One's greatest vision is to invest in a family.

One's greatest vision is to invest in a family.
Based on character, a family can become more and more prosperous.


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at the dinner table, he will tell some moral education stories vividly, share all kinds of interesting things in life, and improve the relationship with his family.

for a visionary, any great investment is not as good as an investment family.

invest in happiness with your heart

Harvard University has a famous Grant study.

the experiment lasted 76 years, followed the lives of 268 people, and finally found that:

the most important factor in a happy life is not wealth or fame, but a partner.

throughout one's life, the good or bad of marriage hides the quality of life for the rest of life.

actor Liang Jiahui was still a very poor boy when he was dating Jiang Jiannian.

one year, on Jiang Jiannian's birthday, Liang Jiahui gritted his teeth and decided to invite her to drink high-end coffee.

Liang Jiahui happily ran to tell Jiang Jiannian that he could often invite her to drink in the future, and he recommended the shop to his colleagues.

as a result, my colleague came back and complained: "it's too expensive, there's no discount at all."

Liang Jiahui went to find out what was going on, and the waiter told him:

"your girlfriend told us that whenever you bring her to spend money, there will be a 50% discount and she will make up the rest of the money."

Liang Jiahui has been nicknamed "Liang 50% discount" since then.

he was so moved that he secretly vowed to live up to Jiang Jiannian in his life.

and Jiang Jiannian suffered from a disease after giving birth to two daughters.

because she took a lot of hormone drugs and got out of shape, she was described by the Hong Kong media as a "fat, haggard-looking aunt".

every time he goes out, he holds his wife with his fingers clasped.

every tenth wedding anniversary, he holds a wedding for his wife.

because of this deep affection for each other, the two of them are able to stay with each other until they grow old in this chaotic world.

on the way of life, the only one who really walks with you in the second half of the journey is your partner.

if you accompany him to carry the hardships of life, he will go through the hardships of life with you.

if you can understand that it is not easy for him, he will know that you are hot and cold.

feelings are like a circle, all the efforts will flow in each other.

be kind to the person next to you, a sincere and unchanging heart, in exchange for a long life of happiness.

invest in education with companionship

writer Rao Xueli said: "companionship is the best education for children, and education is just different ways of companionship."

in the 1980s, the youngest son of Edward, a dentist, was fascinated by the artistic effects of movies and said he wanted to make movies.

instead of taking his child's words as a joke, father Edward bought a hand-held camera, took time out of his busy work and worked with his son to make a film.

at the age of 10, children are interested in programming.

at that time, the Internet was just emerging, and Edward didn't know much about it, but he was still messing around.

in Edward's educational philosophy, it is the most important thing to grow up with children.

later, the child was admitted to Harvard University and founded the famous social network Facebook.

this kid is Mark Zuckerberg.

seed is not nourished by sunshine and rain, so we can't expect it to grow into a towering tree.

the growth of children is also the same. Without care and guidance, it is difficult to stand out.

A child is like a blank sheet of paper. What is written on the paper depends on the parents.

those days of attentively getting along with each other depict the future of the child.

every child has the potential to become a talented person. It is the different companionship of the parents that gives the child a different life.

Investment style by rules

among the hundred surnames, the surname Qian ranks second.

since the five dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, the Qian family has been known as "the first family in Zhejiang and Zhejiang for thousands of years".

and all this comes from the Qian Family motto founded by Qian Kui.

at that time, the Qian family made remarkable achievements in governing Wu Yue. Tang Yizong Qin gave Qian a "golden book and iron coupon" so that he could not die nine times and his children and grandchildren three times.

others must be overjoyed to get the death-free gold medal, but he was so worried that he couldn't fall asleep.

because since the Han Dynasty, families that have received iron coupons tend to rely on their favor and become proud of themselves, and eventually lead to the downfall of their families.

in order to avoid such a situation, Qian Kui believes that "if you want to build a beautiful family, you must establish good rules." so he founded the Qian Family motto, which lays down guidelines for self-cultivation, family governance, study, and social life.

every child has to read the Qian Family motto from an early age, and because of this, Wu Yue Qian has been able to produce a large number of talents.

Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty felt that his family's godson was virtuous, so he gave him a plaque-Qingfen Shishou.

when people live in the world, they should have the law to live in the world.

A man who loses his measure will get into trouble, and a family without rules will lead to decline.

as the writer Liu Yong said, "you don't want to give it to your children."If you set the rules, someone will teach the child a lesson. "

in order to make his children learn to be independent and respectful, he laid down various rules at home.

for example, to restrict children to strictly follow the schedule, such as no barbaric and vulgar words and deeds.

later, when Liu Xuan was admitted to Harvard University, he realized his father's well-intentioned intentions:

for 21 years, I hated your discipline, but 21 years later, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

No matter how prosperous a family is, it will be decadent if the rules are not established and the style is not right.

Cai Yuanpei wrote in "the cultivation of the Chinese people" that the family is also the school at the beginning of life.

A good family style is better than a million famous schools.

invest in character

the ancients said, "the family of morality has been handed down for more than ten generations."

the foundation of a long family often lies in good character.

Fan Zhongyan of the Song Dynasty personally wrote the letter to teach his son, hoping that future generations would be kind to others.

once, Fan Zhongyan asked his second son, Fan Chunren, to transport wheat.

on the way, Fan Chunren met his acquaintance Shi Manqing and learned that he had no money to transport the coffin back to his hometown at the funeral of his relatives, so he gave him all a shipment of wheat.

Fan Chunren returned home and dared not mention it.

Fan Zhongyan asked him about his experience on the road, and Fan Chunren replied:

"I met Shi Manqing, who had no money to carry the coffin back to his hometown because of the mourning of his relatives."

Fan Zhongyan immediately said, "Why don't you give him all the wheat on board?"

Fan Chunren replied, "I already gave it to him."

Fan Zhongyan was very happy to hear this.

because Fan Zhongyan asked his family to cultivate themselves, accumulate virtue and do good deeds, Fan's prosperity continued to flourish for 800 years from the Song Dynasty to the late Qing Dynasty.

the brilliance of a family is indispensable to the nourishment of moral character.

the family instructions left by Pei's uncle Pei Runsheng have been remembered by the Bei family for generations:

"it is better to give birth to children than to virtue."

the Bei family did business and made their families rich, but they were never mercenary, but virtuous.

they donated money to build the Pingmen Bridge in Suzhou, the first public kindergarten in Suzhou, and Bei's Yizhuang, which specializes in charity.

when Pei's father, Pei Zuyi, held an important position in the financial industry, none of the brothers and nephews of the Pei family worked in the same industry, but none of them worked in the bank he was in charge of. Others thought he was upright and selfless.

because of the persistence of self-restraint and morality, the Bei family still continues the glory of their ancestors.

Talent is not as good as virtue, and money is not as good as quality.

Wanzhang tall building begins in the base, based on character, a family can become more and more prosperous.

someone once said to Yang Jiang that one of your husband and wife is a scholar and the other is a writer, which is a great achievement.

Yang Jiang replied faintly that the writer is not a great achievement, but my greatest achievement is that I have a good family.

in life, we always ask outside, want to earn a full waist, want to get ahead, but in fact, the most worthy of our attention is the family behind us.

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