Saving money is the greatest decency for adults.

Saving money is the greatest decency for adults.
May you spend money rationally and learn to save money.


have heard such a saying: "money is not saved, but earned."

but if you don't earn much and can't save money, your life will be miserable.

in the adult world, only by letting go of face can we afford to live.

if a person pretends to be a dignitary, he will suffer later

those who show off their wealth may not be really rich, and those who cry that they are poor may not be really poor.

sometimes face is really important, but when a person is incompetent, it is often worthless.

Andrew Harlem is a teacher at an international school. in his early years, he was almost donated by his colleagues because of his poor life, but he became a millionaire in his 30s.

he wrote his idea of getting rich into a best-selling book in which he shared a story about himself and the "fake rich".

Andrew spent some time tutoring in the homes of the rich. His employer lives in a luxury villa in Singapore, and both his owner and his wife drive expensive sports cars.

after a month of work, the jeweled wife wrote Andrew a check while talking about her trip to Hawaii.

but Andrew is not interested in listening to those travel stories at all. For him, the check is more attractive to him.

he wanted to get on his bike immediately after work, but he was disappointed by the result.

the check cannot be cashed because the owner's account balance is zero.

when he angrily called to question his master's wife, the other party apologetically explained:

they still have a large amount of debt to repay, please give me a little more time.

using a good life to cover up the fact that you are not rich can satisfy one's vanity, but it is also deceiving oneself and others at the same time.

writer Gan Bei once said:

"most of the time, the decency of the weak is to hide the real cowardice."

the more a person lacks something, the more he will show off.

pretending to be a dignitary is not only a deception to others, but also a consumption to oneself.

he who knows how to act according to his ability is a wise man.

save money is not shameful, lack of money is worried about people

Life is balanced. If you don't want to save money, you have to worry about lack of money.

in the TV series "A year without work", he Yu, who resigned and was unemployed, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer as soon as he paid off his car loan.

account is far from enough for the mother's treatment expenses.

when he Yu's father learned of the high cost of the operation, he proposed to let his mother out of the hospital because he did not want to increase the burden on his daughter.

in this regard, he Yu can only allay his father's concerns, saying that he can sell cars to raise money.

this scene is somewhat sad, but it is not uncommon in life.

when we have money, we think of buying a car and a house and having fun in time.

when I was in urgent need of money, I found that I didn't hate it until I spent it, and I repented.

Adult collapse begins with lack of money.

those who have no money are closest to despair.

if you go to the hospital, you will know how many people give up treatment because they are unable to pay their medical expenses.

if you go to a remote mountain village, you can see how many children give up their studies because of their poor families.

take a look at the roadside in the early hours of the morning and you can see how many dozen workers have been on duty before sunrise. ...

the money saved in bits and pieces will become a backstop for unknown risks.

Don't feel ashamed of saving money. It's the lack of money that worries people.

abstain from spending money and keep saving

Oscar Wilde once said:

"when I was young, I thought money was the most important thing in the world, but now that I'm old, I know it's true."

A person who knows how to save is investing in the future; a person with zero savings is overdrawing the future.

people who are really capable will not only make money, but also save money.

the Millionaire next door records the story of the author Stanley interviewing a multimillionaire.

after the interview, the rich man invited him to dinner.

but the rich man did not take everyone to an upscale hotel for dinner, but chose a restaurant in a small bungalow factory.

you may wonder: why would a multimillionaire bring his own seasoning to a restaurant? Why would such a rich man eat in such a restaurant?

the millionaire said he was rich and both graduated from the top 20 universities in China with his wife.

but they don't need to define themselves by where they eat.

like many rich people, they live frugally, deposit the money they save in their accounts, and are not embarrassed by what others think of themselves.

True wealth is that you can accumulate wealth bit by bit instead of paying for your desires.

as the saying goes, it is easy to move from thrift to extravagance, but difficult to move from extravagance to frugality.

people who spend money without restraint will eventually be bound by money, and those who continue to save money will have freedom.

Life is impermanent and generous and stingy is also a skill.

keeping the money is the biggest.Decent

some people say, "money is a good servant, but a bad master."

share three ways to keep the money in your pocket.

Life is very simple, rational consumption

desire is like the sea. The more you drink, the more thirsty you feel.

it is the consciousness that adults should have to reduce their desire to consume.

A person who does not worry about money will also be a person who knows how to plan.

in the book Rich people are not what you think, the author puts forward a point: if you want to control money, you must manage it.

in life, reduce unnecessary expenses, buy what you should buy, the province of the province.

Life is less materialistic, consumption is more rational, and there will be more security in the future.

reduce social interaction and improve yourself

there is a saying:

"strive to make money so that your feelings and life will not be tested by other people's money."


increasing your income is the most direct way to make you "rich".

before that, the best thing you should do is not to improve your sense of existence with low-quality socialization, but to spend more time focusing on self-improvement.

the money spent on meaningless people and things will not bring you any profit.

work hard to improve yourself in order to double the money in your pocket.

learn to keep accounts and save money regularly

someone in Zhihu asked: "in this highly competitive society, how should ordinary people survive?"

highly praised replied: "learn to save money, continue to work hard."

Are you agitated to acquire red and white wedding dresses and be unique in a crowd? Stop searching from over-priced retailers and buy now.

in just eight words, it tells the bitterness behind adults.

write down your every expense so that you can know what you really need.

put the money saved into your account on a regular basis, and after holding on for a period of time, you will find that:

the surprise after the quantification of income and expenditure will dispel the anxiety caused by money.

Balzac has a famous saying:

"for wasteful people, money is round, but for frugal people, money is flat and can be piled up."

will not be careful, you will never have enough money.

learn to save money, what you save is security;

learn to save money, you save risk.

No one will look down on you because you are "stingy" about money, but will only respect you because you are prepared in advance.

having money in hand and having less desire in heart is the greatest decency of adults.

, may you spend money rationally, learn to save money, save money silently, and then amaze everyone.