It is enough to see whether a person is worthy of his heart.

It is enough to see whether a person is worthy of his heart.
Whether a person is worthy of his heart or not ultimately depends on his character.



I have heard a sentence:

"appreciation of a person begins with appearance, matches with character, lasts longer than kindness, and ends with character.


whether a person is worthy of his sincerity or not ultimately depends on his character.

respect people of lower status than you

is an advanced upbringing

A book friend left a message in the background saying:


do you think we taxi drivers are easily looked down upon?


Ten minutes ago, the master picked up a passenger who came to Shenzhen on business.

because the passenger booked the wrong location, he went to another hotel. So the passenger took it all out on the driver and scolded the driver before getting off the bus.

the real quality of the well-dressed business man was exposed in an instant.

there is a problem with Zhihu. Why do you know a person by his attitude towards strangers?

one answer goes like this:

"because strangers have nothing to do with your interests, your attitude towards stakeholders depends on IQ and EQ, and your attitude towards unrelated people depends on quality and self-cultivation.


I read a story in which a writer took his son to a restaurant.

it took a long time for the waiter to come up with the menu.

the writer's son was annoyed when he served food from another table.

he saw that his father was calm, so he asked:

"Dad, why aren't you angry?


the writer says that she is not old and looks rusty, so she should be a newcomer.

if you get to a new position in the future, you will inevitably get rusty and even make mistakes.

there is an obvious answer to the character of business men and writers.

I remember reading a very impressive sentence before:

"judge a person's character, regardless of how he treats people of higher status than him, I see how he treats people of lower status than him.


I think so.

I have seen many so-called successful people who look at people with tinted glasses because of their achievements.

but people who are really capable do not like to show off or show off, but are more humble.

they know that there is a sky outside the sky, that there are people outside, that there is a wider world outside, and that there are people who are more powerful than themselves.

when you meet people who are weaker than yourself, they will not be treated differently, but will be equally respected.

people with patterns

will not care about temporary gains and losses

my uncle was a very "magnificent" man when he was young.

if people do him a little favor, he will give back more help to others.

if others treat him well, he will return seven points.

he always says it's okay to suffer some losses, and don't just think about taking advantage of others.

once, one of his friends failed in his business and owed a lot of debt and never went back to his hometown for three years.

there is only one very old mother in a friend's house. at first, there is a holiday, and the neighbors will send something to his house to see the old man.

in the second year, my uncle was the only one who insisted on helping the elderly buy firewood, rice, oil and salt, and it didn't matter if they didn't pay.

the neighbors said he was stupid. It was a bottomless hole. You can't stick it upside down all the time.

he didn't care, but continued to be the good man without saying a word.

after many years, the friend developed and contracted a lot of projects. whenever there is a good project, the friend is always the first to think of him.

it was said that he was lucky and met an important person.

I don't think he is so much lucky as he has accumulated popularity and trust for himself.

doing a good deed may seem like a loss, it may not bring you direct benefits, but it will pave the way for unknown surprises at some point in the future.

Buffett, a famous investor in the world, once said:

"whether in marriage or in business, haggling is a big problem.


Buffett says good deeds are always rewarded.

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even if you always think of others, most people are grateful. If you do one thing for others, others can do two things for you.

people who don't care about it have a pattern in their hearts.

they will not only focus on the present, but will take a long-term view.

know that everything you do is your business card.

get acquainted with people, focus on character

the best friend went on a blind date, and the boy who came to the date was white and well-dressed.

in the dining room, the boy asked for warmth many times, asked whether the air conditioning temperature in the private room was suitable, and took the initiative to iron the dishes and chopsticks.

this series of intimate and gentlemanly behaviors soon captured the favor of girlfriends.

on the way to see her best friend home, the boy casually talked about his "glorious history".

the boy is a salesman, and once his performance was only one order short of the first place.

the boy was complacent: he found the cleaning aunt downstairs and tricked her into buying a set of expensive insurance.

although the person who bought the insurance he recommended is not well-off.

he turned it around in half an hour.Made his own achievements.

while the boy is complacent about his cleverness, his best friend has already put him on the blacklist in his heart.

his business ability is indeed very strong, but a person who does whatever it takes to achieve his goals must not be worthy of deep acquaintance.

A person's choice in front of interests hides his most authentic character.

the bottom line and principles of the heart should not be lost at any time.

being able to make money is of course a good thing, but if you give up the most basic truth of being a man for the sake of personal gain and loss.

No matter how strong his business ability is and how beautiful his appearance is, this person is not worth socializing with.

Bacon once said that the evaluation of a person should not be based on his wealth, let alone his academic background, but on his true character.

in short-term relationships, you may be attracted by a person's appearance and knowledge.

if you have been with people for a long time, you will pay more attention to each other's character and character.

only people with good character can get long-term appreciation and deserve your sincerity.

be a man and do things, but have a clear conscience

Lincoln said:

"character is like a tree, reputation is like shade.


We often think about the shade of trees, but we don't know that trees are fundamental.

at first we are all a piece of white paper, pure and clean, without impurities.

later, he grew up slowly, experienced the sharpening of society, threw away his innocence and simplicity, gradually learned to wear a mask, and began to become a human accident.

in the face of all kinds of interests and temptations, they begin to learn to pretend, and even throw away some things they used to care about for the sake of benefit.

but I hope you end up no matter where you go, how far you go,

can always be sincere, always kind, and be a warm person.

We can have no high education, no high status, no money and no power.

but to be a man and do things, you must be worthy of your heart.

because of your intelligence and talent, you decide what you can get. And your character will determine where you can go.