Law of attraction: all encounters have cause and effect.

Law of attraction: all encounters have cause and effect.
May you meet the person you want to meet and go to the distance where you want to go. There is sunshine everywhere in life.

writer Rhonda Byrne sets forth a "law of attraction" in Secret:

is that people's thinking activities produce a certain frequency, which attracts people, things and things with the same frequency to cause resonance, and then leads the things they think to us.

it turns out that fate did not issue cards at random, and it laid the groundwork overnight.

everyone is a walking magnetic field, constantly attracting corresponding people and things into life, some joyful, some sad.

meeting is not an accident, nor is it an accident, whether it is good or bad, it is because of your energy.

all encounters are the people you should meet

the writer Liu Tong told the story of his best friend Chen Mo in "one person is one person".

about ten years ago, Liu Tong accidentally saw an exclusive interview with Chen Mo in a fashion magazine, which took up four articles.

Liu Tong was still unknown at that time, nor did he know Chen Mo, thinking that Chen Mo could be "given preferential treatment" by the magazine because of his connections. Liu Tong searched Chen Mo's name on the Internet out of curiosity, and was shocked after reading the profile.

Chen Mo, 29, is not only the public relations director and spokesman of Procter & Gamble, but also the fastest promoted Chinese in Ogilvy Advertising before that.

Liu Tong did not expect that Chen Mo and himself were about the same age, but they had rich experiences and made great achievements. at that time, an idea occurred to Liu Tong: "I really want to know him."

so, holding the attitude of trying, Liu Tong found Chen Mo's Weibo and sent a private message. He did not expect to receive Chen Mo's reply 13 minutes later.

Liu Tong thought he was lucky. When they exchanged contact information, Chen Mo saw Liu's nickname with social software and asked:

"have you ever published a book? Is there another blog with the same name? "

Liu Tong was surprised. Chen Mo said he had been reading the articles written by Liu Tong on his blog and was very impressed.

Liu Tong was not very confident and felt that there was a big gap between himself and Chen Mo. After listening to Chen Mo, he immediately felt much more relaxed and could not help feeling: "it turns out that our respective efforts can be seen."

since then, the two have become friends. When Liu Tong encountered problems in life and work, Chen Mo would spare no effort to help.

Liu Tong participated in a career show, and the program group asked him to recommend guests, and he immediately thought of Chen Mo.

up to now, Liu Tong and Chen Mo have been talking about everything, which is an important part of each other's growth.

We once thought that all the encounters were accidental, but we found out after careful consideration:

people meet, there are foreshadowing before, all meet, are the people you should meet.

Shen Congwen said: "our meeting is preordained, all the practice in the past, just to meet you."

We met each other for the first time but accidentally rubbed our shoulders, but later we realized that it was inevitable to meet each other.

Friendship or love, meeting and missing are all fate. Some people are here to help you, others are here to ferry you.

the person who brings harm is to teach you a lesson, and the excellent and warm person is to accompany you.

all encounters are due to fate. When your magnetic field increases day by day, good fate is slowly approaching.

all good results are due to the good causes you have planted

many times, when we encounter ups and downs, we always complain about bad luck and put all the blame on fate.

but whether fate is not favored, or self-impotence, obviously the latter is closer to reality.

in the TV series "wife's Choice", the emotional experts are all tricks, just to climb higher, never thought of being dragged down the stage by a bad thing.

Qi Miao is strong and indifferent in marriage, but in the book she advocates that girls should be gentle and obedient, please their partners, and induce girl Xiaoyu to lose herself in front of her boyfriend until she commits suicide in despair.

in order to avenge her sister and save other misled girls, the heavy rain applied to Qi Miao as an assistant to secretly collect evidence of her inconsistency.

Qimiao eventually collapsed, the company went bankrupt, and there was no one around to help.

Qi's wonderful ending actually has a clue for a long time. Her hypocrisy, selfishness and calculation have created the present bleak and desolate.

Life is like an open land, what kind of seed you sow, what kind of fruit you will reap.

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in an alley in Changsha, Hunan, there is a rice noodle shop where crowdfunding was born.

the boss's name is Liu Guoxing, and he is honest and warm-hearted. He does everything he can to help his neighbors. It is common for him to repair the plumbing for this house and change the light bulb for that family.

the old people in the community regard Liu Guoxing as their own child and affectionately call him "Zi Zi".

in 2008, Liu Guoxing unfortunately lost his job, his wife did not have a job, and he had two children to support.

Liu Guoxing was worried about his livelihood when an eldest sister told him that there was a nearby store for rent for only 4000 yuan.

Liu Guoxing wanted to rent, but the money was not enough. The eldest sister learned that she directly took out 2000 yuan, and that other acquaintances also gave you 2000 yuan.

the neighbors also took out their own wok and induction cooker to buy equipment for the store, and on the opening day, all acquaintances came together to support and lively.

but because the taste is not very good, many customers visit once and never come again.

one day, an old man took Liu Guoxing aside during his spare time and patiently instructed him how to boil soup and make sauce to make rice noodles more tasty.

after the advice of the old man, Yang Guoxing's rice noodles taste greatly improved, business is getting better and better, and has become a well-known breakfast stand around.

MiyazakiHayao said: "the heartIf you have good intentions, you will meet angels along the way. "

the circumstances of life are seeds sown with your own hands, cool or warm, depending on your choice.

Evil consequences must arise from evil thoughts; good results are all caused by planting good causes.

fate has been watching silently, maybe sometimes gentle will come later, but will never be absent.

will eventually be affirmed and rewarded, affirming your choice and rewarding you with warmth.

what kind of person you are, what kind of life you attract

when the Law of attraction was discovered, people thought that as long as they kept thinking about it, they could attract all the expectations.

in order to verify whether positive energy dreams have an impact on test scores, the researchers conducted group tests on students who are about to take the mid-term exam.

the first group of students spend a lot of time every day imagining how they will feel after getting good grades.

the second group of students imagine when and where they will take the exam, and how should they prepare for the exam?

the third group of students did not imagine the task, but just reviewed in a down-to-earth manner.

Test results show that

the first group of students did the worst in the exam because they were in their imaginary dreams every day. Although they could gain confidence, they made little preparation for the exam.

the second group of students did the best in the exam, because imagining the behavior of preparing for the exam serves as a reminder that they can put it into practice under a detailed plan.

this is the most realistic "attraction", and the result depends on the individual's mode of thinking and behavior.

I have seen the experience of a girl who is sweet and tall. She worked as a graphic model in an agency after graduation.

many models in the same company want to marry a rich man while they are young and beautiful, but the girls don't think so.

other people go in and out of parties and high-end places with exquisite makeup, but she hides at home to read and study. Someone asks her, "what's the use of being a model and studying cultural industry management?"

the girl smiled and said, "I can't be a model all my life. I'll try to become an agent in the future."

the girl also met a partner who appreciated each other. The two met and fell in love with each other, and later set up their own brokerage company together.

and the girls who wanted to take shortcuts, some watched their husbands live every day, and some wasted years of youth for nothing.

the poet Neruda said: "when the beautiful leaves fall, the context of life can be seen."

Youth and beauty will gradually fade away. Under the baptism of time, skinny swimmers will not survive the winter.

the energy field of life, what kind of person you are, what kind of life you will attract.

if you want to live brightly and brightly, please try your best to store energy, the light of borrowing will eventually go out, and your own light will never go out.

all encounters are causal

Dong Qing said in the Reader:

"everything in the world is met."

just as cold meets warmth, there is rain; spring meets winter, there are years; heaven meets earth, there is eternity; people meet people, there is life.

constantly meeting is the loudest symphony of life. With meeting and interweaving, you will have a rich life.

A long way, how many waves, how many fate, all meet, are cause and effect.

the companionship and harvest of the moment are silent rewards. All you have to do is live in the sun, and what you should come is already on the way.

, may you meet the person you want to meet and go to the distance where you want to go. There is sunshine everywhere in life.

be full of high energy on the road of life, plant flowers and trees, plant time, and build your own ideal forest.