Interviewer: "my pants are unzipped. How can you remind me?" His answer was hired on the spot.

Interviewer: "my pants are unzipped. How can you remind me?" His answer was hired on the spot.
If you jump out of the limitations of the dots, everything will break itself.

some time ago, there were many young readers backstage asking questions related to job hunting.

someone forwarded me a message:

A company's interview questions unexpectedly require answers about toilet habits, eating time, and sleeping time.

is very strange.

over the years, I have seen many "grotesque" interview questions.

for example, a brand manager

@ Irene

sharing on Zhihu:

case 1:

one of the three interviewers was silent for ten seconds, twenty seconds, thirty seconds, and one minute.

I finally couldn't help it and asked, "excuse me, can we get started?"

one of the interviewers said: "Sorry, if the reaction time is more than 20 seconds, our company will not be accepted. What should you do now?"

case 2:

attend the interview of the product manager of a large Internet company. After a long silence, the interviewer finally asks:

"Why do people have two nostrils?"

my heart was broken at that time.

case 3:

HR of a well-known real estate company asked: "how to sell sanitary napkins to men?"


some problems are really inexplicable, they seem to be embarrassing people, but they are a hurdle that we have to go through when we enter the society.

in many cases, an interview is no less than a psychological war.

Today, I just want to borrow a few "interview questions" that are hotly discussed online to see why some people are able to do well in the workplace, while others fall on the starting point.

first question: "how do you remind me that my pants are unzipped?"

this is Zhihu's last question with nearly 20 million page views.

some people think the questions are too sandy, some think the interviewer is boring, others choose to be silent.

in fact, when you think about it, it's not that similar things don't happen in our work.

share a highly liked answer with you

@ Public examination expert Chen Mingzhe


the respondent is a teacher, and he first gives a case of his own:

go to class at once.

two girls An and B arrived first in the classroom, and he accidentally found that the back of an A girl's dress was not zipped properly.

so the respondent left the classroom silently.

came out, he sent a message to girl B, asking her to remind A that there was something wrong with her clothes, and specifically explained that the respondent did not find it, and waited until the clothes were sorted out before notifying him.

the respondent pointed out bluntly:

"this interview question examines not only the question itself, but also the question to understand who you are, how you handle things, experience, values, character, and so on.

it can be done by writing a small note to the other person to remind him, or adding Wechat, asking for his mobile phone number, and then sending it to him through Wechat or SMS to remind him to pay attention to tidying up his pants.

as emphasized in the latter part of the questioner: "in the face of such an interview question, what kind of high EQ answer can be accepted?"

compared with professional ability, sometimes high emotion will make your work get twice the result with half the effort.

second question: "how can I get my Wechat in one minute?"

on the pulse, I see a headhunting consultant

@ Yang Lu


tells the interview scene:

when a company was looking for a public relations position, it asked the interviewer: how can I get my Wechat in one minute?

when the first girl heard the question, she replied, "after joining the job, we definitely need to dock because of our work. Could you send me Wechat so that I can contact you then?"

the second girl said, "you add me to Wechat, I'll send you a red envelope, and we'll make friends."

the third interviewer is a young man. After thinking for 10 seconds, he said:

"I know a famous headhunter in the industry. I have a lot of good contacts on hand. If it is convenient for you to add me to Wechat, I will recommend his business card to you. I'm sure you need it."

after listening to the boy's answer, the interviewer hired the boy on the spot.


because he grasped the interviewer's pain point and quickly captured the opponent's "weakness".

do you still remember the story of Luo Zhenyu's "ten million contract" robbing Huawei of an employee?

Luo Zhenyu declined politely.

1, I heard that "get" wants to do enterprise knowledge service, we select carefully from the customers we serve, select suitable customers for "get", and do each other's work, we can sign the contract immediately.

2, don't have any pressure or worry, it has nothing to do with our Huawei Cloud and your data service.

3, we don't have "American equipment", but when you need it most, we must be the "human bridge" on Vajrakawa.

whether they are interviewees or Huawei employees, they can be recognized with only one move:

think of others and give them what they want in order to get what you want.

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question 3: "A cow weighs 800 kg and a bridge carries 700 kg. Ask the cow how to cross the bridge."

this is an online biography.An interview question from Huawei.

netizens' thinking is greatly inspired:

there are jokers: "sell the cow, buy Huawei mobile phone, cross the bridge with Huawei mobile phone, and say Huawei mobile phone is a cow."

some people force it: "Kill the cow and live together."

there is also an innuendo: "if you drag the cow 996 every day and don't feed the grass, the cow will lose weight to 600 kilograms, not only without increasing the cost, but also reducing the cost."


many people are prejudiced against such a topic and feel that they are making a fuss about nothing.

however, the answer at the top of the list caught everyone's eyes.

what matters in such interview questions is not the questions and answers, but the test of your "filling ability" in the face of many difficulties.

We have all heard a story: how to sell combs to monks?

after hearing the manager's words, the first man was furious and thought that the manager was making things difficult for him and scolded him angrily and handed in his resignation.

after hearing this, the second man went to pray to the monk on the mountain and pestered the monk for many days. Because he sympathized with him, the monk reluctantly bought one.

the third person found the host in the temple and discussed with him that there were pilgrims in the temple to worship incense, and the temple could give back the comb as a gift to the pilgrims. When the host heard this, he thought it was a good idea, so he bought all the combs.

to have a tough job.

when you encounter a problem, solve the problem and take one more step in everything.

instead of, encounter a problem, evade it, and take a step back.

the workplace is like a battlefield, a person's "hole-filling ability" determines your core competitiveness.

question 4: "on a rainy night, an old man who is seriously ill, a savior, a dream lover, can only drive one, who will you choose?"

you think this is a moral test, but in fact it is a classic interview question.

the details of the title are actually more demanding:

the old man is seriously ill and must be sent to the hospital immediately.

as a savior's doctor, you dream of rewarding him;

the girl you miss misses the chance to never see each other again.

what would you do if it were you?

is it a brave act of righteousness? Or do you choose to return the favor? Or turn to love?

it is said that only one of the 200 applicants has been hired.

his answer is:

"give the doctor the keys to his car and let him take the old man to the hospital. And I stayed to wait for the bus with the man of my dreams. "

do you suddenly realize when you look at this answer?

give me another simple example.

to connect the nine points in the following image, you can only use a maximum of 4 straight lines, and the pen can not leave the paper in the process.

anyone who has done this problem knows that if it is confined to the area where these points are located, the problem will not be solved.

but if you jump out of the limitations of the dots, everything will break itself.

there is a classical theory in psychology: personal Constructivism.

means that a person's cognition is an idea formed by past knowledge, experience, thinking, expectation, evaluation, and so on.

when one gets deeper and deeper in habitual thinking, the mind becomes more and more unitary and less creative.

hence Emerson's famous saying:

"mediocre people are mediocre because their thoughts are too stubborn."

after reading so many bizarre interview questions, apart from sharing some experience with young graduates, I also want to discuss with you some ways to make our work and life better.

sometimes, when we encounter setbacks in life, it may not be that our background is inferior or our ability is inferior, but that there is something wrong with our mode of thinking.

as teacher Liu run said:

"everyone is building his own mode of thinking based on his understanding and experience, and then using this mode of thinking to understand the world.

because of different modes of thinking, the same thing, different people do, the effect will be completely different. "

"ordinary people change results, good people change reasons, and top good people change models."

I wish the new graduates have a bright future. I also hope that we can form a good thinking model and become a better ourselves.