People don't understand until middle age that there is nothing in the world but family.

People don't understand until middle age that there is nothing in the world but family.
Run your family well, and your family is harmonious and happy, which is your greatest wealth in this life.




Twenty years ago, two people in the same dormitory graduated from college and took part in a job.

classmate An is smart and flexible, has a lot of drive in his work, and is soon appreciated by the leader.

classmate B has few words, can only immerse himself in his work, and is indifferent to the world.

Ten years later, both of them have got married and gradually widened the gap in their work. A has been promoted to the middle level, while B is still an ordinary employee.

sometimes, when two people meet in private, An always knocks sideways to persuade B to work harder and make more money, so as to provide a better life for his family.

B still goes his own way, working during the day, packing up things and going home from work to accompany his wife and children at night.

Fifteen years later, A became the top candidate of the company, while B became the middle leader.

Twenty years later, A finally got what he wanted to do at the top, while B is still in the middle.

in their forties, both of them have basically reached the pinnacle of their careers, and there will hardly be any greater breakthroughs.

suddenly one day, A fell tired in the office and was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

B and his wife went to visit. In the ward, only A's mother bent her back and was busy without seeing his wife and children.

A, lying on the sickbed while her mother was out, suddenly opened her mouth and said something heartfelt to B:

"We two old classmates have been working hard in this city for twenty years. Once I thought I had the upper hand, but now I realize that you are happier than I am. "

these years, An is preoccupied with his work and seldom cares about family affairs.

he has not helped his children with homework, has not held parent-teacher meetings, and he has not participated in giving advice when the child is choosing a school.

several times the child was ill in hospital, but he just ran to have a quick look, and then went back to the company to work overtime.

Children lack discipline from an early age and often cause trouble. When A realized the problem and wanted to discipline again, he found that the child had long since disobeyed him.

he often works overtime and takes part in all kinds of social activities, and his wife quarrels with him because of this, and the relationship between husband and wife has deteriorated for a time.

because of family discord, An is too lazy to go home after work and would rather go out to stay in a hotel.

although B is not as successful as An in his career, he takes care of his family very much. After having children, he spends most of his free time with his family.

after work, he seldom goes out to socialize, accompany his children to play games and help them with their homework. He can always accompany them when they have a headache.

the whole family will travel together every winter and summer vacation.

at present, children are among the best in a key high school in the city, and they basically don't have to worry about it.

B and his wife also have a very close relationship, and the couple work together to make the family sound and impressive, which is enviable.

An and B are actually a true portrayal of many people in real life.

how many people, like A, are busy making money and working hard for their careers in the first half of their lives and living in their families for the second half of their lives.

Wang Xiaobo has an excellent saying:

"when you reach middle age, you will find that there is nothing in the world but your family."

when you see too much of the intrigue of the outside world, when you are exhausted by the hardship of work and the difficulty of life, you will find that home is your last place in the world. "

A person's greatest strength is that no matter how hard and tired he is outside, he will always have peace of mind.

this steadiness comes from a stable and harmonious family.

two days ago, I saw an interview by Yu Minhong in his early years.

Yu Minhong claims that he is neither a qualified husband nor a qualified father.

after the founding of New Oriental, he was so busy with his career that he spent less time with his family and spent more than 16 hours a day working.

until late one night, he received a call from his wife saying that his daughter had a sudden stomachache and went to the hospital for an examination, but could not find any illness and was in danger of life at any time.

Yu Minhong was having a very important meeting in Beijing at that time. He left his job and hurriedly flew to Shanghai and then drove to Yangzhou.

when he arrived at the hospital, his daughter was in a coma and the doctor put the operation bill into his hand and asked him to sign it quickly.

then the daughter was sent to the operating room, and two hours later, she was finally rescued.

at this point, Yu Minhong choked up and burst into tears.

after experiencing this, he no longer works as hard as before, but frees up more time to spend with his family.

then he found that New Oriental's business had not been affected, and he himself felt the unprecedented warmth brought by his family.

Yi Shu has a saying like this:

"when I was forty, I was in good health, had a little savings, my husband was considerate, my children were obedient, and I had a job I really liked. I didn't have to be famous or rich."

people always want to make a world outside when they are young.

at a certain age, you will find that it is your family that really determines the quality of your life.

Zhou Guoping wrote in "I like Life as it is"

"No matter how brilliant your career is and no matter how great your achievements are in society, if you can't live in harmony with your family, or even have no time to get along with your family at all, the family willCan not be called home, such a life is fundamentally flawed. "

in the second half of life, the greatest happiness is that husband and wife love and help each other, their parents are healthy and their children enjoy happiness.

the writer Rizhao Laoka once told his own story in the book.

after divorce, for more than five years, he suddenly woke up from his dream and curled up in the corner of the wall.

in the lonely and desolate days, thinking of his former happiness, he felt more and more deeply:

Life is like ice, covered with frost. But the family, like a wall, can always give people the warmest guard.

Rizhao old card said with emotion:

"I have experienced great joys and sorrows, and I have also had days of great wealth and wealth. Now I just want to live a plain life. Someone who loves me will accompany me to listen to the sound of barefoot stepping on the floor. "

I very much agree with the poet Heine's sentence:

"I would rather form a happy family with a small cup of truth, goodness and beauty than a dull family with several boatloads of furniture."

the family is weak, and there is no interest in living in the high house and Huatang; if the family is harmonious, they are satisfied with living in the bamboo hedge cottage.

someone once said to Yang Jiang, "one of you husband and wife is a scholar and the other is a writer, which is a great achievement."

Yang Jiang replied faintly, "the writer is not a great achievement. My greatest achievement is that I have a good family."

, running your family well and making your family harmonious and happy is your greatest wealth in this life.


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