Nine mottos against anxiety are given to you who are very tired

Nine mottos against anxiety are given to you who are very tired
Learn to slow down and love yourself. Only if you please yourself can you please others.

there are books


there is a saying: "if you are less than one hundred years old, you often have a thousand years of worry."

people encounter numerous problems every day in their lives.

worrying about everything will not solve any problems, and will even plunge yourself into self-doubt.

excessive anxiety can really drag down your life.

Today, I would like to give you 9 proverbs to help you get rid of anxiety and comfort your soul.

most of your anxiety is because you think too much and do too little.

psychologists have done such an experiment:

subjects were asked to record their troubles in the coming week and put them into an "annoyance box" set up in advance.

three weeks later, the psychologist opened the box and invited the subjects to check it one by one.

as a result, we were surprised to find that 90% of the worries we had previously worried had not happened at all.

as the writer Matsuura Mitaro said:

"those who are often trapped in anxiety and anxiety tend to think too much about the future."

most of the time, worry and anxiety arise because we think too much and do too little.

before I started, I was worried that the road ahead would be too rough, that I would not be able to tide over the difficulties, that I would hesitate before and after thinking, and that I would accomplish nothing in the end.

however, everyone has only one life, and the consequences of anything are known only after they have been done, and the results are not known until they are done.

instead of thinking too much, it is better to keep your feet on the ground.

be willing to push yourself to know how far you can go.

what really bothers you is not the difficulty itself, but the imaginary negative hints to yourself over and over again.

in the vast Sahara Desert, there lives a kind of earth-gray gerbil.

they hoard grass roots all day long, and gerbils never stop even if the grass roots are rotten.

it turns out that gerbils have experienced the dry season, and from then on, this worry about food is deeply embedded in gerbils' genes and is no longer stable.

many people in life are not like gerbils.

they worry all day long and feel that life is difficult and that they have no way to go.

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the worst thing about life is to live in imagination and let pessimistic hints stifle our potential.

there is no insurmountable hurdle in life, no slope that cannot be climbed.

always want to be overwhelmed by negative hints, so try to vent your worries.

after calming down, find the right solution.

only when one dares to face fear can one really drive it out of one's heart.

failure in the examination does not mean that the future is ruined; frustration in the workplace does not mean that life is hopeless; emotional frustration does not mean that you will die alone all your life.

the book inverse quotient points out that

"in this era full of variables, adversity is everywhere. As long as you are still moving forward, you will experience ups and downs and failures."

people live all their lives, in fact, they are breaking through customs and fighting monsters all the way.

occasional obstacles and stumbling blocks are no big deal.

if you give up because of this, instead of solving the problem, it will affect your life.

and those frustrations and frustrations in life are just episodes of a long life.

it may make us hesitate at the moment, but when you look back on the past, you will be grateful for these experiences that have brought us rare wealth in life.

when the car comes to the front of the mountain, there must be a way, and the boat will go straight when it comes to the bridge.

Don't worry about temporary setbacks. Live every day in order to live a good life.

the consequence of excessive anxiety is to deepen your fear of the future, which in turn weakens your motivation and makes you accomplish nothing.

A survey of 2000 adults conducted by scientific research institutions found that

about 72% of people have anxiety to varying degrees.

what's more, because of excessive anxiety, they become nervous, tired, insomnia, and happiness is significantly reduced.

excessive anxiety can really ruin our lives.

in fact, the same day, you can choose to worry, or you can choose to be happy.

instead of living in fear of the unknown, try to calm down, overcome your anxiety and focus on your immediate actions.

next time, when you feel anxiety is inevitable, try several methods recommended in the anxiety Relief Handbook: how to heal from anxiety:

try abdominal breathing for 3-5 minutes to make yourself feel calm gradually.

call or talk to someone you trust and pour out your troubles;

go for a walk outside and do housework to relax yourself.

try boldly and act as soon as possible, and after a few years, you will thank yourself for your efforts.

Don't let anxiety ferment, calmly examine your internal needs, break down big problems into small tasks, and start with the least stressful parts.

some people say that facing anxiety is the best attitude towards life.

if you think about it, it is true.

if anxiety is allowed to ferment, it will only disrupt the self-rhythm and disturb the life plan.

only when you know how to explore inward and calmly examine your internal needs, can you understand the real cause of your troubles.

from now onAt first, set some small goals for yourself and subdivide all the difficult tasks into practical small tasks.

start with the part with the least pressure, step by step, and simplify the complexity.

remember, the only way to beat yourself is the next second of your own.

only by looking at everything calmly can we find every breakthrough objectively and perfectly.

try to divert attention, read books, exercise, develop simple hobbies, and regain confidence in life.

Zhu Guangqian said:

"people have to be interesting in order to be alive.

Life is the joy you experience in life, and vitality is the strength you need to develop your life. "

hobby is not only a good way to get rid of anxiety, but also a powerful way to enrich your life.

if you are anxious about the status quo, try to divert your attention.

read some good books, stick to a favorite sport, learn painting and illustration, and expose yourself to new things.

as Liang Qichao said:

"mortals must often live in interest before life is worth living."

when life has a hobby, life has vigor and vitality.

only if you have a hobby can you resist the long years.

hand over the actions to the present and the results to time. Efforts are a process of slow accumulation, and you should keep calm.

"all fear of the future is nothing but anger at one's own incompetence."

most of the time, people feel anxious because of their current way of thinking and ability to work, unable to cope with complex situations in the future.

in fact, no one is born to be strong, and no one is born to know everything.

the reason why successful people are able to look ahead is not that they are inherently superior to others, but that they go all out.

Don't worry too much about immediate gains and losses, and don't care too much about future results.

calm down and calm down; if you don't know how to go to school, ask if you don't understand.

when you do your best, you will naturally get the results you want.

where one goes in the future depends not on imagination, but on what he has done today and how well he has done.

there is such a sentence:

"your present is shaped by your past; your future depends on your present."

everyone hopes to have a bright future and a happy life.

but no matter how perfect the idea is, if you don't put it into action, it will be a castle in the air.

really smart people know how to spend their time and energy in the present.

do every little thing well, live every day well;

make a little progress every day and make good use of every fragmentation time.

over time, you will find that every time things move forward, your anxiety will be reduced by one point.

the gap between you and others is gradually widening, and the future you want will slowly come true.

being prepared to live every day in the present is the best gift for the future.

in psychology, there is a Festinger rule.

means that 10% of what happens in life is made up of what happens to us, while the other 90% depends on how we deal with it.

facing the future, the key lies not in the change of the world, but in whether we are ready and know how to improvise.

as the Family motto of Zhu Zi says, "it is advisable to prepare for it without rain, and dig wells without thirst."

from now on, prepare in advance, live the present, and grasp the present.

Don't put too much pressure on yourself, and don't worry about the future.

take every step in order to get to the place you want.

you should know that the best life is never in the future, but in the present.

Victor Frank said in his book living the meaning of Life:

"when the external environment becomes bad, we have at least one freedom: the freedom to choose how to face it."

whether life is anxious or not, in fact, the initiative is in our own hands.

just like everyone will go through a difficult time, through it, life will suddenly become clear.

Life is always bittersweet, don't be afraid, don't give up.

May everyone get rid of anxiety and walk more smoothly on the road of life in the days to come.

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