It turns out that this is the law of lazybones.

It turns out that this is the law of lazybones.
Laziness is an attitude towards life.


in the ancient primitive society, industrious people used their hands to dig soil to grow crops.

they are so busy all day that they have no time to think about anything else.

but there are always a few "lazy" guys who seem to have nothing to do and just like to ponder.

as a result, the first shovel in human history was born.

seems to be lazy, but in fact it is attentively.

compared to aimless toil, ingenious methods can make life more efficient and labor-saving.

Blind efforts, but repeated futile efforts, it is difficult to support us to move on.

instead of being diligent in ignorance, it is better to learn the Law of lazybones.

what is the law of lazybones?

in short, it is to learn to use your strength on the blade in order to get twice the result with half the effort.

laziness is not a lack of effort, let alone negative decadence, but to face life with a wise attitude.

Blind efforts are doomed to be futile

once saw a piece of news:

an employee of a company in Spain works diligently and voluntarily works late every day.

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I thought he was waiting for a promotion and a raise, but he was fired from the company.

the company explains that employees are encouraged to be more productive and get off work on time, rather than using overtime to prove that they are serious about their work.

many people fail not because they don't work hard, but because they don't choose the right goal and direction to move forward.

in fact, what you think of as diligence is nothing but inefficiency.

as Rockefeller said:

"if you work hard blindly, you will probably get nothing after great hardship."

pretending that hard work is not equal to diligence, most of the time, we are using tactical diligence to cover up strategic laziness.

effort is to choose the direction with your heart, not to consume yourself cheaply.

there is a good saying: "if you are in the wrong direction, your efforts will be in vain."

busyness without goals is a waste of time and energy, which will gradually drag down our lives.

learn to be lazy, say goodbye to being busy, and do things in a smart way in order to make your work simple and efficient.

the boss of Ford once hired an expert to test the performance and performance of employees.

after observation, the expert said:

"there is a lazy guy who does nothing in the office all day, either drinking coffee or in a daze for a long time."

when the boss saw it, he smiled and replied:

"this guy who likes to be in a daze, the plan he designed has saved our company millions of dollars."

there are many such seemingly lazy people in the workplace.

they appear to be lazy, but they are actually spending time thinking and looking for more efficient ways to solve the problem.

they know that blind efforts not only will not bring success, but also lead to mediocrity.

only when you choose the right goal and direction, your efforts will not be wasted.

if you are lazy, you can focus on yourself

as we all know, one's time and energy are limited.

when you can shield yourself from outside troubles and settle your mind, you can be highly focused on your field.

when Bill Gates and Warren Buffett first met, they were asked to share the most important factors for their success.

Gates and Buffett did not hesitate to give the same answer: "Focus".

the biggest difference between successful people and ordinary people is that they are extremely focused and only do what they do best in what they are good at.

Buffett has only one career in his life, which is to focus on long-term investment.

unlike a typical CEO, he does not attend any internal meetings, nor does he participate in industry events, let alone give media interviews.

he has lived almost his entire career in Omaha, where he was born.

he took the initiative to remove potential interference from the environment in order to create an Enron state of mind away from the hustle and bustle.

it is this dedicated spirit of "only one thing done well in life" that has created his extremely high professional standard.

Mark Twain has a famous saying:

"as long as you focus on one cause, you are sure to make achievements that surprise you."

Life needs to be simplified, and you don't have to be diligent in everything in order to set aside enough time and energy to do the more important things.

when you devote yourself to one thing, you will naturally start thinking and looking for the best solution.

your abilities will also be improved step by step in this process.

there is a good saying: "where you spend your time and energy, your achievements will be there."

learn to be lazy in order to accumulate all your strength and concentrate your strength on the most important areas.

focus on doing one thing to the extreme, rather than doing ten thousand things mediocre.

therefore, you might as well be lazy, don't worry about it, and mind your own business.

focus on things that are closely related to you, and keep ploughing in order to move forward in an impetuous society.

learn to be lazy and travel light for the rest of your life

do you know gerbils in the Sahara desert?

whenever the dry season comes, gerbils hoard a lot of grass roots for a rainy day.

therefore, gerbils are very busy from morning till night.

their mouths are full of grass roots and dare not rest for a moment.

when there are enough grass roots to carry them through the dry season.

gerbils dare not be lazy at all, but they will continue to transport grass roots into their caves.

it seems that only in this way can they feel secure, otherwise they will be in a panic all day long.

but the reality is that gerbils don't need to be so tired and anxious at all.

it has been proved that this phenomenon is only due to the instinctive worry of gerbils.

most of the time, we are like gerbils, working so hard for a living that we dare not stop.

I am afraid that my occasional laziness will let tomorrow fail.

but life is a long journey, and we walk all the time.

but the problem is that we can't just immerse ourselves in our work, but also need to slow down and stop to have a rest.

moving forward blindly is just consuming life, just like gerbils in the Sahara desert.

I try my best, but I always feel anxious.

in fact, psychologists have done many experiments to do the same work at the same time, and it is much more efficient to have rest than to have no rest.

when you are busy, you not only accumulate strength for your work, but also sometimes inspiration and harvest are always mature in "laziness".

French mathematician Pan Jiayu once solved a mathematical problem and was puzzled by it.

later, when he wandered into the street, he inadvertently solved the problem that he could not solve with all his efforts.

this is what smart people do.

when we are alive, we should not stretch ourselves like a spring, but should relax to a certain degree.

Please allow yourself to be lazy occasionally in your life, especially when you encounter bottlenecks and are in bad shape.

such as listening to music, reading novels, or doing nothing, in a quiet afternoon, in a daze in the sun.

when you learn to be lazy and lighten your load, you can travel light for the rest of your life.

there is a hot topic on Zhihu: "Why do you work hard but accomplish nothing?"

highly praised answer is: "because you will not relax, let alone 'lazy'."

if you make a mistake, the harder you try, the more useless it will be.

like the traveler of the fable "poles apart", he will never reach his destination. "

in fact, your life needs more distracted design and constant deep thinking than being busy.

do not do useless work, do not want to be useless, do not waste and have no intention.

pretending to work hard is like wasting time.

laziness is an attitude towards life.

, let's learn to be smart and lazy, and your life will be more valuable.