No gossip, no gossip, no idle people.

No gossip, no gossip, no idle people.
Busy, can cure all troubles, but also the best health in the world.

Life is a self-cultivation.

everyone has his own way of living, and you can't measure other people's lives with your ruler.

the best way to live a person's life for the rest of his life is not to gossip, not to gossip, and not to be idle.

Don't gossip, it's upbringing

there is a saying in the maxim United Wall: "sit still and often think about your own mistakes, and don't talk about others."

in a small way, gossip is just a few gossip complaints after dinner; at large, gossip is a low-quality expression of wanton speculation and arbitrary evaluation of others.

No matter what is small or big, every word of gossip in your mouth will greatly reduce your image in the hearts of others.

slowly, you will find that fewer people are willing to talk to you and fewer people are willing to listen to you.

there is a saying that "oral karma". If you say hurtful gossip, you are creating karma for yourself.

actress Ruan Lingyu put three bottles of sleeping pills in the porridge and committed suicide.

the trigger is because a tabloid commented on her private life and made malicious speculation.

in your unbridled gossip, the truth has long since changed beyond recognition.

later, with the mutiny of public opinion, Ruan Lingyu was overwhelmed and absolutely left the world.

when talking is gossip, there is no blood, but if there is too much oral karma, retribution will come to you sooner or later.

as the saying goes, "the depth of the water is silent, the man is steady, the heart is kind, but the action is long."

the most basic self-cultivation and kindness of a person is to keep his mouth shut and not gossip.

because you never know what others have been through, you are not qualified to gossip and judge behind your back.

to be a man, you can't go with the tide. You should learn to be a wise man who doesn't listen to the voice of gossip and doesn't talk about other people's things.

being kind-hearted, being cautious in words and deeds, and not gossiping are the wisdom of life and our lifelong practice.

mind your own business, it's self-cultivation

in the constant words of awakening the World, it is said: "if you don't mind your own business, don't talk hard if you don't speculate."

there are only three things in this world: your own business, other people's business, and God's business.

We can't take care of God's affairs, we must take care of our own affairs, and don't mess with other people's affairs.

the greatest stupidity of a person is to meddle in other people's affairs and think he is warm-hearted. In fact, it will not only bring trouble to others, but also find discomfort for himself.

once read a joke, but the truth is very deep.

A child was eating ice cream when an adult suddenly came up to him and said to him, "Children, eating ice cream is bad for your health."

the adult joked: "is it because you don't eat ice cream?"

the child said, "No, because my grandmother is never nosy."

it's really not our turn to worry about other people's affairs, so don't always think about interfering with others with your own demands.

there is a saying in the poem: "pay the plum blossom behind closed doors, regardless of the month before the court."

Don't worry about other people's lives, whether it's good or bad. Just take it easy.

otherwise, meddling with others will only make them miserable and waste their own time and energy.

the real win-win is to control your own hands, not to meddle in other people's affairs, to make people feel comfortable and to be happy.

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Don't be idle, it's maintenance

there is an old saying: "idle people worry more, lazy people get sick, and busy people are happy."

it is a blessing to steal leisure from busy time, but people who are idle will be discouraged and may become a disaster.

to be an idle person with nothing to do, it is easy to be delusional and lazy, and you will be more worried and sick.

learn to find something for yourself to do, the heart will be full of fun, the body can be full of vitality.

Qi Baishi is 90 years old and still writes continuously, insisting on making five pictures a day.

but only once, on his birthday, he was busy entertaining guests from morning till night. He lacked energy and went to bed.

the next day, when he got up without eating, he would pick up his pen and draw, and no one would persuade him to rest.

he said to his family, "I didn't paint yesterday. I should draw more pictures today to make up for yesterday

'idle'. "

with Qi's reputation, he doesn't need a name, and Qi's age won't make a profit.

he just feels that daily activities, painting and writing, on the contrary, a lot less thinking, more childishness, the whole person can be much more comfortable.

not being an idle person is not only a way for Qi Baishi to encourage himself, but also the best physical and mental maintenance.

as it is said in "persuading the people": "We do not see idle people with long energy, but we can see that labourers have strong muscles and bones."

people forget troubles, age and time when they are busy.

people who are idle have a full life and a happy mood. They have no time to grow old at all. On the contrary, their bodies will live younger and younger.

walking in the world, you can occasionally idle down to adjust yourself, but you can't be an idle person who has nothing to do and neglect yourself.

busy, can cure all troubles, but also the best health in the world.

, may you and I stay away from gossip, gossip and idle people for the rest of our lives, and move confidently and firmly to the future and to a better life.