome medal-a lovely little life is born because of me!"

and a group of stretch marks pictures "Earth" with the caption "from that moment on, she has changed from a flower to a piece of land, and she wants to be the land of her children."

Yes, the stretch marks in thousands of gullies are natural, the vitality, the imprint of women giving birth to life, and the honor of life blooming here.

just like the courage without heroism is the truest courage, facing the birth damage such as stretch marks is the true praise of the greatness of maternal love.

the barren earth cannot blossom, only chapped lines and unseen silence.

with the progress of social civilization, we should not allow women to speak out while becoming more and more aware of what women have experienced in giving birth.

only everyone looks at everything brought about by childbirth as usual, without concealment or beautification:

Women can weigh the pros and cons and make real choices after seeing it all, instead of being forced into childbearing.