If you have three robberies in middle age, you will be blessed to avoid it.

If you have three robberies in middle age, you will be blessed to avoid it.
Only in this way can you be able to protect those who love you and those you love.




there is a question on Zhihu: what is the biggest robbery for middle-aged people?

among the thousands of answers, the top three are illness, unemployment and undesirable partners.

any of these things, falling on the heads of middle-aged people, is a mountain.

when people reach middle age, the sooner they see these three disasters, the better. It is a blessing to avoid them.


Liu Guoen, a professor at Peking University, has conducted a follow-up survey for more than 20 years and found that physical health is the key factor that determines a person's wealth accumulation.

the same middle-class family has a house and a car and has 200000 savings.

but after being ill, he was unable to work, his income went back to zero, and he immediately became poor.

when people reach middle age, they carry their careers in their left hand and their families in their right hand. Without a strong physique, it is very difficult to carry these two burdens.

some time ago, watching the variety show "yearning for Life" was broken by Huang Lei.

Huang Lei felt very uncomfortable because of illness, fever and vomiting. After recovering, he burst into tears in front of the camera.

to investigate the cause, Huang Lei said four words: midlife crisis.

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Huang Lei's greatest sense of crisis comes from his child. Now he is 51 years old, and his youngest child is only 5 years old.

as a parent, he definitely wants to spend more time with his child and witness every stage of his life.

but at this time, Huang Lei found that his health was getting worse and worse, he was often ill, and occasionally wanted to play basketball and run, but he couldn't make any effort.

in order not to let himself get sick and to protect the children from the wind and rain for a long time, Huang Lei began to run to improve his health.

every morning, he runs in a small park near his home, and his running photos can often be seen on Weibo.

when recording the Life of yearning, the other guests were still fast asleep, but he was the only one who insisted on getting up early and running.

keep exercising, which makes him lose more than ten jin, and makes him look more energetic.

People's Daily once published an article entitled "how many people didn't make it through the critical period of 45-55 years old?" it wrote:

"45-55 years old should be one of the golden ages of life, but it is also a high-risk period of life.

during this period, diseases are very easy to break out, and many tragedies of early death occur at this age, which doctors call the swamp of life journey. "

when I was young, I always felt that money and status were the most important things in the world.

after middle age, you need to reorder the important things in life and put health first.

exercise, eat clean food, get enough sleep and live an orderly life every day.

only in this way can you be able to protect those who love you and those you love.


Luo Zhenyu once put forward a visual concept: U-disk survival.

roughly means that once your work situation changes, you should be like a flash drive that can be plugged into the next computer at any time.

the workplace crisis of middle-aged people is often not the age crisis, but the lack of skills.

when the tide of survival strikes, your skill is your lifebuoy.


@ Lin Li

there is a cousin whose husband died unexpectedly in an accident. She was unemployed at home, was eight months pregnant and had a 6-year-old daughter at home.

the neighbors looked at the poor orphans and widowed mothers and felt that the sky of the three of them had collapsed.

after giving birth, Lin Li's cousin was introduced to a housekeeping company as a monthly sister-in-law.

she is willing to do the dirty work that others are unwilling to take;

when others are resting, she uses all her free time to learn elderly care, baby care and massage, cooking skills, and so on.

two years later, she worked hard to get the intermediate babysitter certificate, professional gold medal sister-in-law certificate and nutritionist certificate.

for everyone she has served, she will keep records of everything, such as the baby's feeding period, growth changes, mother's dietary preferences, physical recovery, and so on.

her major has not only trained a large number of loyal repeat customers for the company, but also increased her salary several times, and several housekeeping companies want to dig her up with high salaries.

Bai Yansong once said: "No matter what occupation you are in, the degree of difficulty and salary level, the important thing is that you must become an indispensable person in this position."

when people reach middle age, what they fear most is that they do not have a skill and stop learning.

my friend Lao Liao lost his job not long ago, which is exactly what I expected.

after graduating from university, Lao Liao went to Beijing for several years, and then, under realistic pressure, returned to his hometown, the provincial capital.

after returning from Beijing, he found a well-paid and stable job.

but over the past decade or so, he has made almost no progress in his work skills and has been living on his laurels.

some people say: "there are two great sorrows in life. After marriage, you no longer fall in love, and you don't study after work."

if one's thinking is ossified and stops learning, middle age is bound to be besieged on all sides.

if you learn one more skill, you will open one more exit in life; if you grow one more skill, you will have more choices in life.

from today on, if you have time to recharge more, you will be able to do well in the workplace after middle age.

an undesirable partner

A young man went to the store to buy a bowl. He picked up a bowl.Gently bump with other bowls.

the sound of each bowl is very muddy. He concluded that these were not good bowls because the sounds of good bowls were crisp.

the boss smiled, picked up a bowl and handed it to him to try.

unexpectedly, this bowl touches each bowl lightly and makes a very pleasant sound.

the young man was very puzzled, and the boss said:

"the bowl you started with is a defective product in itself, and the sound of trying the bowl with it is bound to be muddy.

if you want a good bowl, first make sure that the one you get is also a good bowl. "

this truth is very profound.

when people reach middle age, many people regret marrying the person in front of them. I think my partner has a lot of problems.

but it's hard for us to think that maybe the problem is caused by ourselves.

Zhang Ping, a psychological counselor, quarreled frequently with his wife for a time, always disliked his wife, and almost got divorced.

he felt that his wife had been so grumpy in the past two years that he couldn't stand it.

sometimes he and his wife discuss something and lose their temper and lose patience before they have a few words.

if the child gets up late in the morning, or goes out dillydallying, the wife will follow behind and urge and scold.

Zhang Ping does not understand why his wife, who used to be as gentle as water, has become a middle-aged shrew.

late one night, he couldn't sleep, thinking that he had opened a studio with his friends over the years, was busy starting a business, and seldom asked about his family's affairs.

when the old man is ill, it is the wife who is sent to the hospital; the wife is still the one who helps the children with their homework.

he suddenly realized that it was not his wife's bad temper, but that she was too tired.

after thinking this through, he pressed the idea of divorce and tried to return to his family.

he gets off work as early as possible every day. After eating, he will take the initiative to go into the kitchen to wash dishes and help his children with their homework.

slowly, he found that his wife's temper had converged and the relationship between the two was getting better and better.

there is a saying that changing oneself is God and changing others is psychopath.

there is no perfect partner in this world. A happy marriage is when you accommodate me and I accommodate you.

when people reach middle age, they should have a gentle temper, be calm in case of trouble, and be more tolerant in mood, so that they can never get tired of it for a long time.

when people reach middle age, they suffer a lot of disasters, and the best way to deal with them is not in the outside world or outsiders.

it's about yourself, physical self-discipline, ability improvement, awakening in life.


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