People without a pattern are more terrible than having no money.

People without a pattern are more terrible than having no money.
Only when you have a big mind can you have a big pattern; only with a big pattern can you do great things, and only then can you do great things.

what is the pattern?

pattern refers to the internal layout of a person's vision, breadth of mind, courage, wisdom, and other psychological elements!

there is a good saying:

"if you look down from the 80th floor, it's all beautiful;

but when you look down from the second floor, it's all rubbish. "

if a person does not have height, all he sees is problems; if he does not have a pattern, all he sees is trivial.

people without patterns are more frightening than having no money.

pattern determines the realm of life

there is a book called "pattern counterattack". On the cover of the book, there are several prominent characters:

some people counterattack by talent, others counterattack by identity. If you have nothing, you may have to rely on pattern.

people with patterns do not set limits to themselves, believe that there are 100,000 possibilities in life, and also believe that "as big the heart is, the stage is as big as it is."

Han Han said in everyone ask everyone:

"the capacity of a person when he is young is more important than anything else, which determines the width of one's life and the pattern you can build in the future."

three workers are building walls at the construction site, and they are asked what they are doing.

the first person was not angry and said, "build the wall, don't you see?"

the second person smiled: we are building a tall building.

the third man is smiling: we are building a new city.

Ten years later, the first person is still building the wall, the second person becomes an engineer, and the third person is the boss of the first two people.

the height that people can reach in life is often the height that people set for themselves psychologically, and if you don't want to reach the top, you will never succeed.

if a person does not have a big pattern, take it one step at a time and keep his eyes fixed on his eyes, it will be difficult to achieve anything after all.

Li Ka-shing founded the prototype of the Yangtze River Group at the age of 22, but it was called the Yangtze River Plastics Factory at that time.

at the beginning of his start-up, Li Ka-shing received a big order from abroad and was very happy.

because of the order, at least the whole factory can survive.

so he stayed up all night and designed the style of potted flowers that the client wanted.

but when all the products were produced, the customer called and said that there was something wrong with the company's funds, so he had to cancel the order and apologize for it.

Show a sense concinnity and harmony when in our 1920s wedding dresses. This selection are thoughtfully designed exclusively for you.

after hearing this, Li Ka-shing not only did not get angry, but said generously:

"it doesn't matter if you don't want it.

I've already designed the schema, and I'll give it to you so that you don't have to find someone to design it when you make it later.


this move deeply moved the customer on the other end of the phone.

and feel that Li Ka-shing pays great attention to honesty.

later, Li Ka-shing encountered a big bottleneck in his business and was in urgent need of funds.

at this time a man found him and offered to cooperate with him, but Li Ka-shing did not know each other.

it was later discovered that this person was just recommended by the lost foreign customer.

A person with a large pattern does not stick to immediate interests and is willing to consider the long-term road ahead.

the so-called pattern is not immutable. As you continue to learn and enrich your experience, it is also improving step by step.

it was said in the movie "the Grandmaster":

"there are three realms in one's life: seeing oneself, seeing heaven and earth, and seeing sentient beings."

different patterns determine different levels of life.

pattern determines the height of life

Zeng Guofan said: "for those who seek great things, the most important thing is the pattern."

if you want to do great things, you must first have a broad mind and a pattern; a person's vision and mind determine the height of his life.

how arrogant a person is, how successful he will be, because the pattern of mind is the sign of success.

the old subordinate of a well-known enterprise at that time suggested that

after listening, the CEO of the enterprise said:

"after making a lot of money, you don't want to make any more small money."

later, someone proposed to enter the real estate industry.

this time he slapped the table angrily and shouted:

"it's impossible for us to do real estate. Whoever brings it up later will be laid off!"

No one dared to mention it again.

when countless businessmen think about how to make money quickly, and he is not seduced by the immediate interests, he focuses on the communications industry he wants to do.

it turns out that the enterprise has done it, and it has become a leader in the industry.

A beggar who begs on the street every day will not be jealous of the person who drives a Rolls-Royce, but will be jealous of the beggar who wants more money than himself.

people without patterns are more frightening than having no money.

the so-called pattern is actually a person's vision.

people with large patterns tend to take a long-term view, while people with small patterns usually only see the present.

pattern determines the width of life

people often say, "to be a man, you must be able to afford and put it down."

to be able to afford is a kind of courage and perseverance, but to let go is a kind of mind and pattern.

I have seen such a sentence in a book:

"what does it have to do with me when flowers bloom and fall? a normal mind is not only free and easy, but also liberated.

pick it up and put it down, why force it? let nature take its course.


an old monk is on his way with a young monk.

I saw a woman crossing the river. the river was so rough after the rain that she couldn't cross it.

when the old monk saw this, he picked up the woman and put the woman down after crossing the river.

the disciple looked at it and said, "Master, men and women are not close to each other. Hold the woman in your arms and cross the river!"

Master ignored it.

the little monk muttered in his heart, and after walking for a kilometer, he couldn't help saying:

"Master, you made a mistake. Why did you hold a woman across the river?"

Master said, "I have put it down, but you have not let it go."

just like us in life, we often worry about small things or even things that have nothing to do with us.

I can't let go of one or two bad words of others. I often hate people and hate people, and pay attention to things that don't matter.

Carnegie wrote in the weakness of Human Nature:

"hatred can't hurt each other's hair, but it turns your life into purgatory."

as the saying goes, "the only way to go up is to let go."

the capacity of all things in the world is limited, so if you pick up some, you must put down some; people with patterns tend to do it more easily.

it's not that there are no painful things in their lives, but because they have patterns, understand the cost of time, and understand that one more minute of pain means one minute less happiness.

I was standing on the first floor and someone scolded me. I was very angry when I heard it.

I was standing on the tenth floor and someone scolded me. I couldn't hear clearly and thought he was saying hello to me.

I was standing on the 100th floor and someone scolded me. I couldn't see or hear at all.

raise the height of your life, magnify the pattern of your life, your future will be worth looking forward to.

Yu Qiuyu once said:

"if the pattern of human life is large, it will not sink in the trivialities of life. People who are really confident can always be simple and sonorous and forceful."

Confucius said, "A gentleman is not an instrument."

means that a gentleman should not be like a certain object, the function is limited to one aspect.

in fact, it teaches us not to be narrow, not to be rigid, not to just see the plants and trees on the road of life, but to open our minds and horizons, and to have a big pattern of standing high and overlooking life.

only when you have a big mind can you have a big pattern; only with a big pattern can you do great things, and only then can you do great things.

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