Real breakup: learn to organize yourself

Real breakup: learn to organize yourself
May you sweep away all the encumbrances and enjoy life.




there is a point of view in "sweeping Force":

"your life is like your own room."

No matter how clean the room is, it will be stained with dust if it is not cleaned frequently, and it will be filled with sundries if it is not cleaned often.

the same is true of life. Trudging all the way is also a process of constant bearing.

only when you know how to break up, get rid of the burden, and clean up yourself, can you live a more leisurely and prosperous life.

sort out your mood

A lot of unsatisfactory things happen to everyone.

if you can't get out of it all the time, life will always be dark.

learn to change your mindset, and your life will get better and better.

Lin Qingxuan has a friend who asked him to help with the inscription when he moved to his new house.

Lin Qingxuan thought for a moment, then wrote: "often think about one or two, not eight or nine, everything goes well."

my friend was puzzled by the words and asked him what he meant.

Lin Qingxuan explained:

"nine times out of ten things go wrong in life, but at least 12% are satisfactory.

if we want to live a happy life, we must always think about the good things that are 10% to 20%. In this way, we will feel lucky and know how to cherish them. "

Wall, knocked down is the door; heart, open is heaven and earth.

when it comes to bad people and bad things, laugh it off faintly, and life should not be involved.

falls into disgrace, readjust the state and get on the road.

the quality of a day often depends not on life itself, but on mood.

even if there is no moon, the heart is bright; even if what you see is desolate, blossom in your heart.

often cherish an optimistic heart, in order to comfort the wrinkles of life, life can only be happy without sorrow.

organize the space

Liang Shuming said:

"one must first solve the relationship between people and things in one's life."

the so-called mind is born from the environment, and we are affected by the external environment all the time.

the eyes are full of mess, and they will be more or less upset.

when everything is clean and tidy, you will naturally feel happy.

the improvement of life often begins with a clean room.

Sanmao has just arrived in the Sahara and rented a house.

the house is so shabby that the kitchen sink has long been cracked and dirty yellow;

the light bulb wire is covered with flies, and the faucet is pouring out a few drops of thick green liquid.

living in it, Sanmao is always inexplicably upset.

she didn't want to make do with it, so she spent a month with Jose to fix the house inside and out, and the house took on a new look.

A visiting reporter said that this is the most beautiful desert home he has ever seen.

in this bright home, Sanmao spent the happiest time of his life.

the ancients said:

"A few bright windows make it easy to sit and lie down."

cleaning rubbish is also cleaning up the clutter in your heart.

A sloppy place is like a huge negative energy field that makes you feel down.

when the environment becomes clean, it brings not only the comfort of living, but also inner satisfaction.

finishing desire

Cai Lan once met an old man fishing on the shore.

Cai Lan found that the fish on the other side was much bigger than the one in front of the old man, so she told him, "the fish over there is big. Go fishing over there."

the old man calmly replied, "I only caught lunch."

Fish is small, but it is enough for a lunch.

there is a limit in life, but too much leads to disaster.

Schopenhauer said:

It is such a dream to be able to find just the right black ball gown petite for that special event. We have something absolutely perfect for any occasion in your life.

"Happiness is nothing but a temporary pause of desire."

only if you know how to control your desires can you keep Qinghuan.

Liang Shiqiu once dined with friends.

first the sweet smoked fish was served. Mr. Liang said he had diabetes and could not eat it.

then served rock candy elbow and Fried Rice with Meat and Vegetables one after another, but he still didn't move a single chopstick.

finally, he served "Eight Delicacies Rice", and his friends guessed that he would not eat it, because "Eight Delicacies Rice" was even more unsuitable for diabetics.

he smiled and explained that he loved Eight Delicacies Rice very much, but because of his high blood sugar, he had to avoid certain foods, so he was very restrained in front of him and left the "quota" to his favorite.

there is a saying in the Divine Comedy:

"blind greed incites people, but in the end they are subjected to torture forever."

Life is too painful, not because you earn too little, but because you want too much.

if you don't know how to abstain, you will eventually slide into the abyss of desire.

only by self-restraint and self-discipline can we live to the extreme.

sort out relationships

people's life is thousands of miles of mountains and rivers, come and go countless passengers, they constitute the whole of life.

but a person's time and energy is limited, can not complete every relationship, can not retain everyone.

instead of trying to please others, it is better to simplify your own circle, cherish what you should cherish, and decisively give up what you should give up.

while studying abroad, writer Liu Yu met a girl.

after coming and going, the two became acquainted with each other.

Liu Yu is so concerned about this relationship that he often insists onTalk to each other on the ground.

but Liu Yu was disappointed by the girl's attitude.

when Liu Yu is enthusiastically looking for topics, girls always ignore them, and pleasantries are over as soon as they begin.

when Liu Yu expressed her opinion, the girl was always tit-for-tat, and then turned into a debate with the smell of gunpowder.

after three or two times, Liu Yu finally chose to give up.

she realized that a relationship that goes to great lengths to maintain must not be an ideal state.

Bi Shumin said:

"our lives do not exist to please others."

passers-by who meet by chance will only embarrass each other if they are overzealous.

friends with different interests will only add to the burden if they are reluctantly integrated.

the Little Prince says:

"there is only one real luxury in the world, and that is human relations."

three thousand fair-weather friends are not as good as three or two bosom friends to understand you.

less useless socializing and more time for sincere people.

follow the butterfly, the smell of flowers everywhere; keep the right person, you will be happy to get along.

organize your life

No matter how beautiful a garden is, it can be desolated in only one summer if it is not often plucked and pruned.

the same is true of life.

if you rush forward rashly, it is easy to walk away from the direction.

when the Mai family began to write a book, he could polish a novel for several years.

but as requests for contributions increased, he plunged into his busy work.

when talking about the past, the Mai family always regret it very much.

as John Lennon said:

"when we are running for life, life has left us."

in life, when you are buried in pulling a rickshaw, you should also look up at the road.

Jiang Xun used to be the director of the Fine Arts Department of Tunghai University.

occasionally I want to draw a picture in my busy schedule, and I race against the clock to finish it as if I were in a hurry.

the days were surrounded by the torrent of life, and he felt more tired than ever.

he looked at life carefully and realized that he was lost.

he ruthlessly quit his job, wrote while traveling, and returned to the previous pace of life.

for everyone, wealth is not the end, but a better life is.

know how to get out and reorganize the current state of life, so that the road of life will be more smooth.

British writer Samuel Smiles said:

"everything has its place, and everything should be in its place."

organize yourself, not only to anchor the direction of life, but also to find the most comfortable state of life.

this is the way of life, knowing that in countless ordinary days, the heart is happy.

this is the way of life, knowing how to keep calm in a noisy world.

, may you sweep away all the burdens and enjoy life.



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