Seven months after the divorce, Angelababy, who had been in love for 9 years, exposed: sure enough, something was wrong with you.

Seven months after the divorce, Angelababy, who had been in love for 9 years, exposed: sure enough, something was wrong with you.
Instead of looking forward to being with someone, be yourself and wait for the right person to meet.

August 8th is Ni Ni's 34th birthday.

she sent a group of photos to celebrate her birthday, and soon a friend left a message wishing her a happy birthday.

if an actress's hard power lies in excellent works with both ratings and box office, then an actress's soft power lies in her circle connections.

from this point of view, Ni Ni is in full swing.

maybe you don't know all her life stories, but you must have seen her movies and TV dramas.

the "jade ink" of the Thirteen Women of Jinling, the cheongsam outlines the Miao Man curve, red lips and black hair seductive;

"Fang fennel" in "that year in a hurry" is the tenderness of a cool breeze.

"Feng Zhiwei" in "Tiansheng long Song" bears the hatred of the country and the family, and the eunuch sea rises and falls;

the fairy "Lingxi" of "Morning fate" dares to love and hate, infatuated unswervingly;

"Golden years" Zhu lock, all kinds of amorous feelings, cut through difficulties …

her interpretation makes the characters in the play fresh and plump, and makes the audience sigh the beauty of creation when they are immersed in the plot.

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in 2011, it became internationally famous for only one work.

after many years, we have a good relationship, and we also express it on our birthday.

Liu Shishi sent her best wishes to Ni Ni, who co-starred in "Golden years".

Yang Ying and Ni Ni have a close relationship, celebrating Ni Ni's birthday for nine years in a row, never changing, never snubbing, even the love they once had

No one has been treated so well.

No wonder netizens tease that sisters are true love.

in the program, Ni Ni talked freely about her emotional views, which was purely a free woman:

"I am an active confession. I follow the fate without forcing it, and the process is more important than the result."

Yang Ying looks soft, but her feelings are strong.

"Love needs boundaries. Don't lose yourself by pandering to your feelings."

maybe it is a similar emotional concept that makes the two people know each other. As for how the concept is formed, it may be closely related to their way of acting.

after all, when outsiders look at the stars, they can only see the beautiful scenery on the stage, but they can't see the wind and frost under the stage, and they don't understand the mountains and rivers they walk through.

there are no tears pretending to be happy, and there is no blood swallowing teeth.

Today's Ni Ni, not only has a wide range of ways of acting, but also is deeply spoiled by big names because of her high sense of appearance and good taste.

people may have forgotten that when she first became famous, she was scolded by the audience.

Ni Ni was born in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province in 1988.

her parents are enlightened in education and attach importance to comprehensive quality. she likes swimming and dancing since childhood. She was a national second-class swimmer and won the championship of ballroom dance in Jiangsu Province.

after changing three high schools and having few friends, she was admitted to Nanguang College of Communication University Of China. In the class of beautiful women, she was only plain, but her temperament was unique.

Ni Ni took part in the performance smoothly, and her debut was the pinnacle.

, there has been a lot of controversy, such as school photos, emotional history, such as gossip and trivia, which made her controversial for a time.

A mediator soars into the sky, and there is no shortage of people who are jealous and malevolent.

in the face of all kinds of rumors, Ni Ni's agent denied the rumors.

the mouth is very neat, but the heart is still sore.

in the program "Women under the World", host Yang Lan asked about the impact of rumors on her family. Ni Ni raised her hand to cover her face and burst into tears.

"you say I can, but you can't say my parents."

like most parents, Ni Ni left Nanjing to decide on Beijing drifters. Her parents also suffered.

on the one hand, she is reluctant to go to the frozen north, on the other hand, she feels that her daughter needs to venture out when she is old.

but Ni Ni did not pour out grievances, and the parents pretended not to know about it, and did not remind their daughter of any sinister things, but just asked her if she had eaten well, slept well and lived happily.

when she returned home for her first meal, she gave the name of the dish without thinking.

"fried dried beans with Artemisia annua and Xuyi lobster are my father's specialty!"

the tacit understanding and care of the family is Ni Ni's courage not to be afraid of slander.

Yang Ying was born in Shanghai in 1989 and later moved to Hong Kong.

because he is of mixed race, he has been beautiful since childhood and is interested in dancing and singing, so he develops into the performing arts and fashion industry.

in 2003, she came to prominence in Hong Kong and later went to the mainland to shoot commercials. Later, she stepped into the show business and the road became wider and wider.

it can be said that Yang Ying's golden period covered a lot of big productions, such as "passionate Love in the City", "the first time", "Yunzhong Song", "ruffian Hero", "Di Renjie God Dragon King", "Ferry Man" …

Vanity Fair made a lot of gains, won the 33rd popular Film hundred Flowers Award for Best supporting Actress, and Forbes China Celebrity list No. 54, young and promising.

acting was laughed at at acting and beauty shot at fake faces. Fortunately, with the variety show "running Man", Yang Ying fought a beautiful turnaround--

A series of careful actions to make moneyThe football road is popular and gets the highest score in the whole game.

she picked up the rubbish on the ground, rubbed Li Chen's waist before the game, protected Lu Han's head when tearing the name tag, and rescued Deng Chao when he was in trouble.

the details that the camera didn't miss are what Yang Ying is used to in life.

she is good at showing people in a perfect image, and even in the face of interviews, she seldom shows her true feelings.

there is only one exception.

when Life of Adventures talked about the death of her grandmother, Yang Ying choked up and covered her face with tears.

it turns out that Yang Ying was brought up by her grandmother when her parents were busy at work. Grandma and grandson have a deep relationship, and the first income she earns is given to her grandmother. In her heart, family affection carries a lot of weight.

her biggest regret is that her parents were absent in childhood and did not force her to study hard, so that her grades were not good and her handwriting was amusing.

then she said eloquently, "I'm going to win a Grand Slam for all the film and television awards



maybe he has been spoiled since childhood to have such strength.

Ni Ni and Yang Ying met in 2014.

when filming the movie Battle of the Bride, the relationship between the two quickly warmed up and became best friends who talked about everything.

at first, netizens just went to the theatre and the two starred in order to promote the friendship of film marketing.

however, the relationship between the "sisters in need" is not cold, but a long stream of water.

since the beginning of that year, Yang Ying sent an article to celebrate Ni Ni's birthday, with meticulous copywriting and sincere feelings, which is very rare in the circle.

when Yang Ying got married, Ni Ni showed up as a bridesmaid and watched her best friend walk into the hall of happiness. Ni Ni was moved to tears.

this scene was embellished by netizens, making a fuss with bridesmaids' clothes.

Human feelings are cold in the circle, and once trampling occurs, many people will not die.

the open and secret struggle with each other fully proves the law that "interpersonal relations in your circle must be United for a long time, and must be divided for a long time."

but this rule occasionally fails.

when Yang Ying is frustrated and sad, Ni Ni is always by her side for the first time.

both people are smart, knowing that each other does not need comfort or evaluation of right or wrong, as long as they support it.

their experiences have their own twists and turns, their feelings have their own ups and downs, they have been pointed out by thousands of people, and they have never been able to argue, but those are not important.

the success or failure of right and wrong turns empty, Castle Peak is there, the sunset is red.

maybe love will not last long, maybe friendship can be on the way.

instead of expecting someone to be with, it's better to be yourself and wait for the right person to meet.

there will be both love and immortal friendship.





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