Laughter is the cure for everything.

Laughter is the cure for everything.
Coffee is bitter, you might as well add some sugar; if life is not going well, you might as well smile.


I have heard a saying: "taste the world with peace of mind and look at life with a smile."

when you encounter something unhappy, just smile.

when you meet someone you don't like, smile and forget it.

there is nothing that cannot be solved. Time will tell you the answer quietly.

smile, ten years younger

Sun Simiao said in the Tang Dynasty: "Changle has a high life expectancy."

people who maintain a happy mood for a long time are physically stronger than ordinary people.

once all aspects of function are coordinated, immunity will naturally be raised, and people will live younger and younger.

have seen a true story:

Faraday, a British chemist, is busy with research and work all day. Because of his extreme mental tension, Faraday often had a headache in his later years.

then I met a doctor and wrote a special prescription with the words "a clown in town is better than a dozen doctors."

the clever Faraday read the meaning of the doctor and often went to the theatre to see comedies.

after laughing, his tense spirit relaxed, and his headache was greatly relieved.

Life doesn't sing all the way, it will trip you inadvertently.

but even if life closes this door, you should try to open a window for yourself.

and smile is the key to this window.

Research shows that laughing and smiling can effectively relieve the pain caused by a series of diseases such as depression and anxiety disorders.

people often say, "it takes less than ten years to smile; when you are sad, your head is white."

Life is like a mirror. If you laugh, it will be clear; if you cry, it will rain cats and dogs.

Wayne State University conducted a smile study of Major League Baseball players in 2010.

Research shows that the blooming degree of a player's smiling face can predict the length of his life.

the average life expectancy of players without a smile in the photo is only 72.9 years, while the average life expectancy of players with a smile is nearly 80 years.

when you are alive, it is not as usual. Instead of sighing all day long, it is better to laugh off.

No matter good or bad, smile more, life will be better and better, and your body will be healthier and healthier.

as the colorful girl in Sou Shen Zhuan said, "smile and the lottery will come naturally."

laughter has the power to change life

I like a movie called Heidi and Grandpa:

Heidi is an unfortunate child, and life always jokes with him, first making him lose his parents, then being abandoned by his aunt and being disliked by his only grandfather.

No matter how big the misfortune is, Heidi always has a bright smile on her face.

say hello to Grandpa warmly in the morning, run with your partner to herd the sheep in the Alps, everything looks good to Heidi.

Heidi's smile continues to infect the people around her because of the power of change hidden in it.

it made the lonely grandfather hospitable and helped Clara, who lost her mother, get back on her feet from her wheelchair.

We can't control the pace of life, but we can change our attitude towards it.

if you are in the doldrums, precipitate yourself with a smile.

if you are in sorrow, warm yourself with a smile.

people come and go, and the world with heavy traffic is so noisy that it is better to smile.

because laughter is the cure for everything.

in feudal times, Tao Yuanming laughed off the intrigue in officialdom.

the sentence "picking wild flowers by the fence, inadvertently saw Nanshan" said that washing the lead is the true meaning of life.

the life of sunrise and sunset gave him a peaceful heart.

the villain slandered, the powerful officials excluded, and Su Shi laughed up to the sky.

the sentence "Life is only a hundred years, why not laugh at him for 36000 games" expresses an optimism and free and easy.

raise his glass and face the bright moon's state of mind to make him forget all kinds of unhappiness in the past.

like Xi Murong's sentence very much:

"setbacks will come and they will pass; tears will flow down and they will stop."

in times of adversity, worrying and crying won't help. It's better to save your energy and look at your life with a smile. Maybe there will be a surprise waiting for you at some corner.

laughter is the cure for bad mood

Zhang Xiaoxian said: "living in this small city, many people also have two faces." One face smiles, the other cries. "

We always subconsciously greet people with smiling faces and keep secretly crying faces for ourselves.

when the people around us are sad and sad, we will not hesitate to comfort him with smile and care.

but you forgot to give him the brightest smile when you hurt yourself secretly in the corner.

like the plot of the TV series "smiling Pepsi" very much:

the hero he Qun was robbed of his girlfriend by his younger brother Ah Zhe and was betrayed by both affection and love.

at the corner of the street, the depressed he Qun met the hostess who knew the poem, and was gradually deeply moved by the optimism of the poem.

because in Xiao Shi's mind, life is like this, and there is nothing that cannot be solved. Just smile, it's no big deal.

under the influence of Xiaoshi, he Qun regained his lost smile and faced his life with a smile.

Psychology has a Valenta effect:

the more you care about something, the more likely it is to screw up; the more you fear something, the more suddenly it will appear.

when you encounter setbacks, if you never recover, then life can only reward you with endless darkness.

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on the contrary, if you smile in return for setbacks, life must be given with flowers.

No one can predict our future, and our past cannot be rewritten.

the only thing you can change in the world is yourself.

when you cry, the sunshine is also the rain, the flowers are sad, and the birds are crying.

you smile, love spring when you see flowers, love autumn when leaves fall, love winter when snow falls, and the beauty of the world is closely related to you.

Coffee is bitter, so you might as well add some sugar; if life is not going well, you might as well smile.

there is a saying: "stop and forget and follow the wind, and watch and take your time."

Life is a long time. Instead of walking in a hurry, it is better to stop and stop and let your heart rest.

the sea of life, instead of frowning, it is better to smile and let your heart blow.

, life is changing rapidly, you and I just smile.